Just had another Medical Cannabis Appointment

Noidecs T10 C15 bottle of cannabis oil

3 posts in one day. God i’m a mouthy bitch sometimes. Anyway looks like my favourite oil is back in stock. So the plan is to go back onto the Noidecs T10:C15 oil. Start back at 0.5mls 3 times per day but can increase dose to 0.7mls 3 times a day.

Image of a pot of Khiron 22 percent (Hindu Kush)
Khiron THC18-22% Flower

I’m sticking with this flower for sleep and I have requested some Noidecs T18 Delahaze to replace the Noidecs T16 LA Amnesia which is still unavailable. It will probably 2-3 weeks from now before I am able to do a review as i still have some LA Amnesia left but maybe low by the time i get the medication.

I have also been advised to get some CBD over the counter. This can be very expensive and does not always do what it says on the tin. So thanks to another patient (who i will be introducing you to very soon with some videos) i have found this page called Hemp Hash. They do a variety of CBD products including flower for making tea. You may remember me talking about the fact that CBD boils at 180c but water only boils at 100c so if you use this method you will be consuming CBDA. But since I have the tools I could vape this flower if I don’t tell anyone so sshh don’t say anything to anyone. Lol.

Hopefully i should be back on track in approximately a week and hopefully almost pain free within 2-4 weeks after I start back on the Noidecs T10:C15 oil. I should probably leave it there for now since I seem to have a new diagnosis of verbal diarrhoea and it isn’t even an election year for my area.

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