Cannabis and Asthma

Asthma runs in my family and there are 2 rather special people to me that have asthma so i am doing this post for them because one of them is really struggling right now and i want them to recieve the help that they deserve. Which means i want this person to have access to medical cannabis. I hope to bring some information to this person to help them at a up and coming medical appointment. But of course i want this article to help anyone who has asthma.

I don’t think that any of the clinics are currently prescribing medical cannabis for asthma in the uk. But it would be the oils and edibles that asthmatics would have to consume. As vaping cannabis flower could be quite daangerous especially if there were mold spores on the flower. So my thoughts about this before i go searching on the internet will be that CBD is helpful for Asthma.

It looks like CBD may very well be a sufficiant treatment as shown in this article which is all we have at the moment in the UK as far as asthma is concerned.

Dr Bonni Goldstein MD and director of Canna-Centers in USA. Has been working with cannabis for over 20 years and writes about many medical conditions that cannabis can help with including asthma. This book is definately worth a read information on how to obtain the book is on the Canna-Centers website. It’s a good read and probably one of the more factual ones out there. A general search on Dr Bonni Goldstein.

In her first sentance in the sectionn labelled asthma she talks about a study that Dr Donald Tashkin and his colleagues published in 1973. Here is some of Dr Tashkins research about lung health. Here is the search page for Dr Donald Tashkin should you wish to go and find more articles

Here is the general search i did on Asthma and Cannabis.

I haven’t really got the capacity today to read all of this information and give my own conclusion, maybe i will revisit this or perhaps someone would like to do that for me, especially if you have had your asthma treated with cannabis. Which would seem like a better idea to me because i don’t technically have asthma.

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