Another Tragedy for People with Disabilities

A Field of Hemp Plants

I woke up today to an exclusive story from The Mirror. Who reports that yet another teen is being refused NHS funded medical cannabis, which is the only medication that has stopped his seizures. The NHS would have to find approximatley £26,000 per year which dwarfs the costs of hospital treatment once the medication can no longer be funded by private means.

The NHS has secretly decided to block medical cannabis being availble to patients which means that in four year there are still only 3 medical cannabis prescription written by the NHS.

Here is what Epilepsy Action (full web addresses shown below) has to say about Medical Cannabis but in reality no one is being prescribed on the NHS unless the parents are willing to do something quite drastic and say they are willing to break the law to get their children the only medication that seems to work as in the case with Hannah Deacon (i do miss the pink hair Hannah) and Charlotte Cauldwell who both imported medication for their children and are now helping to drive the cannabis campaigning forward for other parents. It was incredibly brave of you both to start the ball rolling for this campaign.

There is a condition called Tuberous Sclerosis (full web address shown below) that is awaiting a decision (due November 2022) as to whether Medical Cannabis will be prescribed on the NHS for people with this condition. But given that the NHS has secretly decided to not prescribe it to anyone it’s doubtfall that, this decision will be made at all.

This is nothing short of state sponsored torture and is bordering on murder not just for the person with the condition but for the whole family. It’s sick that these families are having to crowd fund for a medication that is a lot cheaper than some and would become even cheaper if the laws were relaxed a little more. Especially if that could lead to us being able to grow our own.

Again this country is ignoring 20 years of research from the like of Portugal, Canada, Israel and parts of the USA. Not to mention what GW Pharmaceuticals (now Jazz) has been doing with Medical Cannabis in the UK. Which is to sell (export) to other countries while supporting the UK government to keep it from UK patients.

In reality we are another 20 years away from decriminalising cannabis in the UK as things stand. We require something much bigger than 420 happening once a year. But at least it looks like The Mirror is on our side so thank you to The Mirror for publishing this story and thank you to otherr activists that put themselves forward to raise awareness. Especially those that risk their freedom. Finally i just want to say Reefer Madness has had it day back in the 1920’s and 30’s. It seems that a centuary is not enough time for us to learn some lessons.

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