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A Field of Hemp Plants

Wednesday 6 July 2022

I thought i would start a new diary as i have started a new prescription today.

I took 0.1ml of the Grow Pharma 20%THC oil at around Midday. I also tried a 0.1g capsule of the LA Sage (see my earlier post Vaping with Philippa). I had a mild hot flush at around 4.30pm so knew that i would have to have a vape soon.

I have some capsules made up with delahaze (prescription THC dominant irradiated flower), harlequin (CBD dominant non irradiated flower) and V1 flower (CBD dominant non irradiated). I was taking my time with this capsule as i had been doing other jobs but i had a hot flush at about 6..10pm which was worse than the one i had earlier. So now of course i’m starting to think that the irradiating of the flowers is also reducing the effectivenes of THC which is the componant that helps with my hot flushes. So it looks like there is another experiment on the cards and looks like i will be taking non irradiated flower to Daxtonbury.

But this begs the question what the hell do i do with about 10grams of irradiated flower which seems to be the cause of some of my issues. That is like £65 down the drain if i don’t use it. I mean i’ve got plenty of friends that i am sure would buy it off me but that would be breaking the law. A ridculous law but breaking it all the same.

Thursday 7 July 2022

12.20 pm I started having a hot flush.

Today i will mostly be vaping the non irradiated flower called LA Sage and will be trying the Strawberry Glue so you may get “Midnight Vaping with Philippa” Video.

Friday 08 July 2022

6.45pm – I’m so fucking pissed off right now. I have tried 5 times to book a f**king appointment to get a blood test because my blood pressure is currently going up again. I’ve lost my login detail for the online booking service (which is crap anyway) and have to sit through listening to all the available times on the phone. I have the added problem of not having any personal transport to get to the testing centre and is out of reach for my electric wheelchair. I’m having to liase with the only person that can take me which is difficult when using the phone service. Not only that since they have started the booking service in Bedford the waiting list has gotten longer and longer. Today is the 8 July the first appointment available is 21 July 2022. There is now only one place to go for blood tests we used to have a clinic at south wing but that has now closed so the whole of Bedford Borough and some of central bedfordshire has one blood testing centre currently. Phoning the service was staarting to drive me insane, i decided to reset my password to do an online booking where i could speak to my chauffeur at the same time. So I am now booked in for 2 weeks time exactly.

7.30 pm Now trying to change my mood with some music ready for Daxtonbury tomorrow. But what should come on the playlist but “It’s Raining Men, The Weather Girls”. Well thankfully that side of things has calmed down a bit.

Obviously i will try and take a video or 2 to post on the music page but tomorrow is a day off for me and i intend to have some fun.

Sunday 10 July 2022

Well i told you i was having a day off yesterday and what a day off it was. I am currently physically shattered but my brain is coming up with all sorts of ideas now (possibly completely crazy) that i may never be able to pull off but i’m going to try.

I will be working on 2 or three posts today/over the next few days to show you what i got up to. But all I have to say is that Daxtonbury is awesome. I would like to try and get a live stream of it sorted for those with disabilities that would struggle to get to such an event. It is a very disability aware festival and the charity they supported was a local Cerebal Palsy charity which i shall be writing about in one of the posts. I would like to take this and any opportunity to thank Dax Miller for such an excellent day I will be back. Also a shout out to all the volunteers that helped the day run so smoothly.

Anyway I increased the dose of the oil today to 0.2ml one at midday and one at midnight. I think i am going to have to increase the CBD capsules also because Kevin/Kevinita the teenager is back. I keep discovering new spots as my skin is getting greasy again in some areas. If you have read any of my other diary posts then you might be able to guess what may come next but i’m not going to predict when or even if it will happen again. Lets just say i may let you know if it does.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

My friend who i met up with at Daxtonbury Festival came round yesterday which is why there is no diary post. I was showing her how i use the volcano and how much longer the cannabis flower lasts when vaping instead of smoking. It looks like they will be looking into how to get a cannabis prescription so i have loned them my volcano classic so that they can ditch the tobacco. I am going to have to do a how to change a volcano bag video soon but i’ve got other stuff to complete first i’m afraid. My post about Daxtonbury is almost complete i shall probably post tomorrow when i first get up as typing is now getting difficult. I’m not sure my Imac can handle the accessable tools such as dictation at the moment. Anyway i have a few emails to send out tomorrow and then i hope to have a few days off.

I would like to get a little more comfortable with my prescription. I have quite a lot of muscular & ligament type pain. I’m still having hot flushes even when in the middle of vaping some THC at 157c although i seem to be getting short term relief when i have vaped at 220c for THCV and CBC. I definately have to revisit some of my posts i think. maybe change some of the links and also try to get more videos done for my friends with dyslexia. It’s difficult to do that when in the middle of a hot flush.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Well looks like i’m getting more comfortable with my prescription today. I have a confession to make. I have had 0.1g of the LA sage today and at about 5 pm i started getting high. I was giggling at stupid stuff in my head. I think i need to classify all my thoughts right now because they might just be a little bit way and a little bit woah lol. I almost had to forego watering the garden and planting up some of my wild strawberry runners. But i managed to complete both jobs but i really am in a right state. An i don’t give a F kind of state. I’m happy right now and will be even happier tomorrow when my oil dose gets increased. The time is 8.40 pm and i’m having some CBD dominant flower with a pinch of THC flower. I am no longer high but of course there is still time to get high again today.

Earlier when i was vaping THC dominant flower my pain levels were certainly better I guess getting high is a bit of a bonus. The hot flushes have also been minimal today but it is definitely THC that helps with those although i have been outside quite a lot today in the shade of course. The breeze was lovely in the garden today so it kept me coolish when in the shade.

The pain around my shoulder blades has been slightly better today. I started off the day with a lot of joint pain around my lower back hips and ankles but funnily enough not my knees. I do have some joints clicking though ankles, shoulders, some of my ribs and some parts of my spine.

Anyway, time for me to get off hear as there is cannabis flower to vape, showers to be had and fantasies to play out. All classified of course. See ya later.

Thursday 14 July 2022

I wasn’t going to bother with a diary post today other than to say the oil dose has been increased to 0.3mls twice a day. The dose will be increasesd again on Monday 18 July and Friday 22 July. I had a shower last night and have notice qute a few spot on my upper body so i am also increasing the CBD from 2 10mg capsules to 3 10mg capsule per day. I am also adding a pinch of CBD dominant flower to the vaporised THC flower.

Sadly i am still reading on social media that neighbours are complaining to landlords about the smell of cannabis in the neighbourhood. We find ourselves in a very difficult and very divisive situation here. Because it is now legal for use as a medicine but has not really had any big announcment medical cannabis is still a niche area of society. We still have reefer madness everywhere, patients yes have a duty to inform their landlords that they have a legal prescription but there is now talk of people having to show their neighbours the prescription with is a confidential document. Medical cannabis patients should not have to disclose their medications at all unless it is for necessary application purposes. However, there is the fact that this plant when burnt or vaporised has a very strong distinctive smell. So unfortunately that does come with a price and that price is often caught up in a lack of knowledge through lack of education. So i have a message to the people of the UK. Medical Cannabis is now legal in the UK get over it. I’m sorry if you find yourself in the group that would qualify for a medical cannabis prescription but can’t currently afford it. There are people working on making this more accessible but these things do take time to organise. If you find yourself in the group that does not qualify for medical cannabis but like to part take recreationally then please come and join the cause there are some link or news report of other organisations but there are more to add i’m sure. If you are in the group that i would consider the reefer madness group then I invite you to study everything you can about this plant. Because it is not just a medication, it is a food and it is likely that a lot of the auto-immune conditions that we are now seeing is because of 85 years of prohibition but closer to 100 years since William Randolf Hurst started demonising the plant because he wasn’t making any money from his timber farm. There is plenty of information about this not just on this website but many otherrs as well. This is a special statement to all the climate activists, this is the only plant that can start to reverse the damage we have done to the environment. Unfortunately, Bamboo takes seven years to start capturing carbon but hemp/cannabis starts capturing carbon almost as soon as it goes in the ground but certainly within 2 weeks. Everyone needs to learn about the wondrs of this plant.

It was about 5.30 – 6pm and i had just finished a capsule from last night and had started a new one and had vaped up to 140c the next temperature was to be 157c for THC but i had just been doing a job and got back to the vaping station and started to have a hot flush so it was about 5 hours after having 0.3ml of the oil and about an hour after i had had some THCV but i had had no Delta 9 THC all day.

There’s one more thing THC may act like testosterone but you also require CBD it turns out that you require CBD for vaginal dryness.

After i had watered the garden last night I decided to pot up some of my wild Strawberry runners. The day before i had got a rather large plant pot (probably about a 30l pot) filled it up with compost and sat a couple of pots with strawberry runners in the new plant pot to allow the runners to root themselves. So i did the same with this new plant pot.

Friday 15 July 2022

I must have run out of steam last night after all the gardening i did because i fell asleep at about 11 pm. This meant that i was not awake to take my medication which was taken at about 2 am when i woke up for the bathroom. I went back to sleep quite quickly thankfully but I woke up at about 8 am having had a disturbing dream.

Firstly it was quite shocking because usually when using THC products dreaming doesn’t usually happen (or at least if it does i have no memory of said dream at all) but i woke up having a dream which felt like it was more of a nightmare. I am however a little confused now because the content of the dream was not disturbing in itself, i was simply trying to change my medical cannabis clinic.

Nothing nightmare-ish about that but maybe because of the timing, the fact that i have this schizophrenia medication on my record (I’ve never taken this medication), having received an email from someone who wants to help me sort that out, not being used to people helping me out, adding in that i will never be able to change clinics unless i can get this removed from my records which i was just coming up against brick wall after brick wall, the fact that not being able to solve my own problems is probably a trigger for me and now that i am seeking a dianosis for cPTSD will probably bring things to a head. I am also feeling pretty low this morning a little tearful and maybe this is the come down from my favourite drug of all time live music. (Quick lets ban live music whilst were currently banning everything else, I think it needs to go on the list of A class drugs man).

I also read an article about cannabis and PTSD this person was on 145mg of THC I’m barely on 15mg at the moment (i’m not really sure what dose i’m on really) on Friday 22 July i will be on 20mg of THC. Which of course is nowhere near to what i would be on if i was being treated by cannabis for cPTSD. Now of course the person on that high dose of THC got up to that dose over a long period of time. But i was being told just a few weeks ago that 0.7ml of the Noidecs oil T10:C15 was a high dose of cannabis. Well obviously not if the article i read stated that someone was on 145mg of THC. So it looks like my endo-cannabinoid system has not just been simply been slightly defitient because of a genetic condition but has in fact taken a real battering from outside influences.

I have just downloaded the WordPress app on my phone. So mouthy bitch can run it off whenever she wants. Your welcome!

I’m currently lying in bed contemplating what to do today other than vaping my medication. Was just about to maybe start making moves to get up and get something to eat and Oscar decides that now would be a great time to sit on my lap. I was quite happy to leave him there and then my old band mate the bass player knocks on my door to deliver some medication. So Oscar is now sitting at the back door watching his world around him from the shade of the kitchen. Anyway that’s enough playing on the phone app.

4pm started having a hot flush.

Monday 18 July 2022

Sorry i haven’t posted the last couple of days but i have been otherwise engaged.

I am a little confused about the cannabis medicine now though as some symptoms are creeping back and others are better that they have ever been.

First the negatives. I have started producing methane again both ends (sorry if TMI), the acid stomach is back ended up having to take 2 omeprazole yesterday. My legs are a little unstable and painful in the morning until i have vaped at least one full capsule of cannabis flower however, if i don’t use some CBD flower i can end up getting very high (which is not a bad thing in itself just not a good idea if you have jobs to get done. Still having hot flushes unless the vaping covers me. I guess there is no treatment for this symptom for me so looks like i will just have to put up with them for the forseeable. I’m sick and tired of having to make do with what other people thinks is best for me.

Now the positives. I’m finally getting high off this (good) s**t which is sommething i thought was now impossible. I do like the feeling of being high. Although, it’s better to be high when your either in good company with people that you trust or on your own. I find that i can get very creative when on cannabis (although i don’t have to be high for that creativity to become apparent but it does help). My inhibitions are also being thrown to the wind. I can’t really say much at the moment but lets just say that Mr Classified and myself are in for some fun times very soon (although i’m a little worried about the methane production lol). (oh such a hardship more experimenting on the way). My right rib is also really behaving itself recently. It’s does still feel a little bruised when i touch it but it is not threatening to dislocate at the moment but i guess that could change at any time.

I am now getting a little confused about the CBD side of things as have not been prescribed any. I only took 2x 10mg oral capsules yesterday with a pinch of CBD flower in the vaping capsules.

I have taken 0.4ml of the oil this morning as it was time to increase my dose. I decided to take the oil at 11.30am and hold it under the tongue for 30 minutes as you get better results the longer the oil sits in the mouth. I’m not vaping anywhere near the amount i have been prescribed. I really do need to get my vape on. So see ya later i’m going to get my vape on.

Well I’m having a bad gastrointestinal day today. I have of course realised that the flower I had been prescribed is a much higher percentage of THC than the other flowers I have tried and because the flower is not irradiated it is 10-15% stronger than the 22% irradiated flower that is on the market. I am definitely getting some muscle relaxant abilities from this flower. But I now require mixing in some more CBD flower. Now the dilemma is do I make this a 1:1 mix or a 2:1 mix in favour of either CBD or THC. Ooh goody more experimenting.

It’s 6 pm and my alarm went off to take my CBD capsule. I was wondering why I was still in pain today and it getting worse only to discover that I hadn’t taken my regular meds yet today. Now I have it will take all night to get lower pain levels now.

Well that really is me confused. I’ve just had some THC and Myrcene at 11.10pm and I start having a hot flush.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

I have a confesion to make. I was mistaken when i said that THC stops diarrhoea. THC is a muscle relaxant. I had forgotten this because the THC medication i was previously prescribed was not giving me any relaxation properties. (It’s one of the reasons why i tried a spliff a few weeks ago because i used to get a little bit of relaxation from a spliff but didn’t on this occasion). I’m certainly getting relaxation now that i have a stronger non irradiated flower. Although too much relaxation is actually bad for someone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but i would say that the other properties of medical cannabis would compensate for this componant. I have noticed that my range of movement is becoming less. This is a good thing because i and other patients with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have an abnormal range of movement. (Assessing Joint Hypermobility). I will be introducing more CBD today.

Also the hot flushes that i’m currently having are driving me insane or should i saying really p**sing me off. I read yesterday that sage suppliments can help with hot flushes. So today is a mission to get me some sage capsules. Cause i’m done with these things they are getting worse and worse with very little relief from THC now. So i am now trying to source some sage capsules. I don’t want to do an online order as that will taake too long so i am now on hold to a well known health food store although i would like to state i would prefer to use an independent store but i can’t get to any of those where i am so i have no choice. (Oh look at that capatilism working at it’s best)! (Restrict the movements of the most vunerable, so that their purchasing power is restricted to the corporations leaving the small businesses shuting down cause no one’s using them). (Way to go UK lets just carry on electing planet and assest stripping political parties so that we all have less and less power). Anyway i go off on a tangent. Have spoken to a nutritionist who said i should speak to my doctor about using sage because of my blood pressure medication. So luckily i managed to get an appointment for this afternoon. So hopefully i will be able to get a little more support/relief soon. Yes the THC works for hot flushes but i literally can’t get anything done because of the way i have to consume the THC. The oil doesn’t seem to be helping with that side of things at the moment so it’s possible that i haven’t been on it for long enough for it to have an impact yet.

Also my legs are much weaker and painful in the early part of the day before i have had any vaped cannabis. So i am going to get off here, try to get well medicated and finish off the captioning of one of my videos. then i think it’s time for some time off. But i have just finished off last night’s capsule and i’m just starting to feel some of the relaxation abilities of the THC. I may be requiring the bathroom very soon. Sorry if that is TMI (too much information). But yes i’m starting to feel a bit more relaxed at 12.30pm. It’s quite incredible how amazingly well this plant works and how quickly vaping the flower can help with some symptoms.

Friday 22 July 2022

I got distracted again yesterday and had a meeting to go to in the evening so i wasn’t so well medicated yesterday. So this morning i have woken up with a llot on pain. My left shoulder/shoulderblade area is really painful this morning which started before i went to sleep last night. Usually, lying down to rest the area and some sleep relieves this pain somewhat but not today. I hope i can concentrate on becoming well medicated today. But i do have a couple of Green Party jobs to do today but it shouldn’t take me long to complete them.

I have increased the dose of the THC dominant cannabis oil today to 0.5mls twice a day. This is the maximum dose i am allowed to take until i have had another appointment at Integro clinics.

Saturday 23 July 2022

I forgot to take my dose of oil last night as I fell asleep suddenly before midnight. I woke a few times to use the bathroom but still forgot to take it. I have woken up with my right rib in quite a bit of pain. I may have to change the timing of doses.

These hot flushes are driving me insane. I have literally just had some THC and now i’m in the middle of a hot flush. I am now waiting on an answer from the pharmacist at my surgery to see if i can take some sage capsules because they apparently stop hot flushes. I have now been waiting 3 days for this answer. Been having hot flushes with barely any relief for at over a year and a half and not one person has a f***ing answer for me. If they suggest anti depressants they can f right off because SSRI”s have now been debunked. I hope to do a post on this subject soon.

Friday 29 July 2022

Just had a follow up appointment with Integro. It is so refreshing to have a medical appointment with a very friendly doctor. Who takes diligent notes and will write the script for my oil once she has reviewed my comments from the appointment. I only require oil this month as I have plently of flower at the moment. Because i use at least 11 different temperatures when i vape it can take quite a long time to get through a 0.1 gram vaping capsule. I have recently cut down on the CBD capsules as i was getting a lot more pain and some very dry skin on my legs. I am now only taking 2 10mg oral capsules a day. I needed to stock up as i’m running low on the 2020 botanics capsules, however they are out of stock so i have had to purchase an oil this time. I decided to try the Hemp Hash oils and found a full spectrum oil. Rochanna Full spectrum Oil 1000mg, 2 drops of this oil = 10mg and it comes in a 10ml bottle. I decided to go for this one as i thought increasing the dose by 1 drop at a time may give me more control as i seem to be very sensitive to the changes of CBD as i get very dry itchy skin on my legs and some sore dry skin on my ears, but I require the CBD to stop loose stools. 1 drop of this oil is 5mg of CBD so instead of increasing the dose by 10mg every time (like with the oral capsules) i can increase the dose by 5mg at a time which should hopefully give me much more control over the dosing and any reactions i have. Also the oil is absorbed in a different way so i should see any changes slightly faster than using oral capsules as the capsules have to be motabalised by the liver before it gets into the blood stream. With the oils that you hold under the tongue it gets into the blood stream much quicker without having to be motabalised by the liver. But as always you will always get better results from a medication such as this using different methods of ingestion because raw plant extracts are just as important as the componants that require heat or another extraction method.

I’m sat here vaping at about 3 pm in the afternoon and the creativity has just started up and i’ve just thought of another experiment to do. I am having to do a blood pressure check at the moment because it has been high recently. I took my BP at about tooth hurty time (2.30 pm) nd it seemed a bit low at 123/83 (low for me anyway. So i’m now thinking that i should vaped at all the different temperatures but leave about 10 minutes between each vaping temperature and take my blood pressure to see if i can figure out if my blood pressure changes with each of the componants. But i think i was within the ten minute mark of having vaped some CBD but don’t quote me on that cause i’ve been wrong before and i haven’t exactly carried out the experiment yet. I think i have a lot to do at the moment i just can’t really be bothered. I suppose i will get round to it all at some point.

Monday 08 August 2022

Good news I had some help to change my bed yesterday and i have a new heated over blanket that has a 9 hour timer rather than a 3 hour timer which means i can be even more lazy or redirect all the energy that i’m going to be able to save in walking round the bed every three hours to turn the heated blanket back on. Anyway thank you to Mr Classified for helping me with the bed.

I’m also trying a whole day on the Strawberry Glue flower which gives me more relaxation which is what i feel i require at this current time. I just hope i don’t fall asleep in the meeting i have this evening. I usually only manage 1 sometimes 2, 0.1 gram capsules at night time. Last night i started a capsule with some added CBD flower and managed to stay awake until i had hit the temperature of CBD which is 180c normally i barely manage to get to 157c for THC. But i still only got about 6 hours sleep. I am so desperate to have a long sleep. I don’t know if i’m ever goinbg to be able to have a marathon sleep like i used to.

Anyway i’m off to have make a melon ice cream with some infused hemp milk (if you know, you know sshh). I plan to put some frozen hemp milk with some frozen canteloupe melon and hope that i don’t require too much sugar into a liquidiser and whizz it up into an ice cream. On a day like today i don’t think it’s a hot chocolate day today.

Friday 12 August 2022

I started a new bottle of oil yesterday. I’m still on 0.5 mls twice a day. I possibly require an increase of the dose but i will stay on this for a while longer. My blood pressure seems to have levelled off and is fairly normal at the moment.

I had some help to fill in my PIP form yesterday just a few more bits to get printed off and then i can send it off.

I have no more 2020 Botanics CBD capsules left so i am now using a Rochanna Full spectrum CBD oil 2 drops = 10mg which is what i have taken this morning. I was in a lot of pain this morning i basically felt like i was going to dislocate every joint in my body and was very achy all over. I took the CBD oil seperate to the THC oil and some of the aching started to calm down a little bit.

I’m still having hot flushes and the occasional low mood although i seem to be ok today even though i was very much in demand yesterday. The fact that there is absolutely no treatment for me and probably many others on the NHS is absolutely disgusting. But i can’t afford another private prescription and i noow can’t even afford the over the counter remedy that may be able to help. Guess i’m going to have to grow my own sage (i mean more than i currently have) and eat sage every day instead.

I met some very enterprising young people a few months ago when they removed some waste hardcore from my property for me. This time round they are helping me get the front patio that got broken by the removal van that moved me into this property that thought it was somewhere to park the van and subsequently broke a few of the slabs making it dangerous and a trip hazard in places for me. I have also had the bodge job of a patio at the back being sorted. It’s not even finished yet and the patio is really solid and instead of being a sunken patio it is now a level patio that may require a slight ramp but that will be sorted after the shed side of the patio has been sorted. I’m hoping to turn this area into a secluded and sun shaded area eventually as i don’t really have a lot of privacy in my garden. My computer was having trouble working yesterday after we had a power cut so i did’t make the meeting that i wanted to attend, whatever. I also had a long conversation on the phone with Mr Classified. So a lot was done yesterday so i should be sleeping right now but this poxy menopause thing is preventing me from doing some of the things i love one of which is sleeping.

I have also received the umbrella that i ordered as the stand i had ordered for my other umbrella was too small. So i might actually be able to go and spend some time in the garden with Oscar as i think he gets a little lonely out there sometimes. So i better get off here and go set that up.

Friday 26 August 2022

I thought i would do a diary post since i haven’t done one in a while. I am still having difficulties with menopause symptoms. When i tried to investigate using sage for hot flushes and check with my GP to see if it was safe for me to use i waited 2 weeks to be told “well it’s up to you to try it” with just a little side note that it could increase my blood pressure. Well i’m not very good at taking tablets and never have been but sage has to be taken with food and i’m not always very good at eating either so it’s one of those medications that i wouldn’t be very consistant with consuming so that would mean it won’t work.

I was getting a little desperate because my moods have been very low so i thought i would try some Menopace but didn’t go to my GP first i just bought some and tried it. The first tablet which i took on Sunday 21 August 2022 worked great, the hot flushes calmed down and my mood improved. It is a once a day medication taken with food which i would be able to manage. The last tablet i took was on Wednesday 24 August 2022 I had to stop because this medication was raising my blood pressure. But now my mood is back in free fall and i’m just not feeling very good at all. I just can’t believe that i’ve got to go through this with no support whatsoever. This is getting really ridiculous now as this has been going on for over a year and a half. The last phone call that i had with a doctor there was a mention of trying to send me to a menopause clinic but then that was completely abandoned with no explanation. So i didn’t even get to try to book an appointment even if it meant me being on a 10 year waiting list I might at least have a goal to work towards. I phoned my surgery to discuss getting some help/advice but there were no appointments availble to book as one of the doctors is off with Covid so i have to call back on Tuesday morning. I have decided that i will take a tablet every other day vape some rose petals which lower blood pressure and vape as much cannabis as i am able/allowed to consume. Anyway i’ve got jobs to do so i’m off to go and do those to try to distract myself.

Saturday 27 August 2022

3.30 pm – I’ve not long finished my breakfast finishing up the Breakfast pizza pancakes. I was just getting organised to add to the Vaping with Philippa – Strawberry Glue post. However i came over a bit fatigued but also a little dizzy so i thought i would take my blood pressure. BP 126/83. This is a slightly low reading for me although slighty high in general terms. My blood pressure seems to be all over the place at the moment. A few days ago when i was on the menopace i had to stop what i was doing and do some first aid on myself and make my head as low as possible as i felt like i was going to pass out due to high blood pressure. Right now i feel like i need to fall asleep rather than pass out. I think i need to stop and smell/vape the cannabis for a bit. I have missed out my CBD/CBG oil on purpose today as the skin on my legs is getting dry and slightly sore so I require a CBD rest. I should have bought a CBG oil seperately. Well i think it might be time for me to do that post about cannabis and blood pressure. Maybe i’ll do that tomorrow. I’m finding it very difficult to lift my arms at the moment never mind anything else. I may have to lie back down soon i’m definately feeling fatigued.

Oh & there we go hot flush felt slightly less groggy for about 10 seconds and it’s back.

4.30pm BP 126/90 I now actually feel better now that the BP is slightly higher. I mean i’ve always aspired to be non conformist but this is ridiculous.

Sunday 28 August 2022

5.30 pm started getting a slight throbbing headache when i move my head. I thought i better take my blood pressure which was as follows BP 117/82 heart rate 99 beats per minute. Trying to hydrate now as that maybe a contributing factor. It wasn’t much better 30 minutes later 117/83 85 bpm.

I don’t think i have let you know what my intake of cannabis lately. So i ran out of the CBD capsules that i used to take but they are not available anymore so i have switched to an oil. I am now using a CBD and CBG combined oil. CBG does really work well on the bone pain that i get. Talking of the bone pain i’ve got a blood test for the MGUS on Tuesday so of course these symptoms could mean i’m now anaemic to the point i’m going to require a blood transfusion. But something tells me that this is not anaemia as i would be feeling like this all day.

This has happened 2 days in a row now but there doesn’t seem to be anything that is consistant. I thought it might be because i had eaten too much in one sitting but today i have barely eaten so it’s definately not that.

Well it looks like i’m definately going to have to do that experiment now. It seems my blood pressure changes with the vaping temperatures. Now what medium to use? Video? Live Stream? That could get a bit boring and i could be here for days as i would have to have a vape bag have nothing for 15 minutes take the blood pressure and set up the next vape temperature. Anyway this is my BP from 6.15 pm 122/87 hr 76. I’m still using about 11 temperatures but i do think that i require the olibanum temperature sometimes 140c even though there is probably only a trace it might be enough to work for what i need it for. Maybe i will record the video so that i can pause it for the 15 minutes that i am waiting for it to kick in. Of course i could chicken out of that and just go with the written word. Guess i’ve got a decision to make.

Monday 29 August 2022

It’s 2 am just thinking about stuff and was wondering why i am in so much pain around my shoulder blades and just unnderneath them. It’s definately muscle pain. It might be because the CBD and CBG oil i have been taking was put into a capsule instead of putting under the tongue. It is obviously a much longer process for the medicine to start working in this manner. Back to taking drops under the tongue later today then.

12.40pm – I have been awake for just over a couple of hours. The pain around my shoulder blades has calmed down a little although there is still a bit of a niggle. However, it looks like my little trick of having 2 vapes on the go at the same time has been an experiment that has completely blown me away. I’ve had no hot flushes so far today. I can feel them trying to set themselves off but they don’t really come to anything which is amazing. I might be able to have a shower without the requirement to go back in 5 seconds after i’ve finished.

12.48 pm – just thought i would take my blood pressure as feeling a little heady at the moment. BP 133/97 hr 69. I made the mistake of going on youtube last night and watching a video about MGUS which sais that IGA paraprotein issues can start to get worse when you reach 15 grams of paraprotein per litre of blood. Well i’m close to that now. The cannabis is helping with some of my symptoms like bone pain and it had started to reduce the paraproteins in my blood. But as far as this is concerned i don’t think i am on a theraputic dose of cannabis. So i’m expecting the levels to have gone up again so i may not have much time left on this earth as a sentient being. But the way this world is going we might all be in a similar situation soon because although it doesn’t look like it most of the time this world is f***ed because of human activity. DITCH THE FOSSIL FUELS AND START PLANTING HEMP EVERYWHERE.

2.30 pm – I just started having my first hot flush of the day. It wasn’t a really bad one and it didn’t last for very long as i was about to start vaping some THC so am going to have a rest from blogging for a bit and go to get medicated.

5.50 – have just finished the Vaping with Philippa – Strawberry Glue post although i’m sure i’ll find something else to say about the flower at some point. I’m just getting through my first capsule of the LA Sage. The pain around my shoulder blades seems to be better today, which indicates that the under the tongue method of taking CBD oil is probably the best course for me switching to capsule form for one day does not work. Well look at that i have learnt something new about all this yet again. I’m off to go and get vaped. See you later vaponator.

10.15 pm – well I managed to have a shower. Shoulder blade pain is back though. But I’ve had a good vaping session. I think I may have ha 0.3 grams of the LA Sage & 0.1 of the strawberry glue so far today. I’m currently lying in bed shivering.

Tuesday 30 August 2022

9.40 am – lying in bed feeling like my rib cage is about to implode. Vaping some THC and the pain is subsiding a little. I think I need to make an appointment to increase my dose of oil.

10.40 am I was just about to get today’s medication counted out and have just discovered that I did not take my morphine last night because I fell asleep before midnight which is when I schedule my meds. No wonder I’m in so much pain this morning. I guess the cannabis meds are not at the right dose for me to give up the opiates. I did remember to take the cannabis oil meds though. Not sure how that happened. Well it will be a slow start today. Just in case your wondering how I’m managing to write this blog when I’m supposed to be having a slow start, I have a mobile app so can blog on the go or while lying in bed.

Saturday 03 September 2022

I have been in a lot of pain around my shoulder blades in the last few days along with some fungal infections on my skin. So i went all out on both THC dominant and CBD dominant flower yesterday.

2.40 pm I’m sat in bed writing this post finishing off last night’s strawberry glue 0.2 grams, Cannatonic 0.1 grams and Caramel Pecan Cookie crumble cake CBD hash 0.01 grams or less, vape pod. I managed to get to the CBD temperature of 180c but fell asleep half way through the bag.

The pain around my shoulder blades seems to be better today and the fungal infection is starting to be treated by the CBD. I am going to try to get a shower today so that i can use some of the oil I have topically. I temporarily had some tinnitus a few moments ago but that seems to have disapeared quite quickly. I don’t get it very bad when i do get it but for the most part I don’t get tinitus very often anymore with this prescription. I think i probably need to carry on with slightly more CBD today but will use flower rather than increasing the oil dose at this time.

I had a phone call from the haematology department yesterday the paraprotein is back up to 14 grams per litre of blood. But i can put this back in the box for now as i don’t have another appointment for 4 months. But since this causes me a lot of mental health issues now i am going to stop blogging about this as soon as i have received my latest letter for updating the MGUS post. Besides i have other things to concentrate on at the moment details of which are currently classified. So i’m off to try and get as well medicated as possible (very difficult without my Sneaky Pete) but i can but try.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

I have now run out of blood pressure tablets and haven’t taken any since Saturday 10 September 2022. I have just taken my blood pressure reading 12.40 pm BP 149/101 HR 65. Taken again 10 mins later BP 136/93 HR66. It seems there is not much difference in my pressures whether I take the medication or not. But it seems I am next on the government’s death wish list.

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