Vaping with Philippa – Strawberry Glue

The main picture on this post is a picture of a nug of Strawberry Glue accquired from Leafly. Thank you leafly love the website. This is what Hytiva has to say about Strawberry Glue. This website has a different terrpene profile but it does look like this page also has the whole lineage of this chemovar/strain.

Anyway I was starting to get a bit sleepy so i had a 0.1g capsule of LA Sage to try to wake me up. But there is definately good pain coverage with this one. Also scrap the idea i had in the middle of this video about using sous vide bags. they use low temperatures so they probably wouldn’t be suitable. Use the bags that come with your device. Yes it does make things slightly more expensive but the bags last for a few weeks even with heavy use. I may do a video showing how to change the bag at some point.

Vaping with Philippa – Strawberry Glue

Here is the terpene profile of Strawberry Glue. Thank you again to Med Bud Wiki for the information about this strain. If you compare this to the LA Sage you can see that although there are similar terpenes in each of the flowers the percentages of those terpenes differ quite a lot and Strawberry Glue has added Linalool which is mainly a seditive hence why this is used as an end of the day chemovar/strain. Another way to explain this chemovar/strain is that because of it’s cannabinoid and terpene profile this flower is more likely to give you what is known as couch lock.

Strawberry Glue Profile

These are the temperatures that i use for this flower.

Here are 2 articles that is an overview of many terpenes in cannabis. But look forward to the day where we can buy out cannabis from anywhere in the world. Although some of the prices are way more than what i am currently paying (£11.10 per gram in some cases)

52c CBG – I don’t know if there is any Cannabigerol in this flower but i do have a CBD flower called V1 that does have some CBG. I don’t always vape at this temperature now as I have a CBD and CBG oil which I take 10mg twice a day and 5mg once a day so the CBG flower doesn’t come out very often now.

66c OcimeneAntibacterial – I haven’t had any bacterial infections for quite sometime, I do get a few skin rashes due to the MGUS but these can be mostly fungal infections , Antiviral – it is said that this terpene can inhibit both Sars Cov and the herpes simplex virus i get cold sores especially if i sun bathe and haven’t had covid at all and hope that i don’t get it, Antifungal and Antimicrobial – I guess it’s working as i haven’t had any fungal infections recently, Decongestant – I have a lot of allergies and due to the MGUS have a nose that runs a marathon everyday, thankfully it looks like this terpene is working as a decongestant, Cognitive – well the brain is still working just about and i even invented a new recipe recently so it must be working but this terpene is uplifting and energising, Antioxidant – apparently good for diabetes and high blood pressure, Natural Pesticide – this work as a pesticide and it must be working because i live in an area that used to be farmland in the 1950’s as this estate was built in the 1960’s. Usually i get eaten alive by mosquitos unless i wear the mosquito watch i bought last year. I have been forgetting to wear that however when in the garden and i don’t seem to be getting bitten lately which is great. I’ll be sticking with this terpene, very useful. The LA Sage contains 12.24% and Strawberry Glue contains 3.02% which is quite a big difference so it won’t matter so much if i decide to bypass this temperature with this strain.

107c Humuleneantibacterial, antiinflammatory, antitumor, anorectic (appetite supressant). I haven’t had a flower with high levels of this terpene before i don’t usually require appetite supressing terpenes my body already has difficulty with food and i have in the past had to force feed myself because i just don’t always feel like eating. However i have discovered that if i bypass this temperature i can eat almost non stop the whole day. Obviously with the MGUS which could cause tumours inside my bone marrow in the future i will be wanting to take this as often as possible. LA Sage contains 7.51% and Strawberry Glue contains 5.8% which would explain why i sometimes get the late night munchies with this strain but i also sometimes miss out this terpene with this strain.

130c Caryophelene – I use this terpene quite a lot in fact it is very rare that i don’t use this temperature. The only time that i don’t use it is if i fancy getting a little high. This flower has 20.39% of caryophelene which is not as much as the LA Sage 30.22% but still a very substantial amount. This is the componant that stops you from having a whitey or can stop one in it’s tracks if you consume black pepper.

157c THC – Well i think we all probably know what this one does now. Yes i like it no i have never skipped this temperature. Not sure why. LOL. the flower has 22% THC as does the LA Sage.

167c Myrcene – well i can’t really say much more than the article i have linked to. This flower contains 44.93% Myrcene LA Sage contains 11.8%.

176c Limonene – well i probably don’t have to say much about this one i’ve been raving on about it for months. I think i can probably say it’s probably my favourite terpene but i could probably say that about all of them. Accept this one helps with the anxiety. This flower contains 17.6% of Limonene, LA Sage contains 18..64%. Not much difference but it does make sense that there is slightly less in this flower than the LA Sage as Limonene is a stimulant so can keep you awake and this flower is the night time flower.

178c Delta 8 THC – the link i have supplied is to a general search. There doesn’t seem to be much information about this compound but as i sit here writing this section I have recently vaped some of this and some CBD and i am feeling quite euphoric in a very good way. I think this proves that you can still be productive even when in a euphoric state.

185c CBN – This is the same article as the LA Sage post. When i can find more information i will put a different link on here.

Thanks to Cannigma for this image (not sure the boiling point is correct though).

186c Terpinolene – As you can see from the image above it has quite a lot of useful properties so i will carry on using cannabis at this temperature.

This article is from the cannigma a website that i subscribe to as it has a lot of very useful information. This is another terpene that looks essential to my treatment. There seems to be some conflicting information about the boiling point temperatures but i have found this on the Pub Chem website.

Thanks to Cannigma for this image.

198c Linalool – I have left you the search in this link so that you can now get an idea of the different view points. Linalool can be be used for many things as it is a good all rounder. I discovered this in my early 20’s when i had a bath in the essential oils of Lavender and Basil in the evening when i should have had a lavender and chamomile bath in the evening. But the best scientist say that you learn from your mistakes more than your successes. So my mistake was trying the wrong combination of oils at the wrong time of day. The consequence was that i didn’t get to sleep that night and had to get up for work on very little sleep which i don’t do well with. So lesson learnt don’t do lavender and basil mixes just before bedtime. There is however a big difference between my body chemistry back when i was in my early 20’s to the age i am now. I have said before that it is likely that i was born with a compromised endocannabinoid system so it stands to reason that i would require more support from phytocannabinoids now. So the linalool in this flower works very well to settle me for sleeping. I still get up to use the bathroom at least twice but i manage to get back off to sleep fairly quickly. I think this is also the first flower that i have been prescribed with this terpene present. When i first started using this flower i wasn’t getting anywhere near this temperature before faling asleep. I definately need to try this earlier in the evening although that doesn’t always work as i can then be dalling asleep earlier than i would normally like.

220c THCV and CBC – There probably isn’t a lot of these compounds in many of the flowers that i have tried but there would at least be trace amounts both very useful compounds but again requires more research.

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