Unboxing the new Grow Pharma Cannabis Products live video

Image of cannabis prescription with sensitive information removed

I received my prescription from Integro Clinics, IPS Pharmacy and Grow Pharma this morning at around 10.30am. I was having some conversations with friends via text this morning and i was going to record the unboxing and upload the video. However i was encouraged to go live so i did. Below is the live video of me unboxing my latest prescription. I have to admit i am a little excited about trying this range as it is non irradited product. Irradiation can damage some of the plants componants like the terpenes which have just as much of an effect as the cannabinoids.

I really enjoy getting to try a new product so there may be another live video so that you can watch how i vape the flower. You will get a first reaction to the LA Sage.

One response to “Unboxing the new Grow Pharma Cannabis Products live video”

  1. Mrs Louise Mcconnell avatar
    Mrs Louise Mcconnell

    Phillipa this was great. Much better live and so informative!! Well done 💗


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