Flying Monkey’s

Image of a monkey with wings.

The success of a narcissist depends on the quality of the flying monkey’s and how easily they can be manipulated.

What is a flying monkey? A flying monkey is someone who is manipulated into a position of doing the narcissists dirty work and yes that does mean committing crimes sometimes of a very serious nature.

So if you are becoming suspicious that you are being used as a flying monkey then you are probably right and you should remove yourself from that situation. This can happen in family structures, work places, political parties and with friends. It’s time to educate yourself and stop enabling toxic behaviours because the narcissist will do everything in it’s power to not be the one to face the consequenses and let’s be clear once you have served your purpose you will be discarded.

Here is what the psychologists have to say about it.

Need i say anymore. Probably not i think all the links have said everything i want to say. xcept maybe Narcs & Flying Monkeys not welcome here.

One response to “Flying Monkey’s”

  1. […] hide that they are racist or any other discrimatory behaviours that they have, they will make the flying monkey’s behave in a discrimatory way instead so that they appear to be holier than thou, but they are […]


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