Homemade Vegan Burgers

This recipe is very similar to the previous burgers that i made with sweet potato but is also a take on a vegetarian burger that i used to get from a weel known supermarket which was a mushroom, mozzarella and garlic burger. They don’t do this burger anymore beside i am intolerant to most of the ingredients now so have to create my own which is something i can do very rarely now due to my ongoing medical conditions.

The only specific measurement i have is for the main ingredients the butternut squash and the mushrooms. The butternut squash is definately a different texture to sweet potato it is slightly firmer when mashing and it takes less binding ingredients. I do however have to make an apology to Gordon Ramsey because i didn’t have any fresh potato so i used Smash sorry Gordon get over it, i have. I was basically making it up as i went along trying to get the right consistency and the right taste with what ingredients i had in the house.

  • 770 grams of butternut squash
  • 500 grams Chestnut mushrooms
  • 4-6 large handfuls of hulled hemp seeds
  • Almost a whole pack of violife vegan mozzarella slices shreaded
  • Whole pack of ready cooked rice
  • a sprinkling of Salt, Black Pepper,
  • About a teaspoon of hot chilli powder (there is no significant spiciness)
  • lots of garlic powder
  • Smash (undisclosed amount just trying to dry out ingredients a bit more).

So i started with mashing the butternut squash with my hands added in the mushrooms which were thinly sliced and precooked. Obviously because i am obsessed with all things hemp and cannabis the hemp seeds had to come next but i was just throwing them in without really measuring. I then broke up the vegan mozzarella slices and mixed that in, followed by the rice the spices and an undisclosed amount of Smash to get the right consistency. I made up three burgers and fried them in a frying pan until the cheese was melting and the surface was almost burnt. Lol

It does look like i burnt them a little from the picture above but i can assure you that it didn’t taste burnt. I should have put the spices in before the mushrooms as there were a few places that they hadn’t been mixed in properly. But it didn’t spoil them at all. I got another 5 burgers out of the mixture. But i didn’t weigh them so that they were all the same weight but 2 was enough to fill me for quite a significant amount of time. Don’t ask me how many calories are in one of these because i don’t know.

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