Changing the volcano bag and Cleaning the Equipment.

Philippa shows how to change the bag on the Volcano easy valve bag system and how to clean the equipment.

Friday 12 August 2022 Update – The bag that I changed on 24 July requires changing so let’s say a bag lasts approximately 3 – 4 weeks depending on how much you use it. I use multple times a day so at least 11 temperatures for each capsule of cannabis flower and somewhere between 3 and 6 capsules a day so as far as i’m concerned i get a lot of use out of one bag. But also the equipment requires cleaning. I will be uploading a video of the last filling of this bag before i change and clean today.

I will put subtitles on at some point.

One response to “Changing the volcano bag and Cleaning the Equipment.”

  1. Mrs Louise Mcconnell avatar
    Mrs Louise Mcconnell

    Excellent as always Phillipa! Thank you 💗💗


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