Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill

We are currently fighting a horrendous piece of legislation – the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill that is due back in the House of Commons on Monday (31 October).

Caroline Lucas has proposed some very helpful amendments and is supporting others, but we need as many MPs as possible to realise that this is an issue that their constituents care about. The bill will remove safety checks, anti-contamination measures and GM labelling from a huge range of GM techniques. It is very badly drafted so introduces huge amounts of ambiguity and it is being pushed through by a Defra team that doesn’t understand the science.

We have a web action here: and a detailed briefing here:

Please use them to write to your Westminster MP BY FRIDAY 28 October 2022.  I appreciate just how busy our farmers and food workers are right now but it is especially important that your voices are heard so do please take the time to write to your MP – a short but timely message could make a big difference.

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