Blood Pressure Monitoring while Vaping.

image of The volcano Digit with the temperature set at 130 degrees centigrade.

I’ve just realised i didn’t start with a blood pressure reading however the last one was taken at 6.15 pm 28 August 2022 122/87 hr 76 so that is probably a good starting point. I’m also using LA Sage for this test with no CBD.

The time is 7.02 pm I’m just about to start a new vaping capsule at 66c for Ocimene. I started vaping at 7.04 pm using a standard pre made volcano bag as in i have just bought i new set of bags that came with a capsule holder for sitting on top of the volcano. I finished the bag at 7.06 and set a timer for 15 minutes. This is going to be quite difficult to wait that amount of time before my next bag but i’m willing to sacrifice for science even if i’m not getting paid and infact have had to fund this research program myself.

I still have a slight headache the dizziness seems to have worn off i managed to water the plants earlier. There is still 6 minutes on the timer and the headache seems to have cleared a little it was feeling a little like my brain was hitting my skull when turning my head but that seems to have disapated. It was almost like a switch being turned off. So i’m a little lte taking this blood pressure reading but i had to visit the bathroom. I probably didn;t rest enogh before taking the reading which was 137/97 hr75. I am going to rest from tying for a couple of minutes and take it again. 131/97 hr 78. at about 7.20/25 i had a hot flush it didn’t last long though.

Oh dear she says as she blows up the next bag 107c for Humulene and started vaping it at 7.30 pm. I finished the bag at 7.33 pm. Have to make a drink back in a few. 6 mins to go and while making the squash to put in the fridge my shoulder blade area is very painful. It’s like a very strong aching at the moment. Oscar is also being a little annoying at the moment seems he want to eat me out of house and home. I though i had had the cost of living crisis conversation with him, clearly he wasn’t listening. Lol. BP 127/94 hr 74.

7.50 pm blowing up a 130c bag vaping at 7.51 pm. finished the bag at 7.55 pm. I’m about to eat though so i may have to start this again. BP taken at 8.13 pm 132/94 hr 83.

8.15 vapinng a bag of 140c Olibanum. Probably only trace amounts if there is ant at all. Finished bag at 8.19 pm. Also taking paracetamol and omeprazole. Timer went off at 8.35 pm. BP taken after having a hot flush at 8.36 pm 136/94 hr 87. It’s really strange because for anyone else this would be high blood pressure but i don’t currently have any symtoms of either high or low BP.

8.38 pm blowing up a bag at 157c for THC. Finished vaping this bag at 8.44 pm after feeding the cat again (he only get small amounts as he could eat about 2 days worth of food in one sitting). BP taken at 9 pm 136/97 hr 83. Definately has cooled me down a little bit. Don’t know how long it will be until i have another hot flush but i’m sure i will record that somewhere.

9.02 blowing up a bag at 167c Myrcene. Finished vaping at 9.05 pm. 9.18 pm started having a hot flush. 9.20 pm alarm went off to take BP which is 126/94 hr 72.

9.22 pm Blowing up a bag at 176c for limonene. My mid back is really quite painful. I really hope that i don’t have to do this experiment again it’s just taking too long to get meds into me because of the 15 minute waiting time. But i chose to do the experiment like this because for newbie’s (which i am not) the guidance says to try 1 or 2 puffs of the vape then wait 15 minutes to see the reaction. Well for me to get a dramatic reaction i should probably do about 4 capsules at each temperature. Oh god what have i just done! Have i just thought of yet another experiment. I finished the bag at 9.29 pm. Now i have to find something to occupy me for 15 minutes or this wait is going to be torture. Yes i still have pain in my mid back area. I think i’m going to have a Strawberry Glue vape bong when i’m done with this experiment. But i’m getting a bit fed up now. 9.47 BP 132/98 hr 81.

9.49 pm blew up a bag at the temperature 186c for terpinolene. Finished the bag at 9.58 pm I got a bit distracted but i’m still within the 10 minute window that Storz and Bickel suggests for the vape being at it’s optimum. Took BP at 10.15 pm 132/93 hr 88. 10.02 pm Hot flush. I also have a bit of a headache again.

10.16 pm I’m now on the last temperature 220c there is no linalool in this flower so there is not much point doing the 198c temperature. I’m just going to prepare my Airiser Air 2 now for a vaping bong session. But OMG i’m in agony now. I really need to have a shower but not sure i’m capable right now. I finished this bag at 10.25 pm Pain is slightly better after taking this temperature but honestly i don’t think i will be trying this experiment again. But i’ll probably have to repeat with the strawberry Glue. But not today. 10.42 BP 123/98 hr 77.

So in conclusion My blood pressure is all over the place. It could be because of my pain levels who knows. But one thing is for sure i’m not sure i’m human after all. If i get low blood pressure symptoms when it’s approaching what would be considered a normal blood pressure there is something weird going on.

I have filled up the bong with a little water as the wine level had gone down a little. Although i’m starting to think that the bong need to be a bit larger to be able to use the wine as i get some alcohol fumes so it’s probably best to water down the wine a little bit. I now have to pack some flower into the vape bong. I also have to fill some capsules with LA Sage. Anyway over and out. Goodnight.

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