EDS & Postural Orthostatic Taccycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Image explaining what is POTS

I have had testing for this condition i have had the symptoms of this condition since i was a child but the results came back negative. So now of course i’m wondering if my cannabis use (which i wasn’t open about at the time of testing) altered the results or whether i have the condition but a very mild case of it. I don’t supppose i will ever really know.

Postural Orthostatic Taccycardia Syndrome is an autonomic nervous system condition. This means that it can interupt your automated services (things that happen without you having to think about it like breathing) you see i can be doing any kind of activity and all of a sudden i will realise that i had stopped breathing or i had been holding my breath for absolutely no reason. It used to really catch me off guard. I would be doing some kind of activity and all of a sudden i would realise that i wasn’t breathing. It would take me a few minutes to catch my breath and start breathing normally. I have always had problems with temperature control if i was under weight or within my BMI i could get very cold, if i was over weight then i would get overheated. But i had the other symptoms as well. Here is what the NHS has to say about POTS.

Here is a video from From Ehlers Danlos Support UK about POTS

I’m sure you will be ab le to find some more information elsewhere should you be interested in learning about this.

EDS has quite a few comorbidities associated with it. Below is a screenshot of the Ehlers-Danlos support UK webpage of associated conditions (please click the image to be taken to the webpage). I was going to write about some of these as I have often wondered if i might have autism but i really don’t have the energy at the moment.

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