Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Pizza Pancakes

Image of Pizza Pancakes

It’s been a while since i posted something new so i thought i would share with you a recipe that i have just made up as i was going along. This is something thaat i used to be really good at that’s right i used to go round a friends house look through the store cupboard and fridge/freezer and make something out of what could be seen as nothing as in Ready, Steady, Cook Style. I lost that ability due to my disability and all the pain i experience everyday. Anyway i don’t know if it was the CBG or the terpene Ocimene that i have vaped so far today that gave me this brain wave or maybe i have just got some of my ducks in a row to give me some brain space.

Let’s start with the basic pancake recipe or rather the ingredients that i just chuck together and hope for the best.

2 large eggs, Gluten Free Self Raising Flour, Hemp milk, Hulled Hemp Seeds

Image Gluten Free self raising flour
Gluten Free Self Raising White Flour
Image of a container of Good Hemp Seed Milk
Hemp milk

Start by whisking the 2 eggs together, add the Gluten free self raising flour until you have a bread crumb consistency, Add hemp milk until you have a think-ish batter. Throw in some hemp seeds which may thicken the consistency of the batter so you may require some more milk and that is the batter complete. This is now ready to cook a plain pancake or add other ingredients to it to make it a little more special that a basic pancake.

Image of a bag of Hulled Hemp Seeds
Hulled Hemp seeds

I decided that i was going to go all out and make some pizza pancakes but i had no tomatoes in the house so i had to think carefully about how i was going to add that element to the mix. I found a tomato and garlic seasoning in the cupboard.

Image of a tomato and Garlic
Seasoning sprinkled into the batter mix i put quite a lot in probaly about 1/4 of the pot used.
Image of a pot of Garlic Granules
I used about half a teaspoon but you could even leave this out if wanted.
Pre cooked and crushed into half of the pancake mix
Image Jar of Oregano
About a teaspoon added to the pancake mix
Image of a packet of Lactose free Cathedral city cheese.
I used the remainder of this packet which was just under a quarter of the pack.
Violife Mozzerella style vegan cheese
I used 4 slices of this cheese cut into very small squares.

You just mix everything up as best you can and then the mix is ready for the frying pan.

Image of pancake mix ready to cook
Finished pancake mix
Image of Pancakes in the frying pan
Pancake mix in the frying pan
Image of flipped pancakes
Pancakes once flipped

I wouldn’t have the energy to make this everyday but it make a nice treat. I think i will be getting some fresh cherry or baby plum tomatoes to add to the mix next time as the seasoning really didn’t give much of a tomato flavouring. I would probably like to add mushrooms, bacon and sweetcorn to the mix next time as my all time favourite pizza is Ham, Mushroom, pepperoni, garlic and sweetcorn. I used to like red and green pepper as well but they don’t seem to agree with me anymore but that would be a nice addition also. But basically you can use your favourite pizza toppings in this recipe. Anyway off to vape some humulene now before i go eat all the pancakes.

I’ve now got lots of pain around my shoulder blade area because i dared to cook something fresh and use up some spoons. Time to get well medicated.

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