Pride 50

My good friend Ejel Khan coodinator of the Muslim LGBT Network attended the 50th Pride this year. I’ve never been to a pride and i must make the effort to go to something next year.

Coordinator Ejel Khan attended the 50th Pride parade and celebrations with Peter Tatchell of Peter Tatchell Foundation (PTF), who attended the inaugural event in 1972. The Muslim LGBT Network formed a contingent with PTF and the Gay Indian Network (GIN).

I have to say Ejel, i love the rainbow cheeks. Here are some pictures of the day.

Centre: Ejel Khan with Peter Tatchell
Pride 50

I am so saddened that humanity has once again become the hateful species again just like during the previous world wars. How the hell have we got into this state. How can so many people be caught up in such hateful behaviour towards marginalised groups.

I just don’t get what someone’s sexuality or any other protected characteristic has to do with those of you that wish to remain uneducated and bigoted. That pride is still fighting for the same rights as everyone else 50 years after it started is incredulous. That we have worldwide transphobia getting worse by the day in the UK is disgraceful. But the worse thing for me is hearing that we have transphobes and other ableist behaviours in the Green Party. I’m devastated by that. Because as someone who has lived a marginalised life the Green Party have given me opportunaties that I would never have had anywhere else.

I would like to say that there is a fantastic local party where I am. Most of the officers of the of Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party were well established as officers long before I became a member and although there is some diversity on the committee we require more. We have equality embedded at the heart of the party which i can not take any credit for. It is a team effort. I would like to see more representation from marginalised groups for our local elections next year though but it doesn’t have to be ain a target ward. So please come forward with your interest in standing as a candidate for the Green Party in next years local elections especially if you are from a group of people with protected characteristics and there are a few of us that have stood in various elections that can advise when required.

I would like to make this statement though as long as i am coordinator of Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party or indeed any other group that i may be involved with please leave your discriminatory views where they belong, 12 feet underground.

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