Desending into the depths of dispair

Image of Noidecs THC25 CBD25

Just as i was desending into the depths of dispair because the oil that i have been using has not been working and all of my symptoms have been returning, I get a knock at my door with a very special delivery the new cannabis oil that i have been waiting for. It came as a complete surprise to me because my pharmacy portal was still stating that we’re preparing your medication and it still says that after delivery.

Image of patient information leaflet for Noidecs THC 25 CBD 25 front page
Image of patient information leaflet for Noidecs THC 25 CBD 25 back page

Usually the oil comes with a syringe to measure the dose but this one comes with a dropper. The dose is 0.2ml three times a day taken sublingually (under the tongue) (maximum dose is 0.3ml) it is recommended that you hold the oil there for at least 9 miinutes but i held it for about 20 minutes as i felt i required an extra boost. The 9 minutes is recommended by the founders of Bud & Tender Mark Turner and Charles Clowes who were interviewed by Professor Mike Barnes Chair of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society. Here is the video to learn more. Of course one dose is not going to work immediately so i am topping up with lots of flower today.

I also tried to set up a cleaner for myself as i am not coping with taking care of my house or indeed myself, since my care stopped nearly 2 years ago, i was going to be charged nearly £50 per hour so i cancelled my care which was substandard at best. Because of my pain, bone weakness and other health issues i haven’t been able to take care of anything practical. It looks like (as my father would say) be living in a landfill site for the forseeable future as i have no family and no friends to help me and it seems no one wants to be paid to help me either.

I know the current government wants me and other disabled people dead and normally i would be giving them the finger. But i don’t think i’m going to last much longer living like this with no help.

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