Fungal infections and Cannabis

This article is where i grabbed the post image from but there is no information about cannabis on this website –

This is a condition i am very prone to since i got my MGUS diagnosis back in 2014. I used to use a cream called Timodene but it is increasingly difficult to get hold of this type of medication when i get an infection. But i haven’t been getting many infections since i started the cannabis prescription but found myself with areas under my breasts, lower abdomen and left buttock. I have run out completely of the timodene as i don’t think i have been able to get any prescribed since before the pandemic started.

I knew that there were a couple of components in cannabis that were anti fungal but hadn’t really looked into it in great detail so i went searching this week and found that there are three cannabinoids that can help treat this condition but i also think there maybe a terpene or two as well. So lets get started.

Here is a very technical medical paper called Anti-Biofilm Activity of Cannabidiol against Candida albicans – I will let you decide what to make of it but there is a lot of terminology that i don’t understand because i don’t have a medical degree i have basic health knowledge. It will probably take me a while to sit with this paper (it’s quite long) alongside a dictionary and possiby a medical one as well to understand all of the terminology.

This next link is short, sweet and to the point –

On first glance this website looks as though it could be quite useful in the future. Lots of articles to look through.

So it now looks like i have to source a CBD, CBG and CBC oil and i think i have found one but I can’t write about that at this time. If i find another source i will let you know. But i do have a CBD and CBG oil that i got from eBay that seems to be working, although i did get the wrong strength. I got the 1000mg strength instead of the 2000mg so to get 10mg of both CBD and CBG I have to take 4 drops of this oil (link below). If i find anymore information about this subject once there is more scientific evidence i will come back to this post.

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