Other hemp products that i use & why

Image of a container of Good Hemp Seed Milk

I wanted to highlight this article about endocannabinoid deficiency from Leafie. This article suggests that simply eating some hemp seed products can boost your endoncannabinoid system unless you have chronic endocannabinoid deficiency. I was overjoyed that Leafie (a reputable media platform for all things cannabis) produced this article and would like to thank them very much.

Image Hulled hemp seeds
Hulled Hemp Seeds

Cannabis medication is not the only Cannabis/Hemp products that i use. I eat hemp seeds (image above) in a variety of ways (more on that later), I drink Good Hemp Seed milk (image at the top of the page) and use Good Hemp Seed Oil (image below) for cooking and salad dressings, but i also use the hemp oil on my dry sometimes eczema skin.

Image Good hemp seed oil
Good Hemp Seed Oil

Unfortunately, due to all of my medical conditions simply having a diet of hemp seed products is not enough to support my endocannabinoid system so it requires the medical boost. I also use a hemp shower gel and a hemp shampoo both from Dr Organics.

image Dr Organics (left) Hemp shampoo & conditioner (right) Hemp body wash
Hemp Shampoo/Conditioner & Body Wash

On to some of the foods that i make out of hemp seed products. Because i have a lactose intolerance i have found the hemp milk to be really useful i use it with porridge, hot chocolate and even for making a gluten & lactose free batter for pancakes, although i’m yet to master the yorkshire pudding. I also make a hemp butter (image below). There are no animal products in this at all so i’m not sure if i should be calling this butter. You will require a blender rather than a food processor. Pour some seeds into the blender and start to grind, once the seeds have been blended to a crumble consistency you can start adding some oil just enough to bind the mixture together and make it a smoother spreadable consistency.

Image of Hemp Butter.
Hemp Butter

Next up to try was making a hemp cheese/mozzrella because i really miss pizza. I have already told you that i’m lactose intolerant but i’m not sure if i’ve told you i am also nut intolerant. All of the recipes i was finding were saying use coconut or cashew nut milk but of course i can’t so i use one of those recipes but substituted hemp milk instead. Some of them call for using chick peas i’m also intolerant to beans and other pulses so couldn’t go there either. However i used a variation of this recipe without the chick peas (but extra hemp seeds) using hemp milk and adding my own flavouring like mustard. It was basically an experiment which i will repeat until i get it right. This was a little course as i didn’t have a blender at the time of making.

Image Homemade Hemp Cheese
Homemade Hemp Cheese

This is the pizza that i made with the hemp cheese which tasted ok but the cheese was a little course due to not having a blender, i may have also cooked the agar agar mix slightly too long. Surffice to say i didn’t get to eat much as i think i must have been having a brain fog moment and left it in the reach of my cat Oscar who ate my pizza when i had an emergency and left it within his reach. However, i’m glad someone enjoyed it.

Homemade pizza with Homemade Hemp cheese & pepperoni sausage.
Homemade Pizza with Hemp Cheese and peperoni sausage

Scientific information is very hard to come by, however, i have found this article in the national institute of health but i think there is a lot more research to be done on hemp as a food source but it could solve world hunger. Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa) as an Emerging Source for Value-Added Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals.

I definately feel that this food source is beneficial & i’m sure that if i didn’t have an endocannabinoid deficiency i would benefit greatly from just this food source without the medication.

I guess i also have a bit of a funny story to tell you and i must apologise to Harry Enfield but this medication is turning me into one of Harry Enfield’s characters see if you can guess which one. First a baseball cap seems to sprout from my head at approximately midnight every night, then i get an uncontrollable urge to start saying “it’s just so unfair” whilst dropping my shoulders and swinging my arms and when i wake up in the morning a new zit seems to have sprouted somewhere on my body. I honestly thought that those days were over but it seems not.

In conclusion i think science has a long way to go as far as hemp as a food is concerned and the understanding of what the prohibition of this plant has done to all animals on the planet, but the general concensus is that it is good for you & will help support your endocannabinoid system as long as you don’t have endocannabinoid deficiency.

Something to look forward to. I hope to have an article in the near future about hemp as an insulator for the home from someone who is in the process of insulating their home.

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