I’ve been let out to play lol

Hi everyone. It’s been a difficult few weeks because my pain is not well medicated at the moment. But it looks like that’s not going to stop me anytime soon. On Friday 15 April 2022 i went to visit a friend not far from where i live, and we got well and truly medicated, had a good laugh & listened to some great music. We have the same taste in music which is great for both of us.

The Gordon Arms, Castle Road, Bedford. (click on the image to go to the website)

Saturday 16 April 2022 was a little more challenging but i had a great time met some old friends and had a lovely meal. I left home at 4.50 pm to get to the Gordon Arms, Castle Road, Bedford (which is in castle ward where we have 2 Green Councillors) to meet my parents for dinner. We ordered a Margot Pizza, Barbecue Chicken Wings, Plain Curly fries and I had the Barbecue Pork Loaded Curly Fries (here is the food menu) the loaded fries were really good and stayed crispy even under the salsa and galic mayo and the pork was very tender.

It was great to get out I have been going a bit stir crazy without a lot of social contact. I bumped into my friend Carlos Linnett from the band Three, Lost 4 Words and 6 other bands i got a much needed hug and now have an appointment (still to be arranged) for Sunday lunch at The Castle. I also bumped into my friend Neil Cannell whose band Delsyn Drive played at one of my Luton & Bedfordshire Green Party fund raising gigs.

After the meal I set off for home in my electric wheelchair. About half way home my battery was getting very low so I rang round some taxi firms to see if i would be able to get a wheelchair accessible taxi home from Goldington Green. Unfortunately disabled people are not allowed out after 6 pm by the looks of things so i was going to be stranded as there were no wheelchair accessible taxis available. Looks like we still have to book them 48 hours in advance which is ridiculous we also pay almost double the price of an ordinary taxi.

The Toby Carvery, Goldington Road, Bedford. (click on the picture for the website).

Awesome, as my brain is i was near the Toby Carvery in Goldington, Bedford so i decided to go and ask them if they would mind if i could leave my wheelchair with them and bring back my charger to charge up to be able to get home. They agreed for me to charge my wheelchair so that i could get home. The problem is that it was getting a little bit cold at nearly 8.30 pm so I couldn’t wait outside for my dad to pick me up to take me home to pick up my charger, so when i got back to the Toby i was a bit cheeky and asked if i would be able to charge up over night and pick up as they open on Sunday. Well what can i say the staff were absolutley brilliant. My wheelchair is now on charge in the Toby and it looks like i have Sunday lunch organised.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Toby Bedford for being disability friendly which of course should be the norm everywhere we go but is sadly not.

I’m now sat comfortably at home getting very well medicated again and listening to a music festival which strictly speaking is not available in the country where i reside but there are ways around that. I really miss my live music and it’s been difficult persuading Bedford to do some live streaming of gigs for me. But i won’t give up trying. So all in all i’ve had a really good weekend but it has been way overdue & of course is not over yet. I may have to sleep all week just to get over the fatigue of being so active. Although i think there maybe a meeting i have to go to this week so i’ll be awake for at least a couple of hours and of course i have a medical appointment so have to be awake for that. So hopefully I will be well medicated with more CBD soon.

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