Diary 2 back on the Noidecs T10:C15

Image of New packaging of Noidecs T10:C15

I have no idea where the first part of this diary has gone but i have my suspisions. I’m afraid it’s something else that I have to classifly. But here is what remains of my diary.

Day 24 diary – Tuesday 24 may 2022

Woke up not feeling great and in lots of pain because i was having to cut down on flower so that i wouldn’t run out before the new prescription arrived.

Just had my package of mediication flower only no oil (i asked for them to be shipped together. Just rang Dispensary Green to see when i will get the oil. The packages were sent out seperately and the oil is with the courier.

Just opened the pack of Delahaze. OMG it smells delicious I think i want to eat this one. Really citrusy (love citrus). Well i think i’m going to be able to bring out the bells of st clements here. This may very well be my go to srain in future. Can’t wait to try it.

Day 25 diary – Wednesday 25 May 2022

Have decided to increase my dose of oil today to 0.7ml which means i now require another appointment with a doctor to be able to increase my dose. Because my dairy has been deleted (i have no idea how) i have no idea of when i last increased the dose but i am in massive amounts of pain today. Including the lower right side of my rib cage. I will have to ring the clinic today and ask for another appointment with a different doctor because i just can not after a year of being on this medication justify a medical appointment every month.

Day 26 diary – Thursday 26 May 2022

Taking 0.7ml of oil just before middy 11.53 am. I am also taking a 10mg oral capsule of CBD morning and bedtime. Still finishing a capsule of cannatonic 0.1g and Khiron 20/1 (Hindu Kush) 0.2g from last night. This really is knock out medication when used together and at the end of the day. But when used up at the start of the day really makes you quite relaxed.

I am also on the phone to The Medical Cannabis Clinics as i have to see a doctor if i want to be able to increase the dose of oil as i am now at the maximum dose prescribed to me at my last appointment in April. The waiting time for them to pick up the phone is ridculous 18 mins so far. Apparently the average wait time is 6 minutes the last time i called it was 7 minutes and i ended up having to press 2 to wait for a call back. The call was answer an hour after i started the call. This is really starting to get ridiculous i am still having monthly appointments nearly a year after i started this prescription/experiment.

Have just booked an appointment with the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Doctor for 1 pm Friday 27 May 2022. My first appointment was 31 May 2021. I’m not sure at this point if i am allowed to give out the name of this person at this time as the clinic website has taken off the details of all the doctors. There are now only 2 named doctors on the site and it doesn’t say what they specialise in.

1.30 pm i made myself a capsule of approximately 0.05g Harlequin and 0.1g Noidecs T18 (Delahaze) and started vaping at 52c at about 4 pm finished at about 5.45 pm at the temperature of 220c. This flower seems to be more toleraable at the higher temperatures at the moment.

6 pm feeling nice and relaxed a little dreamy taking 0.7 ml of oil and a vape of approximately 0.05g Harlequin and 0.1g Noidecs T18 (Delahaze) and started vaping at 52c. I think yesterday i got very close to vaping over 1 gram of flower that just isn’t going to be cost effective for me so i have gone back to using the capsules that have the capacity for about 1.3-1.5 grams of flower. It seems to be working like this so far today.

I even did a little bit of gardening. I split a lavender plant and planted some of it in the front garden and kept the rest in the original pot filled up with a bit more compost. I also gave the plants a good soaking today as i have been a little neglectful lately and i have Raspberries, loganberries bramley and cox’s apples, wild strawberries and a couple of other things growing. It was so nice last year to go into the garden and pick a few ripe soft fruits for breakfast.

At about 10.00 pm i decided to have a 0.1g capsule of CBD. However, at 10.30 i started having quite bad hot flushes i had 3 in the space of 30 minutes. They don’t last long but i really now feel like i require a shower as i feel a bit sticky.

I then had a vape of 0.1g Harlequin 0.2 of Noidecs T18 (Delahaze) a 0.1g of Delahaze. I finished the night off with 0.1g Cannatonic and 0.2 Khiron 20/1 (Hindu Kush) which helps with the sleep.

Day 27 diary – Friday 27 May 2022

Woke up in agony today. Also really quite depressed and almost at the point of suicide. However, all was fine once i had vaped a little. Had an appointment with a new doctor at the medical cannabis Clinics Dr David Tang who is one of the named doctors on their website. Absolutley brilliant very proactive seems to know what he is doing was making suggestions to me and i will be going back to the Noidecs C25:T25 oil (at a higher dose) that i was on before I went back to the Noidecs T10:C15 oil. I think the reason that the T25:C25 oil wasn’t working is because i was not on a theraputic dose and was in fact on less of a dose that when i was on the T10:C15 oil. Also he didnt seem shy about prescribing flower either and i have some CBD flower being prescribed also. So all in all it was probably the best appointment in the world. Especially since i was not having to be my own doctor this time. Just hope it doesn’t turn into a Harry Enfield sketch show with the tagline “ooh young man”

My first vape of the day was 0.1g Harlequin 0.2g Noidecs T18 (Delahaze). I managed to vape right up to 220c with this first vape which seems to give me a much better level of pain control. But i do feel a little spaced out.

Second vape of the day is 0.1g Harlequin and 0.2g Noidecs T18 starting temperature of 130c. The head starts to somewhat clear when you vape at this temperature. But i want to get through this capsule as quick as possible as i need to have a shower as i have been invited round a friends this evening.

Went round a friends house to have a vaping session which was a very enjoyable event. Thank you for your company. Although i did get a little anxious when you smelled the Noidecs T18 (Delahaze) and wasn’t going to give the pot of flower back to me.

However i was told something really rather disturbing. Everytime my friend goes into town he get propositioned by women who say this to him “give me £20 and you can do whatever you want to me”. This is what you get when you vote for the tories. This is another recipe for disaster. It’s like this country has forgotten that diseases and infections even exist. Because i doubt that anyone selling their body for £20 will be thinking about contraception or protecting themselves against sexually transmitted infections. It’s like the world has gone stir crazy or we have a sex addiction epidemic, because I think I got another proposition when I was out watering my garden yesterday. It seems I don’t even have to leave the ward that I live in, I just have to leave my front door open. That is now 5 men in the ward I live in that I have either been propositioned by or been targeted by really creepy behaviour.

Day 28 diary – Saturday 28 May 2022

I had a very mild hot flush this morning at about 10.20 am. So i made myself a capsule of 0.1g Harlequin CBD flower and 0.2g Noidecs T16 (Delahaze) and the hot flushes have stopped again for today. The THC was obviously starting to wear off and i required a top up.

It is now 2 hours after my last top up of THC and i have just started having another hot flush so that means that i have to have at least a hit of THC once an hour to keep them at bay. Well i guess this is my new carreer until the hot flushes completely stop (which of course may never happen) (I think i really need to have that shower today).

Day 29 diary – Sunday 29 May 2022

I started off the day finishing last nights vape capsule but didn’t get to set up a night time dose as I fell asleep suddenly.

I am going to change tactics today. I think i’ve worked out that to vape at the higher temperatures i can only have 0.1g of flower in the capsule to, so in this case size really does matter and the smaller the better. So i will be vaping 0.1g of the harlequin and 0.2g of the Delahaze up to 180c then tranfering some of it to a smaller capsule to vape up to 220c.

Day 30 diary – Monday 30 May 2022

Well i can’t really be bothered with this diary anymore. I just wanna get stoned.

But i do have to report that the appointment i had on Friday has already had a result. I have received the prescription notification and the payment notification and the meds will be dispatched as soon as the pharmmacy has the physical prescription in hand. They will not accept an electronic copy of the prescription so have to wait for the phisical prescription before the meds can be dispatched. This of course id going to make me confused because i will now have 2 full bottles of oil so i will have to ring the pharmacy to see what oil i am suppose to be taking or whether it will be both for a while.

I got a phone call to let me know that my community blood test appointment for haemotology will be tomorrow morning.

Day 31 diary – Tuesday 31 May 2022

Woke up at about 10.30 am and thought i would have a vape before my blood test was due. I managed to get to myrcene temperature of 167c before the community phlebotanist called to take my blood. Again the favoured vein that i let them use was no longer bulging through my skin but was still the most visible. The vein was a little difficult to pierce but not painful and 45 mins after the test was taken the area became itchy which suggests that the area is already repairing itself. I am still amazed by this plant and it’s properties but i now wait in anticipation as to what the test results will be. Which i will update you on next week after my appointment and letters come through.

Day 32 or (Day 1 of new bottle of oil) diary – Wednesday 1 June 2022

I will be starting a new bottle of Noidecs T10:C15 oil at 6pm today. I have 0.3ml left in the current bottle after taking my first dose of 0.7mls. I will also be adding another 2020 botanics CBD capsule today and will take this at about 6pm. This will take the dosage of the CBD capsules to 30mg per day plus any flower that i might be vaping whiich seems to be anywhere from 0.3g-0.5g per day. Plus the CBD i have in the oil which is 0.7ml 3 times a day which works out to 2.1ml. Although i think i’m a bit confused about all this dosing malarky.

I had an appointment with the pharmacist at my doctors surgery today to discuss my blood pressure which is slightly high at the moment. We are going to waith to see if it corrects itself or if i am going to have to have an increase in my blood pressure medication. We decided this because my pain is not under control at this time. (not that it has ever been under control). I stated that i was almost ready to start coming off the opiates IN January 2022 which is only at 15mg twice a day but yesterday I stated to the pharmacist that I was feeling that I need to start increasing the dose of this medication.

Day 33 or (Day 2) diary – Thursday 2 June 2022

Woke up having quite bad hot flushes this morning. I took my blood pressure before taking any medication which was 152/97 heart rate 64. After some inhaled cannabis medication at 157c and my first oil dose of the day my blood pressure was 142/98 HR79. I shall tak it again if i get any relief from my pain today.

I will be ditching the third CBD capsule today i woke up with very loose stools and quite frankly i don’t require any help with that. I have taken 3 imodium capsules today.

Day 34 or (Day 3) diary – Friday 3 June 2022

I only took one 10mg capsule of CBD yesterday. Well that was a big mistake as my right lower rib is now threatening to dislocate again and is very painful towards the back when i’m lying down. Back to 2 tablets today. I have also woken up in a better mood today so i am wondering now if CBD might be a bit of a depressant.

I have written about skin today but i just wanted to note in the diary that i have some sore skin just inside my right ear. I put some CBD coconut oil with a small drop of the Noidecs T10:C15 on the sore patch which seemed to help almost immediately but after a couple of hours the skin has started to get sore again and a little itchy.

I have a neighbour who lost her dog about 2-3 years ago and has just got a new friend as a trial period. This elderly lady walks passed my house almost on a daily basis just to get some exercise and has really missed having a dog to accompany her. I saw her last week when the relationship was very new and they were learning to live together so the dog was very inquisative when I approached her. Today she was a little more reserved with me and went back to mummy for some reassurance. It is such a joy to see my friends patience pay off after a long wait for her new best friend.

Day 35 or (Day 4) diary – Saturday 4 June 2022

I had been neglecting to use the temperature 52c for CBG as i didn’t think it was really worth it as there would only be very small amounts of the componant in the flower since it is the precursor of everything else. However, i have been noticing more bone pain since i cut down on this temperature. Now i am starting to think that my bone pain is not from the MGUS but i am infact in the early stages of osteoporisis and without cannabis i’m quite sure the accident i had a few weeks ago would have landed me in hospital if not dead. So i’m happy to report that now that i am back vaping at this very low temperature (some vaporisers don’t go this low) with almost every vaping session my bones have less pain again.

I have got some break through pain around my shoulder blades and thoracic spine which suggests i need to increase my dose of oil. However, i have just started a new bottle of the Noidecs T10:C15 oil and i don’t get the new satoline T25:C25 until Monday or Tuesday. Guess i better get vaping more for now although i am not suppose to vape more than 1 gram of flower a day and i am getting really close to that now. To think just a year ago i was barely consuming 1 gram of THC cannabis flower from the black market per week and i’m almost at a gram a day now.

There are other things I can do though to support my endocannabinoid system like singing, dancing (as best i can with a physical disability) and gentle walking. I’ve never been good at running due to the collegen in my blood vessels being weak but not quite as weak as having vascular type of EDS. This is possibly another condition that i am just on the cusp of. I mean i know it’s not a competition to see who is more disabled than someone else but honestly it sometimes feels like i could win an olympic gold for how many conditions i almost have lol. Oh and here’s another one for you looks like i can diagnose myself with verbal diarrhoea today. Not quite sure what has got into me.

I’ve actually had a very busy day it’s 4.30 pm and i still haven’t had breakfast. First up it was medication, next up i had no choice but to have as quick a shower as possible and then a rare leaving my house event to go down to the vaccination centre to have my 5th vaccination.

Once i got home it was all about getting my vape on. Speaking to my friend with her dog (i have mirrored tinted film on my front windows so you can’t see thorough unless i have a light on. She was passing my house and waved at me as i had said to her yesterday that she should do so and i would come out for a chat, which is what happened. Now i’m back in bed talking to you guys and listening to some music and it’s a euphoric kind of day for me in more ways than one. Maybe tomorrow i’ll be rock bitch again instead of singing and dancing diva lol.

Day 36 or (Day 5) diary – Sunday 5 June 2022

i’m still waking up several time in the night to use the bathroom. The rib pain on the right side is slightly less than yesterday but still significant. The dehydration/specific gravity issues that i have been getting almost came back yesterday but seems to have settled again. I am a little sore where I had my vaccination yesterday. But i am fatigued today (at the moment anyway) I may have done too much EECA (Extra Endocannabinoid Curricular Activities (the singing and dancing)). So i’m not sure if Rock Bitch is coming out to play today.

About to have the last of my vape from last night which will be at the CBD temperature. Apparently, athletes use CBD to help their muscles repair after a training session so hopefully the muscle pains will be less once i have had some CBD vape.

When i’m vaping CBD i can feel my skin tingling in places. I think we have already established that CBD dries out the skin and THC adds lubrication/sebum to the skin. It’s very strange i am positive that my skin goes through stages as i am vaping through the temperatures. Last night my forehead was quite greasy but today at the moment it feels quite normal but verging on flaky skin.

My thoracic spine and shoulder blade area is less painful this morning. I do wonder sometimes if this is gravity somewhat playing a part towards the end of the day. I guess we will find out later. Ooh goody something to look forward to in the not too distant future.

Day 37 or (Day 6) diary – Monday 6 June 2022

Not had a very good night’s sleep was up several times for the bathroom again and having hot flushes again. I need to up my dose of oil but i can’t because i don’t have a doctors permission and i’m expecting some oil that i have recently discovered doesn’t exist. Apparently the oil i am getting is called satoline T25:C25 but i can find it on the medwiki pages and The Cannabis Pages also does not list this oil. One of the sites says that the Noidecs T25:C25 is in stock and the other says it’s in stock but is low. These 2 websites are run by patient volunteers as i think there is some law about the medical practices and pharmacies not being allowed to advertise their products. So i still have no idea what is going on with my meds. I’m still not getting the relief i was getting back in January and i have had a medical appointment every month since March it’s looking very much like i have to go weekly. I really am not a happy person at the moment. So much for private medical practice being better than the NHS. I now really feel like i am being exploited. Which is not entirely the fault of the private medical clinics but there are definately doctors out there that just want to make a fast buck and damn the patient. I better go off and fill in my latest drug science questionaire I keep forgetting to fill in the questionaires because the emails don’t work with my regular email address so i keep forgetting to check this email account.

I also had my Haematology appointment this morning. The calcium was up again means i haven’t been drinking enough but it could just be that i hadn’t drunk enough before my blood test as i am drinking at least 2 litres if not 3 litres of fluid a day. My haemaglobin was also up again, at my last blood test I was almost at the stage of having to have a blood tranfusion again. My paraprotein levels were not back from the lab so i may get another phone call if the numbers have reduced again. I will report my lab results once I receive them in letter form. But i will be monitored again in 3 months.

Day 38 or (Day 7) diary – Tuesday 7 June 2022

Had a slightly better night’s sleep last night. But my mood when waking up is now verging on anger i’m also quite tearful I know that this is all menopausal symptoms. I can’t take HRT because of the risk of a thrombosis (blood clots) so cannabis is all i have. I really have no idea why they give such small increments of increasing the dose because only giving you 0.2ml leaway means that i have to have more costly appointments. I mean it’s like they are scared of over dosing someone. But all reports indicate that you can’t overdose on cannabis. Trying to look ahead a little bit when i get to the maximum dose of the T25:C25 oil i have no idea what oil i will be prescribed as this looks to be the highest content of both THC and CBD without going to extremes. For example there are oils with 0 THC & 100 or 200 CBD or indeed the other way round with more THC and no CBD. So i have no idea what happens when i get to the maximum dose but as it stands 0.5-0.7 i will be having to order at least 2 bottles a month at the cost of £150 a bottle. I think it’s safe to say that almost a year after starting this private prescription i’m more confused than ever. I have just called both the pharmacy and i have just called TMCC and i now just want to top myself. I can’t handle this anymore. TMCC are completely incompetant and are telling me that if i need to increase my dose of the noidecs oil i have to have another appointment. I’ve just f***ing had one where i tried to ask if i could increase the dose of the noidecs oil. I have lost my s**t with this and just can’t carry on. I don’t even know how to solve any of my issues anymore and it’s not like anyone’s going to miss me. So i am now off to sharpen some knives and slit my f***ing throat. But maybe i should just take all the cannabis i have in the house and have one last blast before i do.

God damn it. I am on such an emotional roller coaster at the moment I have had some vape now and my mood has completely changed. I’m not exactly eggstatic at the moment but no longer feeling suicidal.

I’m also able to think a little more clearly (oh god does that mean i’m woke lol)? Once again this plant leaves me completely gobsmacked. I know the effects won’t last long from the flower so my dose of oil does need increasing so maybe i would be better off with an email. I’ve never really liked phone calls although I quite like zoom.

I’m just vaping a 0.1g capsule of some of my AVB (Already Vaped Bud) in america it is not illegal to turn this into The Arrow (sorry) something else (lol) like an edible. Some people vape their flower to 180c which is classed as decarboxilated flower and then extract the rest of the terpenes and cannabinoids by using a slow cooker as a bain marie. You put your decarboxilated flower into a kilner jar with an oil or butter of your choice and put the jar into the slow cooker for several hours to extract the goodness. But we can’t do that in the UK it’s against the law. So vaping upto temperatures of 220c is the only legal way to extract all of the componants of the many medicines encompassed in the cannabis flower. I might not be getting high off this stuff most of the time but i am certainly noticing how much this really helps me. When i was on the right dose of oil I barely needed the flower but it seems i may need to employ a night time carer to supply me with vape for most of the night. OMG another mood change now that i am vaping at the higher temperature again and trying to write a comedic blog i now have the giggles. This is just totally crazy. And now i’ve just gone into jelly mode.

So i started coming down again fairly quickly but i’m still thinking straight would be able to make decisions if i had any to make (there’s probably loads of decisions to make right now, i just can’t be a*sed at the moment.

But of course i’m lying i already made one before i made that statement above. Since i have some saved up AVB and i’m not allowed to make anything out of it, i’m going to vape some of the AVB up to 220c to see how long it is until i have to go back to the lower temperatures to get the entourage effect again.

So i just had a new 0.1g capsule of AVB and started at 186c for Terpinelene and i’ve just had a little giggle. Life is some crazy s**t man with some good s**t thrown in for good measure lol. So i guess this is an experiment to see how long it takes me to stop laughing. I think i can handle that.

I went out to water the garden at about 6.30 pm as it has been a warm day today. It’s 10.54pm and i have just remembered that i was going to mention about how many bees i currently have in my garden I have more at the front as the Bocking 14 Comfrey is planted in the ground so the flowers are lasting a bit longer than the plants that are still in pots. Once i cut down the ones in pots I intend to plant them out the front. I have decided not to grow food in this patch i have cats using the area. Cat faeces can cause toxoplasmosis so with a weakened immune system i should not be eating anything grown in a patch with. I’m possibly not going to be able to use the comfrey as a plant food until I can get the patch filled up with other plants not weeds.

I’m not really giving times here at the moment am i sorry about that (i’m possibly away with the fairies right now). I guess everything that i have said so far willl not make sense unless i do give you some timings i think i started the blog at about 11am today and it is now approaching 7.30 pm.

The last capsule is starting to wear off now and i’m starting to have a hot flush which means i require some flower at 157c for Delta 9 THC. but i will have to do 52c first for the small amount of CBG in the flower. It seems that THCV does not help with hot flushes but it does enhance the rest of what you vape and is also good for the bones.

It’s 7.40 pm and i have just made a vape capsule with 0.1g Harlequin CBD flower and 0.2g Delahaze. I am waiting for my volcano to cool down to 52c so I can have another full vape session. I’m also a bit hungry and i’ve just realised i’ve not eaten today. Too busy vaping so i can have a stable mood and stop hot flushes.

It took 10 minutes with the fan on the volcano to cool down from 220c to 52c. So i’m starting this fresh capsule at 7.50pm. This may take me all night especially if i do a 0.05g capsule of AVB (Already Vaped Bud) as the 0.1 was still a little too strong.

So first up 52c i should be able to do this quite quickly as there is no visible vapour which make a big difference. The instructions (which i realise i haven’t put a picture/PDF of the how to use document i get with every package)state that there should be no visible vapour. With a portable device it is quite easy to increase the temperature in small increments. So i got through the 52c temperature quit quickly (about 5 minutes) and then went to 106c which should have been 107 for humulene. Again the bag was empty within 5 minutes.

I vaped next at 130c for caryophelene. I suppose I could do humulene and caryophelene together may cut down the time of the vaping session a little bit. But I get distrated quite easily so it sometimes take me a long time to get through a bag. I should probably down tools a little more than i do.

8.10pm 157c for THC. Just as a side note my bladder has been a little better today but I haven’t had as much to drink as yesterday. So this bag is taking a little longer than 5 miniutes as i had to have a bathroom break and i forgot to take the bag with me.

8.20pm 167c myrcene. Having just got through a bag of THC at 8.23pm i started having a hot flush. but it can take up to 15 mins for vaped cannabis flower to start working. The hot flush started tapering off by 8.25pm so thankfully it didn’t last long. This bag was finished by 8.29pm.

8.30pm 176c Limonene. I really like the vape at this temperature it starts to get a little stronger and you can definately see some vapour in the bag. My mood seems stable at the moment also. I am starting to get some pain around my shoulder blade area. I managed to finish this bag in 6 minutes.

8.36pm 180c CBD. It definately gets harder to vape at this temperature and you have to take sips instead of gulps of vapour. Finished this vape at 8.42pm

I am now going onto a micro dose at a higher temperature and have approximately 0.05g of AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

I vaped this at 186c in hopes to capture some CBN as well as terpinelene. Oh that is much better much more manageable with a smaller amount. Will take longer to vape everything this way but at least i will be able to use some and save some. I guess it is still going to take time to find the best way to reduce my pain. But i need to finish the Noidecs oil before I start the Satoline. I got distracted so it has taken me 12 minutes to finish this bag.

I thought i would trat a new temperature which i have only tried a few times. Technically none of my flower have any linalool in them that i’m aware of but there is possibly a small amount present. So just like with CBG there may be a small amount present which maybe enough to treat something. But we are very much in sedation teritory now.

8.57pm 198c Linalool. Still can barely tell there is any vapour at all. But there must be some because i am blowing out some vapour. I have noticed that my rhinitis has not been bad today nor have i felt my hayfever today. It was quite bad yesterday and the day before but i suppose that could have been the vaccination causing those symptoms the bruise on my arm seems to be slightly better today also. Took me until 9.09 to finish this bag.

9.10pm 220c for CBC and THCV. Still not over powering vapour at this temperature with the smaller amount. Now need to start getting a new capsule of AVB ready. Took me to 9.15 to finish this bag.

9.16pm filled a bag with AVB at 186c. I didn’t measure exactly i may have put slightly more AVB into this capsule as i am getting more vapour but it is not harsh in fact it is a nice vapour almost a bit of menthol to it. Finished the bag at 9.22pm.

9.23pm 198c. Again much easier to vape at this temp when micro dosing. Shoulder blade pain still bleed through slightly. I need to think about having some food but that’s time I have to stay away from my volcano (boo hoo). But now i think of it i am suppose to eat some fatty food for better absorbtion. Good thing i have something quick in the fridge not sure how fatty it is though.

9.30pm 220c. I promise after this bag i will go and get something to eat. then have another maybe 2 rounds of AVB.

It’s going to take 20 mins to cook my food so i am doing another bag at 9.40pm 186c.

I have discovered something completely unexpected this is at 11.30pm. I have had corns on my big toes of both feet since i was given ill fitting, heavy shoes when aged about 7 or 8. I have just checked my right foot and the corn is almost gone and there is no pain in the area at all. The still had a dry lump of raised skin but no pain at all but has shrunk in size quite considerably. However i have just used a nail file and taken most of the dry skin off so i have healed my corns with medical cannabis.

Anyway i still have some vaping to do this evening so i’m signing off until my lovely brain has another bright idea that i should get down on (well i can’t say paper can I)? Goodnight. See you for another roller coaster day tomorrow.

Day 39 or (Day 8) diary – Wednesday 8 June 2022

I woke up for a bathroom break at 8.30am this morning and was having a hot flush at the same time. But weirdly i was in a really good mood. Which suggests that the micro dosing at higher temperatures is working for me and the componants that burn off at those temps are somewhat antidepressant (i still haven’t memorised what all the componants do) I decided to have some vaped flower 0.1g Delahaze (topped up with a pinch of CBD fower when I reached 180c) at 157c for THC and it soon died down. I didn’t manage to get back off to sleep again (maybe i’ll decide to have an afternoon nap for a change) although I was getting sleepy about 10 minutes before my take your medication alarm was due to go off. But decided instead to take the oil early and manage to keep it under my tongue for 20 minutes (the longer you keep the oil in your mouth the better it works).

I also have a mole on my back that gets very itchy sometimes and is small but raised. However, over the last few days it has been getting smaller and smaller. I can still feel it but it is considerably smaller than it was just last week although it was never one of my biggest moles it has been itchy for quite sometime. Some of my other moles are getting smaller but not quite as dramatically as this particular mole. This suggests that this mole was about to turn into a malignancy (cancerous) or already was. Once again i am amazed at what this plant is doing for me.

I was just in another part of the house for a change and i got to thinking about the corns on my big toes that seem to be being treated with the cannabis and that i briefly wrote about last night. So i got to thinking “I wonder if there are any medical papers about this subject”? So of course i went looking and I haven’t found any. So i am awarding myself a medical doctorate for writing about something that no one else has written about. Thank you. I’ll be working on my acceptance speech very soon.

On a completely different subject, i thought my local council had stopped mowing the grass opposite my house so often, but the grass cutters had already been out twice this year (yes they mowed in “No Mow May” At 2.30pm i have just looked out of my window and noticed that the grass has been cut back again today.

I am still vaping (at 2.30pm) the 0.1g capsule i made at 8.30 this morning having a bag mixed with CBN (185c) and terpinelene (186c). Looks like i will have to make up a small mixture of the 0.1g CBD and 0.2g THC flower but use the smaller capsule as it is easier to manage the higher temperatures when using that size. It does mean that i am not getting a full dose until i have had a second capsule but as long as i concentrate on vaping and don’t get distrated (like i am now) it won’t take me several hours to get through one dose. Although it will save me some money if it works this way. But it’s back to using the 0.1g capsules.

My joint are very weak and painful today and my skin was very greasy last night in areas that wouldn’t normally get greasy like the cheeks on my face. So i was going to take an extra CBD capsule today to make it the 30mg that i tried to go to last week. So I may as well. I suppose the worst that could happen is that i break into scales and turn into godzilla.

At just gone 3pm I filled a bag with vape with a temperature of 220c (I had also completed a 198c bag). It is very much easier to manage the higher temperatures when using small amounts and taking longer to vape a full 0.2g dose (there’s just not enough hours in the day). Oh and now my shoulders have dropped and relaxed a little bit and the pain is better in that area also. Definately going to have to work on a design for a vapouriser tent. Obviously portable so that i can get on with some jobs but is also comfortable to wear in bed at night, with a conveyer belt of weed attached to keep me topped up, and an AI computer programme to detect what temperature the flower should be vaped at automatically.

It is 3.17pm I am now going to go and grind some flower as I have run out of ground flower (I still have plenty of whole buds and can order more whenever i require). I also need to have something to eat. So i’m going to leave you in peace until the next brain wave or comic genius idea hits me with it’s best shot.

4pm Still haven’t managed any breakfast but started a new mixed 0.1g capsule of both CBD and THC flower. I’ll let you know what time i get finished.

5.10pm I have just finished the 0.1g capsule of the flower mix.

Started slowly with a new capsule but at somewhere between 6.40pm and 6.45pm I started having a hot flush so I either need to book yet another medical appointment or have a continuous supply of cannabis flower vapour. I don’t see how either can be acheived at this time.

Anyway i have some photos of my toes where the corn is and my back where the mole is so gotta go sort them so I can post them here.

Day 40 or (Day 9) diary – Thursday 9 June 2022

Woke up in quite a good mood again today. Still having hot flushes but i’m just not getting enough oral THC. Managed to have something to eat before 3pm and i’m eating smaller portions again i think the added CBD has helped the overeating that i was doing when i was on more THC than CBD.

4pm Started getting breakthrough pain in the shoulder blade area and i was still vaping last night’s capsule at 180c for CBD. This pain started to drift away and i’m starting to relax more.

4.10pm I did a mixed bag of 185c for CBN and 186c Terpinelene. In the hope i can get through a capsule a little quicker.

4.27pm vaped a 198c half full bag and am starting to feel a little more mellow and relaxed.

4.50pm about to finish the last of the flower mix i made up yesterday so that means in approximately 24 hours I have had approximately 0.6g of flower. I probably require more than that considering the oil is not suppoting me well at the moment. I am still only on a dose that is 0.2ml higher than i was on in January (6 months ago). January was when i was thinking about tapering off my opiates (this is probably what is causing my immunosuppression) so if i can get off the opiates i may be able to recover my immune system. I started at the temperature of 52c and worked my way up to 220c. I won’t bore you with the details today just report what time I finished. I finished the vape capsule at 8.15pm. But I was in a working meeting this evening with jobs to do so vaping took a back seat for an hour.

At about 1am i prepared a nighttime vaping capsule of approximately 0.1g Khiron 20/1 (Hindu Kush) and a pinch of cannatonic. I started vaping at 52c and it wasn’t long before i had fallen asleep.

Day 41 or (Day 10) diary – Friday 10 June 2022

I have woken up in a fairly good mood today. I am now (from 8am-12.30pm) finishing off last night’s vaping capsule with a view to starting a daytime one ASAP. I finished the capsule at about 3.50pm. And started a new daytime capsule at that time and vaped up to 130c so that when I got out of the shower i would be able to have a THC bag and a Myrcene Volcano vape bag once i got out so that if i ended up having a hot flush when i got out of the shower it would hopefully finish quite quickly. Which I had at about 5.30pm. 6pm went to water the garden. I seem to have some raspberries ripening so i better take a box out to pick some.

Spoke to Mr Classified yesterday, for obvious reasons I can’t say any more i’m afraid.

Just got my letter from the Haemotology department at Bedford Hospital. Please go to this page where I have updated the information with my latest results.

It looks like it’s a really nice day so i may go and have a shower (it’s a little over due) and sit in the garden for a little while.

Just wanted to make sure i got this information down. Since i have been using the higher temperatures again the bone and joint pain in my legs is much better although i still haven’t got my balance back. Think it may be a dance day.

I injured my hand a couple of days ago. With the Ehlers danlos syndrome making my skin weak (oh to have a decent dose of cannabis to make my skin stronger) and the hot flushes making my skin even weaker, i injured the back of my hand about 2 or three days ago. I’m allergic to plasters (the glue) but if i end up using one because i don’t have anything else i can rip my skin off with the plaster. So i think i have found the solution. I have to use liquid plasters but you are not allowed to use them unless the wound has scabbed over which can take a long time for me. So i decided to cut up some cotton wool (must invest in some gauze), place over the wound and painted lots of liquid plaster over the cotton wool and the surrounding area. It worked a treat as i took off the dressing today and it looks like i won’t need to redress the wound.

So i didn’t escape the creativity today after all So i’ve got a name for my band (still to be set up) The endocannabinoid System (that’s me the lead singer) & The Terpene’s (the rest of the band) but since i don’t like playing divisive games i’ll just call us The Terpene’s. I’ve just done a check to see if there are any bands with these names and it seems not. So the name is mine now as i have published first. Who want’s to join my band? Send me a message. Should be able to practice in my back garden (if i can get some help clearing an area).

Day 42 or (Day 11) diary – Saturday 11 June 2022

I was going to start the new oil today but i have had great difficulty opening the child/patient proof bottle. So i had to take the noidecs this morning. I will take the Satoline T25:C25 at 6 pm and back to the Noidecs T10:C15 for night time. I’ve got to use up this over half a bottle of oil that i have left somehow. Since the clinic will only help if i’m paying extortionate prices for a medical appointment (soon to be introduced in the NHS) I’ll make my own decisions as to how to use up this oil after all i have paid for it, so I own it.

I was really getting angry with all of this earlier (it’s really starting to get too much for me) I was about ready to jump ship to another clinic. Considering that most patients have some kind of mental health issue like anxiety attached to their physical conditions or are being treated for mental health conditions. I honestly believe that this service is enough to push someone over the edge if there are mental health issues involved. The service definately requires a great deal of improvment. But in my opinion it also requires some more openess and honesty.

Anyway i’m off to try and get high. See ya.

Success. Someone gave me the idea of setting a high temperature but put the bag on the Volcano as it is getting up to temperature. I wasn’t sure that would work with the volcano as the fan is quite fast (this person has an airiser desktop vaporiser which has three fan speeds the volcano only has one. I had just done a bag at 185/6c (which i took outside) i came back in to fill another bag but the volcano had switched itself off. So I let the temperature get to 190c put the bag onto the Volcano switched on the fan to see if it would go through all the temperatures when switched on. I did have to switch of the Volcano a few times so that it would heat up but i got half a bag with temperatures of 190c, 191c, 192c, 193c, 194c, 195c, 196c, 197c, I took a couple of breaths of this bag and i have started to feel a little inebriated but not sure if that’s a good or bad thing at the moment.

4pm. I think i may have overdosed on CBD as my tummy is a little upset today. Easily remedied with a THC only flower but i’ve still got a 220c bag to do.

Day 43 or (Day 12) diary – Sunday 12 June 2022

12pm – Woken up in a good mood again today. Oscar has been let out this morning but my next door neighbour has slapped an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) on him. He is such a greedy bugger he stalks my neighbours cat (to get to her food) trying to pick a fight with a cat he really should not be picking a fight with as this cat has had large dogs who have tried to attack her pinned down with blood drawn. Apparently, this cat earned the name battle cat in her old neighbourhood. Where’s my Snickers when i need her? To put him in his place. I just think he is a submissive cat and is looking for a female cat to dominate him, after all in the cat world the female is usually dominant. Well at least females are dominant somewhere on the planet. I think i need to get some CBD medication into him to curb his appetite.

I was just thinking yesterday that i might be ready to give up the 20mg capsule of omeprazole soon. How wrong i was. I woke up this morning (8am) with a lot of acid in my Stomach and had to take a Gaviscon advance tablet. Which seemed to do the job as i was still feeling very tired and wanted to go back to sleep which i manged to do for another couple of hours. Of course now i’m thinking that this may have happened because one of my does of oil changed yesterday. I had tried a Satoline oil before (T10:C10 when i had my dose reduced for reason unknown to me but was because the noidecs T10:C15 was out of stock). See this link for how i got on with that oil, https://philippafleming.uk/2022/03/11/medication-update/ I should note that this post talks about when i lost my balance which i still have not regained because i am not on a theraputic dose. (oh to find a doctor that know more about cannabis than me).

I also woke up with really greasy skin on my face but not so much on my legs (i require some THC cream/oil for my legs which does not currently exist in the UK).

I should probably also report that I have some cold sores back inside my nose. I really am not on a theraputic dose and i haven’t been since the 11 March 2022. I also really don’t think i’m going to get on any better with the Satoline T25:C25 than i did with the Satoline T10:C10 & i think that has to do with the terpenes involved with the strain they used to make this oil (informmation not available. This oil is made by Rokshaw I have left a link to their cannabis pages and there are no products to show so you can not get the information about these oils and what the ingredients are.

I’ve just realised i have not published my review of the Noidecs T18 flower. It probably requires a bit of editing and maybe another session where i’m vaping just the Delahaze on it’s own. But for now here is a quick what i think of this strain. It’s weed, it works, bring me more! What more do i need to say.

I’m really struggling with vaping at the higher temperatures again today as in not able to tolerate much past 180c. So really not well medicated at all. Guess i will be waking up in a bad mood tomorrow (oh what the f**k am i talking about i’m already in a bad mood).

Day 44 or (Day 13) diary – Monday 13 June 2022

Well the oil is not really covering me anymore. I wake up in agony, some of my bone pain is creeping back, I injured my left shoulder trying to close my front door, which I usually have to slam shut because there is something wrong with the locks catching, to the point the door won’t lock as the key will not turn. The last time i reported it was to the window/door contractors directly as they were working on another house nearby. But i guess to truly get this fixed properly, i am going to have to raise a repair ticket with my housing association to be fixed by the people who installed it so that the company will get paid. I f**king hate capatalism. Anyway i have a post to write for The Medical Cannabis Clinicians society because for all of you that live in the UK we desperately need you to send a letter to your MP.

My muscles around my shoulder blade area are feeling really tight today. But it’s quite a strange feeling because it actually feels like it’s changing my posture. As in it now hurts to slouch whereas BC (before cannabis) it used to hurt to sit up straight. Well now I really know what weird science is and it not as the film suggests. Some of my bones are becoming slightly more sensitive again.

My cat Oscar has just come in from the garden for the umteenth time since i let him out at midday begging for food. The vet has always told me he is over weight (not surprising when he is stalking the neighbour hood for everryone else’s food). Looks like i may need to put him on some CBD oil. He likes the hemp spread that i make for myself which would contain CBDA (the raw form of CBD which boils of at between 160 and 180 degrees centigrade). I wonder if that would work for him or if he would require full CBD. I have heard stories of some people’s cat’s being stoner’s but Oscar hate it should he be sat in the second hand vape zone. He actually runs away. I think i’m going to try him on a small amount of the hemp spread per day perhaps start at half a teaspoon 2.5mls.

Day 46 or (Day 15) diary – Wednesday 15 June 2022

I decided to have a day off from digital yesterday and spent most of the day in the garden. I don’t really get a lot of shade where I am. My back garden doesn’t really get any shade at this time of year until about 4 pm. The side alley gets shade for most of the day so I got my electric weed burner out and started in the shade and worked my way round to the main garden and then went out the front. For someone with a disability this make the job much easier as i can sit down on a chair.

That being said I am feeling very fatigued today and the muscles in my back are very sore. Think i may have to have some extra CBD flower today.

I also have to report that I have put on quite a considerable amount of weight since I started this prescription but since adding in some extra CBD the weight seems to be coming off very slowly again. A few weeks ago i bought myself some size 14 Primark leggings (I found an eBay shop) they were slightly tight on me until I had been wearing them for a few hours but yesterday I was walking around the garden and the leggings were slightly falling down. Guess i’m going to have to get some new leggings. Now i just have to find a way to get some Primark t-shirts without being able to get to Primark.

Late in the evening i started get really bad pains around my left shoulder blade. It was the type of pain that will only start to subside when i have laid down and usually after some sleep also.

Day 47 or (Day 16) diary – Thursday 16 June 2022

Today i thought i would try and settle an argument that seems to be doing the rounds in the medical cannabis community. There is a company who has just introduced no iradiated flower to the UK medical cannabis industry. But at least 1 if not 2 clinics have said that they will not stock this non iradiated flower because of quality control. So yesterday i did an experiment. This experiment means that technically i broke the law yesterday (i’m very sorry about that). Sometimes for the purposes of science you have to do whatever it takes to get the answers that are necessary.

First lets talk about the safety of the iradiated flower because there have been some quality control issues with iradiated flower. There has been mould spores detected (by patients) once the medication has been dispatched and arrived with the patient. This often results in the patient being without medication because they don’t simply send you out a new script to cover the contaminated medication. You have to start the prescription process all over again and then wait months to be refunded for the mouldy flower. So if you haven’t got the funds to cover the cost of a new prescription then you have to go without medication which then means you come out of remission from whatever your condition is. Not good for those that are receiving this medication to save their lives say for something like cancer. But the other things about these iradiated flowers is that the effects are very short lived. Now everyone is differnent in how long the effects of vaping cannabis flower. But this usually lasts 1-4 hours in general. Withh iradiated flower the effects last me approximately 2 hours. I can work this out by the hot flushes i get. THC stops hot flushes as it acts in a similar way to testosterone. If i have left it more that an 1 hour and 30 minutes since i vaped some THC (157c) then i will start to have a hot flush.

Yesterday i broke the law and vaped mostly black market flower (left over from my days on the black market) I have woken up in less pain today. I normally take my first lot of medication for the day at 12pm. But i have already taken a walk around my garden before i have taken any medication. Yesterday it took 0.3g of vaped flower before i could even get out of bed.

So in conclusion i think it is safe to say that (certainly for myself) iradiated cannabis flower is not what us patients want. If you are one of the clinics refusing to stock these medications please start listening to your patients because from what i’m seeing on social media i am not the only patient that wants non iradiated cannabis flower. Something worth mentioning here that the USA have not been iradiating the cannabis flower that is prescribed although i think it may just be starting to be discussed. Also worth mentioning again i have been consuming balck market cannabis flower for 20 years I have never had any flower that was mouldy or otherwise of inferior quality.

I want to say that I support Grow Pharma with their non iradiated flower. Those of us with the clinics that are refusing to stock these items are going to have to protest. First by writing a letter to the clinic, then by voting with their feet and going with a clinic that will listen to their patients (instead of shouting at the patient i’m the doctor not you, which i have experienced) and stock non iradiated flower.

In other news I have had a few days with an acid stomach which i thought might be due to the switching of one of my doses of oil to the satoline oil but i have no proof of that as yet and could be due to not being on a theraputic dose currently.

I have decided today to try a whole day with the satoline T25:C25 oil to see if i will be in less pain with this oil. I didn’t like the effects of the Satoline oil when i was given the T10:C10 but that may have been because my dose was titrated down instead of up. I’m also not keen on the terpenes that are in this oil and it tastes rather disgusting to me. I was told by one of the doctors that medicine isn’t suppose to taste nice. Mmm, i think the doctor is a little stuck in the old adage that the NHS has to make medication taste disgusting so that childrren that may come across these items by accident won’t swallow a whole bottle.

Well I don’t believe that this is the case with cannabis (of course all medications should be kept out of the reach of children) but we all have different genetics and so do cannabis plants.

I am now going to use the Hytiva website to try to show you that different strains have different componants of different levels. So first up is my favourite strain Super Lemon Haze, which has a full lab report of the cannabinoids and terpenes. As you can see the terpenes are in very small amounts. However, the amount is enough to make a difference. Now when Flower is iradiated it can spoil the terpenes which are as just as important as the cannabinoids. Then let’s go to the parent cultivars/strains Lemon Skunk is one of the parents and the other is Super Silver Haze to see what the componants are of those cultivars/strains. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on the terpenes for most cultivars/strains. However, here is the link to the first (there arre 119 pages) strains page. So go and take a look if you want to learn more.

My gums when cleaning my teeth recently have been bleeding. With the LA Amnesia flower I was vaping at the temperature of 140c which is for Olibanum (frankinsense) one of the health benefits of this terpene is mouth health. Now the Delahaze that I am prescribed doesn’t currently have a lab report so i have no idea if the flower has any of this componant. But i didn’t really vape any of this yesterday. But the flower that I did use i vaped at 140c just to see if it would make a difference. So i vaped some cannabis flower at 140c (before i cleaned my teeth) and sure enough i had no bleeding gums when cleaning my teeth yesterday.

I’m about to go and clean my teeth having not had a 140c vape session yet today. I had a very small amount of blood when cleaning my teeth so it looks like the effects last. I have a little bit left of the non iradiated flower to use up today. However i wiill be going back to the iradiated flower later today, will be vaping at 140c and will report back the results tomorrow.

So the weight that i was talking abouut yesterday is probably about to go back on (if any has come off at all). Let me explain, you already know that i’m lactose intolerant at least i have been for many years. But it turns out that this cannabis prescription is allowing me to have a small amount of the food that i’m intolerant to. Therre is an Mr Whippy ice cream van that passes my house everyday at around 5.30pm ish. The last few days has been very difficult to let him go passed without stopping. So i flagged them down yesterday and had myself an ice cream with a flake and lime sauce and today i had one with chocolate sauce. I also got a small tub (to put in the freezer) so that i can have some with the raspberries that i picked from my garden today. I seemed to be fine and didn’t have a reaction although staying upright helps. Must learn how to make hemp milk ice cream.

It is just before 7 pm and my left forefinger has just started to become painful again. This is very common for people with connective tissue disorders to have issues with their fingers due to there being no muscles in the fingers. But since starting the cannabis prescription any issues with my hands have been slightly better. Hopefully, this is just a mild occurance and will settle down again soon.

Day 48 or (Day 17) diary – Friday 17 June 2022

So i’m fed up of not being on a theraputic dose of the cannabis oil. My rib cage feels like it is about to collapse and extremely painful, it feels very bruised in places. So today i titrated the dose of oil up to 0.5ml 3 times a day. Topped up with iradiated flower which does not work as effectively as non iradiated flower (see yesterday’s post). I held the first dose of the day under my tongue for 20 minutes at 11.40am. It is now 12.10pm and i am starting to feel the pain melt away a little. So looks like i have made the right decision to switch oils and go for the higher dose today. Now i just have to figure out what to do with half a bottle of the Noidecs T10:C15 and before anyone says that they will have it off me. That is against the law and as you should all know by now i am a staunch believer in not breaking the law (lol). I’m sure i will find something to do with it. Anyway, I’m off to have some breakfast, let the ASBO cat out to terrorise my neighbour and get on with some other work. Take care, speak soon.

Day 49 or (Day 18) diary – Saturday 18 June 2022

Well so much for being on a theraputic dose of oil. I’m beginning to think that there is no such thing for me. Hot flushes are relentless (unless i vape with no breaks) and this is with access to an air conditioner that is set at 16c but never take the room lower than 20c (I don’t think it works properly). I’m in an extremely bad mood this morning tearful (i don’t do crying). I’ve probably had about 4 maybe 5 hours sleep. At 7.15am i’m having to vape a capsule of night time meds in the hope that i can get a little more sleep. I think i got another hour or 2 of sleep. But again my rib cage is hurting all over, the lower right rib is threatening to dislocate and my spine, pelvis and leg joints are all feeling really unstable this morning. So this suggests that i am not currently on a theraputic dose or that this oil and it’s terpenes don’t suit my genetics because right now i feel that my symptoms were more controlled on the lower dose Noidecs T10:C15 even though i had some breakthrough symptoms i feel i have more breakthrough symptoms now.

Tomorrow marks 11 months exactly since i started this legal route and i estimate i have probably had 3 mornings where I have woken up with relatively few/no symptoms.

Allergic rhinitis and hayfever has been back with avengence in the last couple of days since changing the oil. Although with the rain in Bedford today the hayfever is not bad today but something is triggering my allergies.

I have also noticed that i have some upper gastric gas (burping) in the last couple of days. I also had a small tub of Mr softy ice cream to go with some raspberries from my garden. Let’s just say my Mr Softy days are numbered currently.

Day 50 or (Day 19) diary – Sunday 19 June 2022

I have made a decision. I have found out that other cannabis pharmacies do bespoke oils. This means that they can make up an oil that will suit me using oils with terpenes that suit me and are stronger than the oils Dispensary Green have to offer as i am currently on the strongest oil without going for something much stronger and having to have a seperate CBD and THC oil. Also this argument about the non irradiated oil has also helped make my decsion and since i’m having monthly appointments anyway with no real pain relief (3 days in 11 months exactly) (should be once a quarter by now. I may as well cut my losses and change. I will be enquiring with 2 clinics tomorrow as soon as I am available and will update you all once my decision and clinic change is complete.

I’ve had enough of moaning about the lack of help/pain relief so i may be taking a break as i’m sure you are all fed up of me moaning too.

Before i go for the day though i would like to give a shout out to my friend Louise from Londonderry who rang me last night and tells me that she reads my blog everyday. I’m so grateful for that so thank you Louise, it’s nice to know that my blog is helping someone. Also a shout out to all my other Medical cannabis buddies we will have to do a zoom catch up soon.

Day 51 or (Day 20) diary – Monday 20 June 2022

This morning I contacted Integro Clinics, I had a lovely conversation over the phone with Emma who sent me some information about pricing and how to apply to the clinic andn told me about one off their doctors being well versed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is the main condition that causes most of my other conditions. I filled in all the relevant documentation, sent off ID documentation, requested my medical files be sent to the clinic and now will wait for the clinic to contact me to make an appointment. It has all been very painless so far. I thought it might be a bit of a hassle to change (i have a lot of online logins so that was the bit i was not looking forward to battling with although i do not have techphobia, I usually love my tech and learning new tech). They have a new access scheme called GAP (Grow Access Project) this is a new project that includes the Grow Pharma range of Non irradiated flower products which some of the clinnics are refusing to stock. But there are other reasons why i decided to make the switch poor service from my current clinic (with incidences of the doctor shouting at me because i seem to be more knowlegable than them), lack of knowledge, the pharmacy they use do not do bespoke oils which is probably the reason why I currently don’t have a strong enough oil or an oil with the right terpenes to suit my genetics, the fact that this clinic seems to treat menopausal symtoms which at the moment is the deal breaker for me. But it is the access to the non irradiated flower that i am most interested in as this seems to have a longer lasting effect than the iradiated flower.

Anyway it’s 2pm and i’ve not eaten yet today so that all for now folks. Take care and stay well medicated.

Day 52 diary – Tuesday 21 June 2022

Well this really is looking like a failed experiment right now. Today i’m back on the imodium i probably should have been back on the naproxen days ago and it looks like i will be back on the 2 omeprazole capsules very soon.

And what a surprise i have been lied to by TMCC. I was told i will be able to order anything i require whenever i required it. But i logged into the TMCC portal today and the only thing it directs me to do is to make an appointment.

I am producing lots of mucous again because the dose of cannabis is not correct so all of my respiratory conditions are returning so that means i will be back on the dymista and ventolin soon also.

I can only hope that Integro will be able to accept me as a patient very soon, but that all depends on my GP practice sending my medical records and an appointment being available soon after that is sorted.

Day 54 diary – Thursday 23 June 2022

Sorry i was AWOL (absent without leave) yesterday but it was quite a busy day.

My medical records for joining a new medical cannabis clinic came through. They now get sent to me by the GP practice for me to forward on to the clinic. I had to set up an account with Egress to gain access which I then forwarded to the new clinic. I now have an appointment next week and hope that I am accepted.

Rang Haematology to try to get my paraprotein levels. They have gone up again somewhat proving that I am no longer on a therapeutic dose of cannabis, although, to prove that cannabis or rather THC is working on this condition I will have to be on a higher dose to see if the numbers will start going down again. The only way i see that happening is to get a prescription with a considerably higher level of THC as i have increased my intake of CBD which is not helping with this particular condition. Please see this post for notes on this conditions for the last year or so.

I washed my hair as my parents were taking me out to dinner. I was wondering how I was going to find a soft chair at the venue we were going to when i suddenly had a brain wave. I have a manual wheelchair where the breaks are controlled by the person pushing the chair. I have these re-useable cable ties so I thought they would be perfect to hold the breaks in place while sat at the table. I was right it worked and now they are kept on the chair ready for the next time I require it.

Later on in the evening I was coming back from using the bathroom and Oscar was sat on my bed where sit. I was a little high so I get a little creative sometimes. suddenly the song 20 Seconds to comply by silver bullet & was used in the film Robo-Cop entered my head but with changed lyrics. It has the lyrics “Think you’re pretty smart hey, Think you can out smart a bullet” well I’ve changed those lyrics to Think you’re pretty smart hey, Think you can out smart mummy’s arse. So that’s exactly what I said to him and he happily got off the bed. Lol

Now let’s talk about how I got high shall we? Because it was completely unexpected, because I don’t often get high and well, now I know why. Not only is the terpene caryophelene able to stop a whitey it looks very much like this compound also stops you from getting high. It’s not something I would be able to do all day as I use caryophelene as an antacid. But it will be nice to do this occasionally.

Even though I was a little bit high my pain levels were still quite significant. Especially around the shoulder blades. I guess this is a sign that I need to lie down at this point until i can find a theraputic dose with the right level of cannabinoids and terpenes.

I have also had another though recently that i have always fancied the nick name The Terminator i just love that catchphrase (I’ll be Back) but i’ve recently realised that i’m not really a terminator at all i’m just not that unkind. So i’ve just thought of something much better and suits me down to the ground so i now wish to be kknown as “The Vapenatetor” with the catchphrase “I’ll be Vaped”.

Day 55 diary – Friday 24 June 2022

Because i am not on a theraputic dose of the oil to give me stability I have a lot of symptom corrections throughout the day when i’m vaping flower. I had a friend mention that he doesn’t understand how i can be so sensitive to the changes in my symptoms. I completely forgot that i’ve always been a bit of a princess and the pea type of person. So now of course i’m wondering if the Hans Christian Andersen might have had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Marfans syndrome. I guess we’ll never get the answer to that question.

I was having something to eat but having to take breaks so that i could vape inbetween to stop the hot flushes and pain from getting too bad to cope with. I got to a vape bag of 180c for CBD, about halfway through the bag my stomach said NO stop feeding me now and as i write this post i start thinking of the film The Little Shop of Horrors where there is a plant that has the catch phrase “Feed me, Feed me now” this plant had an insatiable appetite and ate humans. I can’t help thinking to myself that this owner of the shop should have had some CBD on hand it might have saved a few lives. Lol.

I decided this evening whist in the middle of a hot flush. I am going to have to take a quick 0.2g shot of canabis flower at 157c, 167c, and 176c for THC, Myrcene and Limonene and then go back to vaping a 0.1g from 52c. Unfortunately the effects didn’t last for much longer than an hour but i did get a little cold at one point. It was a bit of a late night so did this again later on in the evening. Unfortunately, the activities that i was engaged with has been deemed classified so sorry but i can not enlighten you futher. Lets just say i had a bit of a laugh.

Day 56 diary – Saturday 25 June 2022

So the extra shots of THC have definately helped me a little. The lower right rib that threatens to dislocate or at least feels extremely bruised a lot of the time so i wake up to pain because i prefer to sleep on my right side. The pain was very much reduced this morning just felt a little bruised towards the back. I also woke up in a fairly good mood. Not sure if that’s the cannabis working or if Mr Classified may have something to do with it.

I did start craving something sweet last night (must have been the extra THC) but i did not have the energy to make something. So i made myself gluten free raspberry (from the garden) pancakes with added hemp seeds this morning using Clark’s original as my sugar source (part maple syrup and part carob fruit syrup) see picture below.

Image of a gluten free pancake with home grown raspberries.
Gluten free Raspberry Pancakes

Day 58 diary – Monday 27 June 2022

I have made the decision to close this blog. This is because i am now probably sounding very much like a broken record.

As you have read before, I hit my sweet spot dose back in January and have been on a roller coaster of my symptoms returning. Yes i have a medical appointment this evening but it is looking more and more like the legal market can not provide me with the medication i require. Only the black market can give me RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil).

If I have a resonable outcome from my appoinment this evening then i may start the blog back up if/when i have a theraputic dose of oil.

However, before i go i just want to say I’m currently reading Dr Dani Gordon’s Book “The CBD Bible. I thought i had saved a quote that i found interesting but it looks like i have currently lost it. However it says something about cannabis oil should be the main source of medication due to the longer term effects as opposed to vapourising flower which should be playing more of a supporting role for fast relief from symptoms which also means the effects wear off faster.

This is what i have found to be better for me although some people do have a better result from flower. I find i require a good dose of each although when i am on a theraputic dose of oil i use less flower. I am possibly using more than one gram of flower most days at the moment because i am not on a theraputic dose of oil. I will see what happens at this appointment this evening. I may have 2 other clinics to try if this one doesn’t work out but right now it looks very much like i am never going to find the correct dose of cannabis for me.

I have been thinking about this a lot over the last few days. This is an article i created back in April to try to understand the dosing of the oils.

I am now taking 0.7ml of Noidecs T10:C15 3 times a day, which works out to 2.1ml of oil per day so i am now on 21mg of THC (approx 6mg higher than my dose back in January 2022) and 31.5mg of CBD (approx 9mg higher than back in January 2022), Now of course i’m taking an extra 40mgs of CBD in capsule form but i don’t think it is doing anything for me as I haven’t got enough THC to support the many conditions I have.

So I will be trying to catch up on making this website more accessible (although because of the hot flushes i am really struggling to get anything done right now without having to continuously vape throughout the day. This means that i risk sounding like a crinkley higher pitched Darth Vader, every time I use the Volcano bag, I’m not sure that that would be such a good move right now).

Anyway, hope you are all well I may or may not pick this up again in hopefully the not too distant future.

Day 58 diary – Tuesday 28 June 2022

Well that didn’t last long did it. But with good reason.

Well that explains why i am now being ousted by the medical cannabis medics. Apparently a urologist prescribed me a drug that is used for Schizophrenia back in 2009. I mean WTF. A urologist is a doctor that treats the bladder mainly and i did have a procedure to see if there were any issues with my bladder and thankfully there were not. I remember being prescribed an antibiotic but not an anti psychotic. This is f***ing unbelievable. I have had 6 weeks of councilling in my life never been admited to a mental health hospital but now i’ve got a f***ing label that doesn’t belong on my medical records. No wonder i had a s**t appointment with a medical cannabis clinic yesterday. They didn’t even question it. But good job it was a free appointment. I am absolutely f***ing livid.

Now my mental health is suffering because i have menopausal symptoms and inadequate medication. But more to the point why didn’t the original clinic question this medication before. But to my knowledge i have never taken an anti psychotic. I mean i like psychotic me and so do most of my friends lol.

Thankfully, medical record do not get sent directly to the clinic without you getting to see them first. I really hope this is resolved soon because i will soon run out of meds/oils.

Day 61 (i think) diary – Friday 01 July 2022

Ha thought you had got rid of me did you? Lol. Never!

I just took a couple of days off. And a very good couple of days off they were too. Totally breaking the law so i have had to classify the 2 days i’m afraid but lets just say that i made a very special Hot Chocolate with hemp milk and was a very enjoyable experience. Just wish Mr Classified had been there to experience it with me.

2 responses to “Diary 2 back on the Noidecs T10:C15”

  1. Louisemum4@hotmail.com avatar

    Hey Phillipa. Some interesting reading there!!! 💗💗💗💗
    I’ve been reduced to bed/sofa (right beside my bed) for almost a week too!! The nerves and muscles in my legs are all growing again as I’m gaining weight but it’s horrible!!! I’ve been accepted by Cac today so I’m really hopeful I can afford it and get the same prescription (guaranteed) for a wee while!! I’ve run out of my oil too as I can’t afford it this month!!!
    I’m with you 😊💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry to hear you have been struggling. I understand about the costs completely. This should be available on the NHS.


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