CBD Flower purchase

Image of a tin of Rochanna Hemp Tea

I am sat waiting Rochanna CBD Harlequin Flower to arrive. Just as i had sat down to write this post the courier knocked on my door with the package. So i stopped to open the package, which was wrpped in a plastic DPD bag which is apparently 100% recyclable, only at this point i’m not sure how i am going to seperate the sticky tape from the plastic because my hands are very weak due to having faulty collegen. I then open the box where i found a small tin wrapped in a bubble wrap bag. I opened the tin and found the flower wrapped in a cellophane type bag with a hydro pack.

I removed the product from the bag to smell the flower. It smells very citrusy (i love citrus) very sweet and a little earthy but not over powering and there seems to be a very delicate pepper undertones.

I’m still vaping a capsule of Khiron (Hindu Kush) that I should have finished last night but I run out of energy & fell asleep before I could even vape at the THC temperature of 157c.

Technically I’m not suppose to vape this flower the company has to market it as a food/drink rather than a medicine due to legislation. I however, have been advised by my medical cannabis doctor to buy over the counter CBD products and since the boiling point of CBD is 180c I will have to vape this product as I will only be getting the CBD Acid which I get from the hemp foods I eat. This has no medical effects for me because of the nature of the conditions I have. That doesn’t mean other people won’t get the benefits of the CBDA & using this product as described.

I bought these a while ago and took ten of these yesterday apparently there is 833mg in each sweet. My joints seem a little more stable today and my legs feel slighty stronger as do my ankles. However, my thoracic spine area is still quite painful but that is probably because of the fall I had a few days ago.

When I first try a flower I use all of the temperatures to see if i can taste any of the terpenes for the particular boiling point. It is likely that all cannabis strains contain all of the terpenes that are available within the horticulture environment but some of them will be more prominent than others depending on the strain. Now I will try at the THC temperature but it’s likely that there is not enough for there to be any reaction.

The suggested use of this tea is as follows:- Steep one heaped teaspoon (approx 1 gram) of loose hemp tea in a 200ml mug of hot water for 5-7 minutes or per required taste, Remove, stir, relax. I bought 3.5 grams to try so this would only be 3.5 cups of tea.

Now there is a bit of an issue with these instructions because cannabinoids are not water soluble but are in fact fat soluble. Here is a scientific paper on cannabinoid extraction methods. I don’t usually drink tea so I have chosen to try vaping this flower which should mean i will get the full effects of the medication and 3.5 grams should last me a little longer than it would if i was using for tea.

  • I have just weighed the Hemp tea flower and i have 3.7 grams. Thank you Hemp Hash for giving me an extra 0.2 grams.
  • I have to grind the flower as i got 2 nugs of flowers (pictured above).
  • guestimate 0.1mg of flower into a Storz & Bickel capsule (pictured below).
  • place into the volcano heating chamber (pictured below).
  • place on to the volcano with the bag and press the green button to blow up the balloon with cannabis vapour and enjoy the fruits of my labour.
Grinder with Harlequin CBD Flower
Ground CBD Flower with a Storz & Bickel Capsule filled with flower (approx 0.1g).
A capsule of flower in the storz & filling chamber that sits on top of the volcano vaporiser
Volcano vaporiser blowing up the balloon at 107c for the terpene Humalene

At this temperature the vape tastes a little like beer with a sweet fruity tang to it but i can’t put my finger on what fruit.

Next up 130c Caroyophelene also found in black pepper among others. I don’t really taste much at this temperature. So I think i will start this one at 107c & skip to the next which would be for pinene 155c.

155c Pinene. Earlier I though I could taste something nutty but it was pine nuts that i was tasting with maybe the creaminess of macadamia. At this temperature it has a very mild pine taste & aroma.

157c THC. Due to the laws in this country there is very little THC in this flower but i will try at this temperature anyway just the once. The taste is not much different to some of the earlier temperatures just a littlle milder.

167c myrcene. Also found in very small quantities in mangoes. Again there is not much flavour here. Maybe a little earthy.

176c Limonene. Found in citrus fruit. I adore most citrus fruits which probably means i am attracted to cannabis flowers that have a high limonene content & this certainly smells citrusy. It’s a very miild citrus flavour. I will probably try some fresh flower at this temperature at some point. This is the temperature that it can start to get a little harsh on the throat when vaping but i’m not getting any of that even though there is more visible vapor. As i’m vaping at this temperature the pain around my shoulder blade and thoracic spinal areas seems to be easing off a little.

180c CBD – Since my oil was changed because of stock issues my joints have become more unstable and very clicky. This seems to have a mild earthy flavour at this temperature with a very faint hint of citrus. My pain levels are even lower than with the limonene now & the clicking joints seem to have calmed down.

185c CBN – If you look at the information on Hemp Hash Website (scroll through the pictures of the strain) you will see a lab report about the components within the flower. This flower seems to have some CBN. I will be vaping at this temperature no matter the flower i’m vaping as this molecule can cause apoptosis of cancer cells that means it kills cancer cells and leaves healthy cels in tact. I’ve been slacking off on the temperatures as having less CBD means i have not been able to tolerate the hight temperatures very well. There is a slight sweet, fruity, earthy flavour. I just got a tooty fruity hit while eating some chips with garlic mayonaise.

220c CBC. I’ve been really struggling to vape at this temperature since my CBD intake was reduced but i have high expectations of this flower now. Again this cannabinoid helps with cancer, pain and all the other things that i require in a medicine. It really doesn’t taste of very much at this temperature although maybe starting to taste a little toasty. THCV also booils at this temperature but due to having little to no delta 9 THC this flower has no THCV.

All in all i’m really happy with this purchase and i will probably purchase some more once i’m running low. But to be fair i will probably get round to trying all of it at some point.

So i’m going to try some of the LA Amnesia now to see if i get any different reactions. Because my endocannabinoid system is dysfunctional i don’t normally get high and i think that might be due to my immunity status. I do occasionally get a little high when i increase the doseage of my oil but it is very short lived.

I usually start this flower at 140c for Olibanum (frankinsence) then go to 157c for THC, 167c myrcene, 176c Limonene, 180c CBD (although there is only about 1% available) 185c CBN, 220 for CBC & THCV. But i have not been able to tolerate much higher than 180c since the change of oil.

I’m not going to tell you about the flavours this time as i am getting a little tired now and i stil have to water the garden. But i will do this another day before i run out of stock. However, this is out of stock at the pharmacies with no idea if it will be available in the future.

I have just finished vaping at 185c it is still slightly harsh on my throat but is not as bad as it was. I’m just about to try at 220c. I wouldn’t say i’m getting giggly but I do have a smile on my face and despite not being completely pain free my mood has certainly improved. Looks like i will be able to tolerate the higher temperratures again very soon.

Here is a link to find out more about CBD products in the UK and USA. https://www.highandpolite.co.uk/cbdnews/where-to-buy-cbd-buds-flowers-in-the-uk-and-usa

I’m off to water the garden so may see you tomorrow.

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