Milton Keynes People’s Assembly NHS SOS Rally

SOS NHS Poster Saturday 26 February 2022

Join activists in Milton Keynes to hear about how our NHS is being sold to profiteers. How it will deminish the health care system (as we knew it) and how this train of thought will lead to diseases that we have managed to eliminate in this country, more expensive treatment because treatment wasn’t sought at the early stages and more deaths (in all age groups) because illnesses that don’t produce a profit will have no provision for.

In 2009 the Hypermobility syndromes Association said “it is going to take another 10 years to get this condition onto the GP syllabus. From what i am reading on social media there are still GP’s that have never heard of this condition and now if you want a diagnosis you have to go private. In 2009 there were 5 Hypermobility clinics across the country. There are no 2, both in London. I know of 2 private clinics one in cambridge and one in London. This is just not good enough. I know that this is not the only condition that faces these problems. So we all have to stand up to this government who are hell bent to take us back to the tudor era.

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