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Hi everyone. If you reside in the UK I would really like your help please. As a medical cannabis patient it can get very frustrating at times gaining access to medical cannabis and most people are completely locked out of being able to even try this medication because of the prohibative costs. This is due to the laws being so restrictive in this country. The fact that no medical cannabis is sourced in the UK for UK medical cannabis patients is what causes a lot of the issues plus the restrictive laws and expensive licencing preventing people from setting up growing businesses. Also Gp’s are prevented from prescribing without guidance from consultants which adds to the appointment costs.

Dear Society subscriber,

You may know that Maple Tree Consultancy and the Cannabis Industry Council are running a project – MedCan Vision 2022 – to educate and inform Members of Parliament and Ministers about medical cannabis. 

The Group is holding an event in Parliament on Tuesday 5th July, from 12-2pm. As a member of the Council and supporter of the project’s aims, we want as many MPs as possible to attend as it is so important for the patients, for doctors, and for the industry as a whole.

I would be grateful if you could kindly invite your MP by using this link. It is all automated and will take only about 2 mins. The more people who use this link the more powerful our voice in Parliament. When you’ve used this link, please share it with colleagues, friends or anyone else who cares about medical cannabis. The email text is amendable so you can include more personal details.

Follow the link below to email your MP. Below, you’ll find the text of the email that will be automatically generated for you. It explains what the meeting is about, however, it is amendable if you would like to make it more personal. I have highlighted in bold the bits that you may wish to change, as the original text is designed for Cannabis Industry Council members and businesses. It doesn’t take long to change!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Kind regards

Prof. Mike Barnes

Chair of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society
Chair of the Cannabis Industry Council
Director of Maple Tree Consultants

Email to MPs 

Suggested amends in Bold

Dear {name of MP}

As your constituent and someone who is involved in medical cannabis prescribing/treatment/campaigner in your constituency, I am writing to ask that you kindly attend a parliamentary ‘drop-in’ event in support of the UK medical cannabis and CBD sector on Tuesday 5th July in Room M, Portcullis House between 12-2pm.

You can RSVP by emailing:

Over 100 businesses and organisations, including the Cannabis Industry Council and the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (you could leave this as is and add your own name and any other name (in the same constituency) that you have permission to use) support this event which is calling for the cross-departmental action needed to unleash the untapped potential to grow a new multi-billion pound industry. By becoming a world leader in medical cannabis we can help over 2 million UK patients and create 97,000 new UK jobs. The UK is currently missing an opportunity to be a world leader in a global market estimated to be valued at £55bn by 2027, all because no one in Government is currently driving it forwards.

We have the unique agricultural, scientific and health knowledge to create a dynamic and thriving industry that will benefit patients across the country. But there are a number of cross-departmental regulatory barriers that are holding businesses back. Because of this, considerable investment is being lost abroad, including to a growing industry in the crown dependencies where they have made regulatory changes needed to embrace the sector and allow businesses to flourish.

With the right leadership from Government, this industry could provide an economic and employment super boost to this country. This will almost certainly have a positive impact on businesses within your constituency like my own.

You may be surprised to learn that the UK is one of the largest exporters of medical cannabis in the world. Yet bizarrely we import 100% of our medical cannabis products, despite a large domestic demand from UK patients. There are significant barriers to agriculture licenses, with an often confusing split of responsibility across the Homes Office, MHRA and DEFRA. Farmers involved in hemp are forced to waste and destroy the high-value flowers in the field all because of the licensing system.

In short, the current situation paints a bleak picture for businesses and thousands of patients who are in desperate need across the UK. At the event, several recommendations will be presented, which have been drawn up through consultation across the UK industry, that if implemented will unlock the full potential of the sector for both public health and the wider UK economy.

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare from your busy schedule it will be a massive boost for UK patients, both in your constituency and all across the sector.

You can confirm attendance by emailing:

Your Sincerely

(insert your name here)

If you are a medical clinician or consultant you can join the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society to learn about how to prescribe cannabis. If you are a GP you can still join the society but there are resriction on you being able to prescribe. At the current time GPs require the support of a consultant to be able to prescribe cannabis due to the restrictive laws of this country. GP’s are allowed to prescribe any other treatment that cannabis can work for but not cannabis itself unless they have guidance from a consultant. This then adds to the cost of appointments for the patients which as far as i’m concerned is completely unacceptable considering there are a lot of patients who would really benefit from this medication but are currently unable to access it due to these cost constraints.

Join the Society

Membership of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is open to those with a professional interest in medical cannabis, including clinicians, nurses, GPs, allied health professionals (AHPs), medical students, healthcare scientists, pharmacists and those working across acute, primary and community healthcare.

As part of the UK’s leading group of medical cannabis experts, you’ll have access to the tools you need to help you make treatment decisions, increase your knowledge and become as confident in prescribing and understanding medical cannabis as you are with first line treatments.

With the most respected medical cannabis clinicians in the country supporting you, you’ll be able to better support your patients.

Annual membership is £90 for consultants, GPs and others and £45 for nurses and AHPs. Membership is free for medical students and we welcome international members.

Please find social media link below for the Medical Cannabis clinicians society.

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I would like to finish by saying thank you for taking the time to read this post and sending a letter to your MP. Cannabis is a herb that has many medical and health properties and the real crime is that it has been prohibited for so long (85 years). I have said this before elsewhere but i will say it again and again until the whole world is listening. But this prohibition is the reason why we are seeing more and more systemic & neurological conditions. Now i want to make clear that not everyone requires a medical cannabis prescription, However, everyone does require using hemp foods. Because the raw ingredients (CBDA, THCA for instance) can help support the systems of the body before the disease or condition set in. But of course for most of us living today due to prohibition for so long and with all the pollution around the globe most of us have some ailment that could be improved with consuming cannabis either in it’s raw state or heated/processed state as a medication.

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    Mrs Louise Mcconnell

    Hey Phillipa. I’ve emailed Colum Eastwood (the mp I voted for) and I expect a reply (hopefully)!!!

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    1. Thank you. You are a star.


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