Intractable Epilepsy

I wanted to support this very worth while charity that has been set up to help families with children and adluts with Intractable Epilepsy. I have taken a paragraph from the charities website so that you can read what intractable epilepsy is before you go to their website to find out more.

What is intractable epilepsy?

Intractable epilepsy (sometimes called refractory, uncontrolled, or drug-resistant epilepsy) is defined as failure of adequate trials of two tolerated, appropriately chosen and used antiepileptic drug schedules (whether as monotherapies or in combination) to achieve sustained seizure freedom. Epilepsy specialists agree that intractable epilepsy is epilepsy for which seizures are frequent and severe enough, or the required therapy for them troublesome enough, to seriously interfere with quality of life. An estimated 600,000 people in the UK suffer with epilepsy that’s 1% of the UK  population that have epilepsy but 30% of those sufferers are diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. 

In my opinion at this current time, this charity requires the most support possible. There are families that are paying up to £2000 per month for their medical cannabis as these patients require more support from CBD products than from THC products and they require very high doses of CBD. Now i’ve been told to get CBD over the counter but that is not something that would be advised for people who have this condition as they require close monitoring of the doses of CBD and may require a very small amount of THC.

Now obviously you can donate to the charity but there are other ways to contribute if you don’t have any spare cash. If you use Amazon for shopping then there is a code for you to use which will help this charity to receive much needed funds to help the families with this high cost medication.

Please take a look at their website and social media pages. They have organised some fund raising events for 2023 so please go and take a look and help these families out if you can. Thank You.

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