My Garden Accident

Image of my garden where i had my fall

Yesterday I was working in my garden potting up some raspberry and loganberry plants that I bought at the end of last season. I wanted to move the green pot in the picture. However with all the pebbles (which I really don’t like as I am at risk of injuring my ankles due to joint weakness) the pot got stuck and because the pot is so old (probably about 15 years old) it broke and I went flying flat on my back squealing in the process. I lay there for a few minutes contemplating how I was going to get back up again. But I did manage to get up with great difficulty (although I could have done with a hoist/crane).

Once I got back up again I checked myself over and there didn’t seem to be any injuries so I carried on. Decided to leave the green pot where it was and put the new black pot inbetween the broken pot and the beige/orange pot (pictured above). I managed to pot up 2 plants and still have the third to go before i had run out of energy.

Once I stopped though, to go and rest I think I started going into shock. I was chatting to a couple of friends over whatsapp and FB messenger at the time. I was shivering and felt very tense and was wondering if i had actually broken something but I was also feeling very cold. Having been a St John’s ambulance cadet when I was a teenager and studied first aid as a nursery nurse, although I am not up to date on latest practices I can usually assess myself in an accident so I knew I was probably in delayed shock. I tried to settle down under the duvet to at least get a little warmer and try to stop shaking so much. I got up to the bathroom a little while later and was still shaking and felt very cold outside of the duvet. But I endured this for a little while as I had realised that I had some cannabis flower that is specifically for relaxation and sleep. I used the temperatures of 157c for THC and 176c for limonene but forgot to use the temperature of 130c for caryophellene which helps with pain among other things, and it wasn’t long before i dropped off to sleep. I did wake several times in the night for the bathroom. But was awake by 10 am this morning (which is really early for me).

I am still able to move around all beit very slowly and painfully. The injuries have become a little more prevelent today. I seem to have escaped any major injury and it seems to be just bruising around my right shoulder, my right rib cage at the back lower down, a little bruising on the right side of my lower back, my right knee subluxed (semi dislocation) and my ankles are a little unstable today. All in all i am very lucky to have escaped a major break and I am sure that if it wasn’t for the cannabis medication I would have some bone breakage. But i guess the lesson learned here is that I need to get some friends that like to garden but don’t have their own because as you can see from the video below I have alot of work to do as i’ve been a little slow with the garden this year partly due to the weather (I’ve never like the cold weather) and partly to do with my current pain levels.

I was going to grow some sweetcorn, cantalope melon, gem lettuce and a couple of other items this year but i’m not sure i’ve got the energy now. I haven’t even started the seeds off yet.

Anyway I’m off to go have something to eat and because of my injury I have caved. My parents dropped something off earlier and were popping to Tesco so I asked them to get me some doughnuts (I think they are the first doughnuts of the year). I really shouldn’t because sugar is bad for the hot flushes but I think the THC keeps them at bay during the day, they seem to be worse during the night and first thing in the morning. Guess I will have some extra THC today.

Saturday 23 April 2022 – I usually sleep on my right hand side and when i wake up in the morning i have this very strong aching type of pain where my lower right floating rib is while laying on my side. I think this was due to my rib being semi dislocated normally called a subluxation. So that is approximately 10 years that this rib has been displaced and causing the front rib to fully dislocate occasionally. Well this morning there was barely any pain at all in this area. So this means that the fall has dislodged something but acctually put it back where it is suppose to be. This hopefully means that when i am back on the cannabis oil that seemed to suit me i should be able to get back to exercising and become stronger. I’m hoping that once this happens my ribs will behave themselves and stay put.

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