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I met Guy Coxall founder of Seed our Future back in January when he attended the rally in Parliament Square and I was sat at home live streaming the event on Zoom and YouTube. Guy is passionate about helping people who find themselves in a sticky situation over cannabis and campaigning from both an environmental recreational and medicinal perspective. Here is the link to the campaign information.

Ali Taylor is also a very passionate activist for cannabis and has her own website and does the occasional YouTube video.

Jane Hinchcliffe (will be doing a seperate post about the lovely Jane) is also involved with a campaign that we are all passionate about.

You may have heard me mention about some patients having their medication confiscated by the police. Well this is an extension of the campaign to raise awareness that Legal Medical Cannabis now exists in the UK. But not just within the police service.

We are now taking this campaign to entertainment establishments. Jane has successfully vaped at a venue near to where she lives. Guy and Ali have been working on finding the legislation and making it easy for people to find the right legislation for their requirements.

Copy of the legislation that allows patients to vape their prescribed Cannabis flower in public venues.

I have successfully vaped at The Gordon Arms, Castle Road, Bedford, MK40 3QY 3 times since Christmas 2021. Thank you to the staff and management at this venue your food is lovely and the vaping experience is even better.

I attended Bedford Green Party’s Green Drinks event at the Albero Lounge on Tuesday this week. Thanks to Ali and Guy I was able to send an email to the venue with a copy of the legislation and my prescription so that i could vape at the venue. Now strictly speaking i was sitting outside so i could probably have got away with vaping without telling the venue. However, this is still a very controversal subject with reletively few people knowing about legal medical cannbis so the point of me emailing the venue was to help raise awareness that medical cannabis is now legal.

Next up is a very small local music festival called Daxtonbury which is held yearly as a charity event. This will be the first time that i have felt up to going (i have had friends say to me are you coming to Daxtonbury)? i usually i have to say no. usually it’s because i’m not well enough to be at such an event. More recently it\s because i don’t have transport. But i am getting a lift there and getting a taxi home (quite expensive certainly more than my weekly travel allowance) but I have been living in virtual solitary confinement since 2006 when i first fell ill. But this year i’m going to party like it’s 1999. Although only for one day. I have been told to keep my vaping discreet so please don’t go and tell Daxtonbury that i’ve just put up post about vaping medical cannabis at Daxtonbury. But i do want to say thank you to Dax and the team for accomodating my requirements.

Next up will be Bedford Esquires. I am hoping to attend The Patio Party. But this time i want to take my Volcano as i much prefer the Volcano to the portable devices. I will of course email them but i’m hoping that a friend i’m going with will be able to square things with them also.

I then have in my immediate vicinity and can reach with using my electric wheelchair. The following venues will get a visit, email or both so that any medical cannabis patients will be able to feel comfortable vaping in these venues, The Toby, The Anchor, The White Horse, The Bluebell, The Sportsman.

Now of course we require more people helping with this campaign because for me to visit other venues with my prescription is going to require someone giving me a lift (i hate not having my own transport and having to rely on other people it’s probably the worst thing for someone who has been miss independant almost since the day she was born. So i may be putting a shout out to go on a year long pub crawl.

Talking of pub crawls i did a lot of pubs in one day for a Bedford hosital fund raising event once. It was the one and only time that i drank myself sober. I have no idea how far we walked that day but those of you from bedford we walked from pub to pub starting at The Pheasant, The Bluebell, The Park, The white horse, The Gordon arms, The Devonshire Arms was closed, The Mill, George and Dragon, Fleur-de-lis, The cross Keys, The Standard, The saracens head, The Bear, The Flower pot, The New Inn, The Kent Arms, The bird in hand, the tiger moth and back to the Pheasant. There were very few people left at the end of the day of drinking and that made it back to The Pheasant. Then a friend and i went back to The New Inn to watch some live music and then to the Lizard a live music club a little like esquires but much smaller. Most of these venues no longer exist or have had a name change. But anyway i digress there’s a fair few pubs to contact/visit. HELP! Of course i could be wrong about some of the pubs we visited and i can’t remember how much money we raised but it was well over a £1000.

I think I better start making a list of venues to contact and then find someone that will take me for a trip out. But that can wait for another day. I have 2 more posts to write this week and really need to get recording some of the previous blogs for people with visual impairments and reading difficulties.

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