Very productive Medical Cannabis appointment

Image of Noidecs T25:C25 information from the cannabis pages

Friday 18 2022 7.45 PM i had an appointment with The Medical Cannabis Clinics (TMCC) as the oil that i have currently been prescribed is not suitable for me as the strength is weaker than my regular oil (which is out of stock) and i don’t think the terpenes suit me either.

Given that the premalignant cancer (MGUS) blood test result numbers are increasing again i am stating to think that i was going to require a stronger oil anyway at some point soon. It turns out that this information was not included in the initial medical information request from the TMCC to my GP. So i corrected that this last week and the appointment i had with TMCC was very productive. I had spied this oil being in stock just before i booked the appointment and my specialist doctor agreed to try me on this oil. I did not require any flower because i have plenty at the moment but i did enquire about my favourite (Noidecs T16, LA Amnesia) and was told that it may not come back into stock at all. But at least i have some time to investigate some other flowers on the list, i quite like the fact that i kind of have a shopping list. Although some contacts that i know who still source from the black market tell me you can now get a shopping list.

Luckily i have about 2 – 3 grams left of an open packet and 1 other full packet. I have also got the EMT 2 which had been prescribed as a flower to help me sleep but i think the strain is more of an uplifting strain given the terpenes involved. I also haven’t yet tried the Khiron i may do this evening but it does smell a little lemony/citrusy so again i don’t know if this is going to be for sleep until i try it. Here is my article on the flowers i have been prescribed & their properties.

I have now definately decided that i am going to try and get through the EMT 2, get my least favourite out of the way and concentrate on the 2 main cannabinoids and the terpenes temperatures that help with anxiety which should A) help me get through this batch quicker, B) hopefilly give me more cover for my pain while i’m waiting for the new oil and C) less messing around with temperatures should free my brain up to get on with the Activism of cannabis/hemp. So the main temps will be 157c for THC 167c Myrcene which enhances the THC 176c for limonene for anxiety and 220c for THCV and CBC for various reasons. However i may have to occasionally slip in 130c for caryophelene as this help with stomach acid issues.

In conclusion this new oil looks like a really good option for me and although it is only a 30ml bottle my stating dose (i think) will be 0.1ml. I am hoping that because this is quite a large increase in the amount of THC & CBD that is in this oil it will mean that i won’t have to increase the dose to 0.2ml for quite sometime. But i will only know that if i start to get break through symtoms. So although my mood is a little low at the moment I have a optimistic outlook once i have received this oil. Which i’ve been told should be this next week.

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