Philippa’s Experience with Cannabis Part 5

A chart from Steephill Labs in California with the boiling points of all cannabinoids and terpenes (essential oils)

I wanted to go into more details of the temperatures that i use, why and what results i have had since switching to cannabinoid & terpene boiling points. I’m hoping that this post will help with the research of medical cannabis. However, i would be happier hearing other people’s experiences and how cannabis medicine is helping you. So send me a message and we will find the best media platform for you to tell your story. But first over to me.

CBG may be able to improve the following health conditions. Boiling point 52c

  • Inflammatory bowel disease/syndrome – I have Irritable bowel syndrome with borderline Gastroperesis. I have a lot of food intolerances & have to stick to the LOW FOD-MAP Diet much of the time. It wasn’t until i was given a prescription for imodium that i found out what foods i was intolerant to. I had been taking my cannabis prescrition for a month or so and i started to feel really uncomfortable in my lower abdomen & realised that i had constipation (quite unusual for me) so i stopped taking my imodium medication to see if that would sort the issue. It did & now i take maybe a 2 tablet dose a couple of times a month but no more than 10 tablets a month unless i eat an offending food. Talking of offending food. Apples used to be a big problem for me as in my digestive system couldn’t digest apples unless they were cooked. I can now tolerate some raw apple. Gluten is another big one especially if they come in liquid form. This was stopping me from having my favourite tipple (Guinness) i can happily say i can now tolerate half a pint of Guinness occasionally. (Must book my ticket to Ireland soon).
  • Glaucoma – This condition runs in my family. I have no idea if i am suseptable to this condition. However, i do feel my eye sight has become better since starting this prescription.
  • Bladder dysfunctions – I have had a lot of bladder infections in my life. With the Monochlonal Gammopathy undetermind signifcance, (a pre malignant cancer) i am even more suseptable to bladder & Kidney infections. I have regular issues with specific gravity i get very dehydrated sometimes & have to drink up to 3, 4 & even 5 litres of fluid a day.
  • Huntington’s disease – As far as i know i do not have this condition in my genetics.
  • Bacterial infections – Hopefully, the cannabis prescription will keep the worst ones like MRSA at bay.
  • Cancer – I have read (somewhere around my travels on the internet) that cannabis is particularly good at treating brain & blood cancers. So i’m hoping that my next test results are going to show improvement as they did at my last test.
  • Appetite loss – Before i started my prescription i was not eating very well. I’m not sure if this was the gastroperesis or the anxiety disorder causing my appetite loss. But surffice to say i am eating very well and in fact require some THCV to help me lose some weight again.
  • Growing Brain & Bone Cells – National institute for health article on Cannabinoids and the skeleton: from cannabis to reversal of Bone loss & unfortunately i can only find a study on mice for neuroprotection.

Preventive and therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties of the sesquiterpene α-humulene in experimental airways allergic inflammation. Boiling point 107c

  • Analgesic – It must be working because i have less (not no) pain than I have had in a long time. But i do have to take all the oil i am prescribed and as much flower as possible. I am allowed to vape up to 1 gram of flower a day. However, because i use most of the temperatures most of the time i can only mange about 0.3 grams of flower a day i have occasionally managed 0.4 grams. I find it difficult to vape much more than 0.1 gram at a time as with dry vaping it can be harsh on the throat even if you take small sips. I may have to invest in a bubbler (bong) for one of my vapes.
  • Anti-proliferative – This helps prevent the spread of unwanted cells (cancer) so of course i am hoping that i won’t get cancer growths at all, of course and only time will tell.

I’m not even sure that the strain of flower that i have been prescribed has any of this terpene present. The cannabinoid & terpene profiles of the flowers are very hard to find.

β-Caryophyllene: A selection of medical papers. Boiling Point 130c.

  • Anti-inflammatory – I definately think i have less inflammation. Certainly in the digestive tract and possibly my joints.
  • Antimalarial – I live in an area that used to be farm land so the insect poplation is quite large & diverse including mosquitos. I have no idea if we have this disease in the uk (probably not) (yet) but i’m hoping that since Insects don’t have an endocannabinoid system i won’t be bothered with bites this year. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.
  • Cytoprotective (gastric mucosa) – i definately think this one is working at times. I used to take 2 omeprazole tablets daily. I have managed to reduce this to one tablet a day with the occasional 2 a day.

Pinene: A selection of medical papers. Boiling point 155c

  • Anti-inflammatory – See Caryophylene.
  • Bronchodilator – Hypermobility can bring symptoms very similar to asthma, bronchitis and COPD without necessarily having the condition. I don’t often vape at this temperature but i feel that my lungs are somewhat clearer that they were before i started the prescription. I do have a lot of allergies which was clarified with the bone marrow biopsy i had last year. I do sometimes have a runny nose but as long as i don’t forget a dose of my oils and i have some flower during the day my respiratory tract can be clear for the odd day.
  • Stimulant – Good for fatigue which i get quite often. I usually use the temp for Limonene more than this which is also a stimulant.
  • AChE Inhibitor – This is a neuroprotectant for dementia conditions. Again i don’t vape at this temperature very often but there are other componants of cannabis that have this same quality that i do use.

Delta 9 THC: A selection of medical papers. Boiling Point 157c

  • Euphoriant – This is the part of cannabis that is suppose to get you high. I find that with burning the cannabis in a cigarette it was very unlikely that i would actually get high. Now i know why. It turns out that if you set fire to cannabis it burns at a much higher temperature than 157 degrees centigrade so most of the THC would have been burnt off way before it gets to your lungs. So what does happen when you vape at the boiling point of THC. Well the simple answer is that i have no idea until i inhale the vape that comes out of the plant at that temperature. There are many factors involved with this. Exercise is one way. Why? Because exercise kick starts your natural endo-cannabinoid system. It’s the reason that you feel high after a run or going to the gym or in my case a live music event. So should we ban exercise because it could make you feel high? Probably not but then not everyone has the ability to exercise. So simply put cannabis is an aid to help those that can’t exercise easily because of physical limitations to feel somewhat normal (whatever that might be)!
  • Analgesic – This definately works as an analgesic I’ve told you a little bit about my pain in previous posts but it definately comes back with a vengance if i forget a dose or i need to up the dose of oil. But for now the vaping of the flower at the teperatures i have suggested are working really well.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – Again this would have been talked about in other areas. At this point it should probably go to questions.
  • Antioxidant – I would say that this would be one of those areas that you would not be able to tell if this was working. But since this helps against cancer forming cells i’ll take all the help i can get. So bring on the antioxidants.
  • Antiemetic – This is definately working unless i eat dairy. I am lactose intolerant and even supposedly lactose free dairy affects me. I can regurgitate dairy in my sleep. (Sorry if that is TMI) (too Much information). But i am hoping i have found a fix for that which will be coming up in a future post.

Myrcene: A selection of Medical Papers. Boiling point 167c

  • Analgesic – Again i would say this is working for me at the moment.
  • Anti-inflammatory – It’s probably helping my digestive system & anywhere else that may have inflammation like my joints. They sometimes feel a little bit more stable.
  • Antibiotic – Hopefully keeping the bugs at bay
  • Antimutagenic – Now this is the biggy because this magic power stop your cells from mutating into say, cancer cells or if you already have genetic issues could repair some of the damage that has already been caused. There just isn’t enough evidence as yet so i am just speculating.

Limonene: A selection of medical papers. Boiling point 176c

I have had a very strange thing happen to me because of this terpene & i have a confession to make. Since starting this prescription i have been craving lemon flavoured products. Particularly, lemon and sugar pancakes (gluten free of course). It was getting rather out of hand this craving so i had to find a way to quell my craving for lemon pancakes. So instead i drink a grapefruit squash with added concentrated lemon juice.

Immune Potentiator – A selection of medical papers. This helps to support the immune system. So again i’m hoping that this will keep the cancer at bay and anything else that decides to come and attack me.

Antidepressant – Well i am no longer tearful from the menopause which is one thing i suppose.

Anxiolytic A selection of medical papers. This is great for anxiety. Hopefully no more panic attacks for me so long as i never stand as a parliamentary candidate again or maybe you’ll see me vaping at my next hustings who knows.

Antimutagenic – A selection of medical papers.

Eucalyptol – A selection of papers. Boiling point 176c

I don’t think there is much more i can say that i haven’t already said on most of these areas. Just maybe that i get less headaches than before the prescription.

Delta 8 THC There seems to be no medical papers on this componant at this time. Boiling point 178c

I have definately reduced my nausea so guess this is working.

CBD: A selection of Medical papers. Boiling point 180c

  • Anxiolytic – I don’t have much CBD within the flower that i have been prescribed but i do have it in the oil that i use so this would also be helping my anxiety.
  • Analgesic – the oils on it’s own does not always work on my pain alone i do have to vape at least 0.2 grams of flower per day also using this method of vaping at diferent temperatures
  • Anti-inflammatory – again i think i have covered this in other areas or this & other posts.
  • Antioxident – Covered before
  • Antispasmodic – I do get muscles ticks & spasms. This symptom used to break through sometimes before i was legal and vaping & using oils. It sometimes felt like i a had a pulse beat in the muscle it could get quite annoying sometimes. It’s likely that I was born with a dyfunctional endo-cannabinoid system which is probably true for most people that would identify as having a disability or medical condition. It’s possible that my electrifying symptom stems from this area but could also be neurological but what ever it is the plant helps both types of symptoms.

CBN: A selection of Medial Papers. Boiling point 185c

  • Sedative – I’m not sure that there is much CBN within the flower i have been prescribed as it’s quite an up lifting flower. Since starting the menopause and eating a lot less sugar i don’t sleep as much as i used to. Or it could have been the anxiety of all the medical tests i went through last year. Maybe things will settle down for me after my next blood test and i wil be able to go bak to six monthly tests instead of 6 weekly or 3-4 monthly.
  • Antibiotic – Don’t know what to say about this just that i don’t have to have antibiotics very often.
  • Antibacterial – Not had any issues with bacteria.
  • Neuroprotectant – The MGUS may cause dementia in my future, i hope that this medication can continue and i really hope that it will be available on the NHS very soon.
  • Appetite stimulation – Again no issues with eating except maybe a little over eating at times.
  • Glaucoma – I think i covered this futher up the page.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Already covered

Linalool: A selection of Medical Papers. Boiling point 198c

I don’t often vape at this temperature. Since my one of my flowers is an uplifting flower i can’t imagine that there is much of this in the noidecs flower. I can’t say how i’m getting on with the adven right now because it has both uplifting and supposedly sedative properties the sedative is what i asked for & i’m not sure it is quite doing that for me. I need to test the waters a little more with the adven.

Terpineol: A selection of Medical Papers. Boiling point 219c

I don’t often vape at 219c as i vape at 220 so can’t really comment on this as i wouldn’t know if it was this or another terpene or cannabinoid that is doing the same job.

CBC: A selection of Medical Papers. Boiling point 220c

Again i am not sure if this would be doing anything as i don’t know how much CBC is in the prescription flower. Just that there is probably an entourage effect in play with all of the cannabioids & terpenes.

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antibiotic
  • Antifungal

THCV: A selection of medical Papers. Boiling point 220c

  • Analgesic – Definately works as pain relief
  • Euphoriant – Again it depends on a lot of factors.
  • THCV is an appetite suppressant – I’m not sure there is enough of this cannabinoid in either of the flowers i have been prescribed. It’s still all about trying different strains of flower and experimenting with different temperatures.
  • THCV may help with diabetes – I don’t have diabetes so caan’t comment.
  • THCV may reduce panic attacks – I certainly feel less anxious than i used to. At this stage i’m not sure whether it’s because the medication is working or if it’s because i am now legal. Although having said that most police forces are unaware that medical cannabis is now legal in this country.
  • THCV stimulates bone growth – So i probably have a very small amount of THCV in the Flower i have been prescribed this along with CBG is probably currently helping to keep my bones from breaking. With the MGUS i may at some point be prone to bone fractures. When i had my bone marrow biopsy last year they were unable to get any of the aspirate (liquid) as my bones were too hard. I was not given a reason for this but this can signify something like osteoporosis. Although as i said earlier in this post i feel my bone health is improving.

I’m not sure what the profile of the strains of flower are that i have been prescribed. The cannabinoid & terpene profiles of the flowers are very hard to find so it is all trial & error in the hope that i start to respond to the treatment. I feel that things are going very well for me at the moment. I do have some issues with my skin in places (eczema and other issues) also hypermobility means weak and stretchy collagen which is what skin, ligaments (connect joints together) and tendons (connect muscle to bone) are made of. I am feeling a little stronger in places so this could very well be a viable treatment for hypermobility spectrum disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome and other connective tissue disorders. Some of my moles also seem to be clearing up.

In conclusion to all this (& i don’t want to put people off because this service is in it’s infancy) some patients have really struggled with mouldy flower, getting wrong prescriptions, having to pay for another presciption before having the wrong or mouldy prescription payment returned and very low or no stock issues. My favourite the Noidecs T16 is currently out of stock. Then there is the cost on Project twenty 21 it can be less than £200 per month depending on your dose but there are patients that are paying up to £2000 per month. This is outragous in my opinion becaue this would be for children that have treatment resistent epilepsy. Children are suppose to get free prescroptions in this country. Many other adult patients get their regular GP medications for free but we can’t get this one for free because it’s not on the MHRA safe medications list.

We want to be able to grow our own or for those who can’t, be able to join a cannabis club like the one in Bristol. As things stand many people (& i could be one of those soon) can’t afford to feed themselves so how can they afford this very expensive medication. Although, i think it works out slightly cheaper than black market product at the moment but prices are due to go up in march making it even more inaccessible and will encourage people to return to the black market where i have never had a quality issue.

When a medical student goes through their training they don’t learn about the endocannabinoid system. This is something that they have to research in their own time if they have the time or inclination. But since we are all still reefer madness in this country i don’t see medical cannabis becoming more accessible anytime soon let alone recreational.

I was going to leave it there & move on to hemp foods and other areas of cannabis. However, this flower that i have been prescribed makes me very creative sometimes and my brain starts getting all sorts of bright ideas. So next up i’m going to talk about the flower that i have been prescribed what strains they are called in the non medical world and the properties of those flowers if i can find the information. So you haven’t got rid of me yet, i will bang on about this plant/medicine until it is decriminalised and we are allowed to grow our own if we so wish. Whose up for a 420 event on Goldington Green, Bedford? This of course will take place Wednesday 20 April 2022 at around 4.20 pm.

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