Not Bonging with Philippa – A Temporary Set Back.

So earlier today (Thursday 1 September 2022) I broke my Airiser BubbleMax Bong (pictured above). I’m really sad. This was probably about to get the title bestist friend ever. I know what your thinking has she gone crackers? Well of course i have that happened a long time ago. But seriously this is a bong that i’m going to be able to take out and about with me now that i have found where to buy it from. So this cost me $56.67 canadian dollars which is £37.24 and nearly half of that was postage. So this post is going to be all about the vaping companies in the UK which is going to be a double up begging post to ask them to stock this item. This is beause i am likely to break many of these. It wasn’t massively expensive but it would certainly be cheaper if this was stocked in the UK.

I have just bought an adapter for the large bong that I bought a few weeks ago and haven’t used yet as i didn’t have the right size adapter, but this is not travel friendly it is quite large. You can get the same for the Storz and Bickel Mighty. But i have discovered that the Might has a whip system which i will get instead of the bong attachment as the Mighty’s highest temperature is 210c and the Airiser is 220c.

So the two favoured companies in the Medical Cannabis community seems to be VapeFiend and Magic Vaporisers. I have no affiliation to these companies, they seem to be the most popular used at this time. I have used VapeFiend but not Magic Vaporisers.

VapeFiend – When i bought the bong the purchase was seamless and package arrived intact and on time. Good service. Thank you.

Magic Vaporisers – It looks like a really good website. Lots of choice for vaporisers and their accessories. Unlike some of the other suppliers this website only stock vaping supplies.

Weed World – Ive not bought from here but they were first up on the search that i did. They seem to have a bit of everything but are not well stocked on accessories for vaporisers.

SkunkWorks – They seem to have a good assortment of vaporisers and other equipment for your medical cannabis experience.

Vape Elevate – There seems to be some quite reasonable prices for vaporisers on here but accessories seem to be more expensive than other sources.

Ever Tree – This seems to have very limited stock. Only has the Airiser Solo and the Storz & Bickel Mighty plus. So not the whole range. But the website looks professional. They have link to the ireland and european shop also. I couldn’t find any reviews though.

Vaporiser Hut – This looks quite an impressive website site, although, the link that came up on the search was the “About Us” page. If it was set to the homepage it would look slightly more impressive on first impressions. However, it looks like there is still some website construction going on and there are a few items out of stock. On further inspection of this website i’m not sure i would have any use for it at this time. I couldn’t find any accessories for the vaporisers that i use.

Here is the link of the full search so that you can go to view at your own leisure.

But i think it’s clear to see that vaping cannabis instead of smoking it is the future and far healthier. So if you like what you see at any of the shops in this post, feel free to share the link to this post in your reviews and ask them to stock the Airiser BubbleMax portable bong. Thank You.

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