New cannabis oil prescription

Apologies for not posting very much recently. I have been recovering from an illness which i was hospitalised for back in November 2022 and had a period of time not taking my cannabis meds.

I’ve been back on the Grow THC 20 oil for about a month and it was just not working anymore. I have also been having a lot of hot flushes and have finally worked out that i am having these because of the CBD oils and flowers i am using (i’m getting these items over the counter but the same happens with prescription CBD). So i require a higher dose of THC and because my Endocannabinoid system requires a lot of support the flower does not support me very well unless i am vaping non stop which is extremely impractical. So i had an appointment with Integro on 6 January 2023 to discuss changing the oil which i had done some reserch on and my oil prescription has now been changed to the Adven Indica Oil: 100mg/ml THC (picture at the top of the page). The maximum dose that i can take is 0.2mls three times a day. That will mean that i will be on a 60mg dose. I was on about 30mg per day of the oil plus any flower that i use.

Because i am already on 30mg THC oil I don’t see the point of starting off on 0.1 ml 3 times a day. So I started at 0.1ml for my first dose of the day 0.2ml for my second dose of the day and 0.1ml dose at the end of the day. I did not increase the dose for about a week which is now at 0.2, 0.1 and 0.2 so i am on a total dose of 50mls of THC and 60mls of over the counter CBD and CBG oil from Purelife. I have not had any CBD flower recently as the hot flushes start to get bad again. But I could do with a little of the night time CBD flower occasionally as it really does help with sleep.

I will be paying full price for this oil as it does not come with any substitutions like Project Twenty 21 or the Grow Access Program. The only other way i could get this strength of oil would be to use RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) or FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). This would work out much cheaper as 1ml of RSO is about £25 and is 1000 mg of THC. I would need about 3 ml of RSO to make a similar strength oil at home which would cost me aproximatley £75 (not including the carrier oil). (gosh i can’t wait until this stuff is available on the NHS or is added to one of the reduced price schemes).

The current dose seems to be working well for me but i do still wake up having hot flushes and requiring the bathroom so i do sometimes have to have a dose or two of THC flower before i can get back to sleep especially if the hot flushes seem to be happening every few minutes.

I have tried lowering my dose of CBD but my joint pain increases and stability decreases so i can’t really lower my dose. When i increase the THC my joints become unstable for a few days until my body has got use to the new dose.

Some of my other menopause symptoms are ok like no more vaginal dryness, or low moods (accept when there’s a good reason) but i’m a bit disapointed that i haven’t had any more wet dreams yet lol.

I should probably also point out that i am no longer taking blood pressure tablets since November 2022 when i was in hospital. Not sure why this has reolved itself but since being back on the cannabis medication i have not had high blood pressure. I am now also ready to get back on to some kind of exercise program or rather putting on some dance/trance music and having a dance. The knees are still playing up a bit but i’m sure that will resolve itself once i have done more exercise. Exercise activates your endocannabinoid system which is why you can feel high after doing some exercise, (expect exercising to be added to the classification of class A’s very soon). Oh dear there i go again giving our government some bright ideas. LOL. But at least i’m giving the stoners of the world some ideas of how to manage a roadside drug test. So next time you are pulled over tell them that your endocannabinoid system has been activated by you running round the car a million times so you will fail the test.

As for the flower i still have some LA Sage left but i have been prescribed the Grow Gelato. I haven’t even opened the pack yet as i really haven’t felt up to doing a review. Of course i need to capture my first reactions on camera as i’ve never tried this strain before. I’m also not able to vape at the higher temperatures very much at the moment. The highest temperature i’ve been going to is 176c for Limonene. Even little sips of vapour at 220c is quite harsh at times. I also still have the Strawberry Glue but i have been taking a break from it to use up the La Sage and because i find it very morish. I could vape that all day and all night and i do have the odd day where i just vape the Glue and nothing else.

I have also noticed lately that i am able to relax a little better now. But as i’m sat here writing this i’m really caving some Strawberry Glue right now and since it’s a Saturday night i’m going to treat myself. But i’m starting to think that i might at my next appointment ask them if i can just stick with the glue. I’m also actually missing the LA Amnesia that i was on at the beginning of all this. Even though it was iradiated and in my opinion less effective i still like the way it made me feel, it was very uplifting. But i also want to try a lot more strains. Although, i don’t think i’ll be able to afford the ones that are priced at £11 per gram. There is a lemon skunk but i don’t really need to try that as my favourite strain Super Lemon Haze has this as a parent. Having said that i have been struggling to get as morbid as creating a bucket list up until this moment i had no idea what i was going to put on said bucket list. Now i think of it, it’s bloody obvious and has been staring me in the face all along. So obviously every strain of cannabis is now going on the bucket list. Not sure how long that will take me considering you don’t normally know what your getting through the black market at least not in my area and i’m not suppose to be doing that anyway and on the legal market you have to pay for an appointment to get permission to try a new strain. When it comes to the oils we don’t have access to the strains that they use information. Which i think is wrong because i’m positive i was allergic to the Satoline oils that i was prescribed.

Now lets get on to the smell and taste of the Adven oil. There is definately a zingyness to this oil so there has to be some of the citrusy terpenes. But it also smells very sweet I’m maybe smelling pineapple it also slighty earthy but now overpoweringly though. I like the smell and taste of the oil. Some that i have tried are really quite disgusting.

As i’m sat here typing this article i was vaping a volcano bag at 220c for THCV. I’m barely through half the bag and i have just started feeling very cold and i’m actually shivering. I also think i might be getting a little high. I think it took me about an hour to get through the bag of vapour which means i would like to dispute that the vapour has to be consumed in 10 minutes as Storz and Bickel state in the instructions. That may not be true with a brand new bag which i started this evening. I think i might have covered everthing i want ed to say for now. Hopefully, i’ll be able to start doing some videos again soon. Take care everyone. Hope to have some more news for you soon.

Below are some articles that i have found that talk about CBD causing hot flushes but it is unknown why this happens at this time.

Tuesday 31 January 2023 update – I have increased my dose to 0.2ml 3 times a day today. I’m still getting hot flushes if i doon’t vape but it’s much better than it was. Another thing i have noticed is that when i vape the Strawberry Glue my body has finally started being able to relax a little. I’ve not had that reaction since before i gave up the cigerettes so it’s quite clear that i require these higher doses. One other thing i have noticed is that my allergic rhinitus is not settling down like it did on the Noidecs T10:C15. Also I may end up having to increase my CBD dose again as my joints become unsettled when i increase the dose. I don’t really need to incrrease because of my pain it’s more the hot flushes. But hopefully i will be able to stay at this dose for a while. The main reason why the hot flushes annoy me so much is because my skin is very sensitive and if i fall and scrape my skin it’s not just a graze for me it rips my skin off where i scrape it and then takes months to heal. My skin and other connective tissue really got quite strong when i was on the noidecs. I swear to god (i never do things like that) that the terpenes in the flower/oils are just as important and in some cases could be more important than the THC and CBD content but no one seems to be taking that into consideration at all. If i could get the terpenes for the Noidecs oil then i could get some aromatherapy oils that would give me the same effects and put them in an atomiser. guess i better send a letter to Noidecs.

Thursday 2 February 2023 – I have been reading more about cannabis and hormones.

Thursday 2 February 2023 – This posgt seems to be turning into a bit of a diary but that’s ok. Today i started my day with 20mg of CBD and 20mg of THC. I didn’t have a great night’s sleep i was in much more pain yesterday as increasing the dose of THC has somewhat interfered with the CBD. My joint pain has increased particularly around the right side of my rib cage. However, it is around 2 pm, 2 hours since i took my first cannabis oil dose of the day. I was really struggling to sit upright as the pain was getting really quite unbearable, but all of a sudden the pain started to subside. I’ve also just noticed that i didn’t take my opiates last night so that could be the reason why i was in so much pain. It could be that the opiates have just kicked in rather than the cannabis. Looks like i’m going to require a much stronger dose of cannabis oil before i can give up the opiates. I also haven’t had any hot flushes yet since taking my first dose of the day. I have not had any vape yet so that i can see how long it takes the hot flushes to arrive. It’s about 2.5 hours since the last one.

I also read on one of the support groups that a friend has stopped a treatment that was costing the NHS £20,000 per year because cannabis has made their condition go into remission, but the NHS refuses to supply cannabis medication which costs £3000 per year. If this person has to stop the cannabis they will end up back on the drug that costs 20 grand. Anyway time for me to get on with some Green Party work which i don’t really feel like completing today as i had a huge job yesterday and i’m paying for it today with some fatigue.

I has a minor hot flush at about 3 pm. So this suggests to me that the cannabis oils work for about 3 hours and then i require topping up with vaping some flower. I had another hot flush at 3.45 pm ish it was again quite mild and with my hand fan was not too uncomfortable and it did not last very long. So decided to use my volcano digit at temperatures 157c, 167c, and 176c. I may try to use some of the higher temperatures at some point but it does take a long time to get through a bag at the higher temperatures because i have to take very small sips due to coughing being induced at the higher temperatures. I really want the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of these oils. I still think the best oil i have ever had is the Noidecs T10:C15 it just isn’t strong enough anymore. Vaping is now helping with the Right rib pain that i get.

Had another minor hot flush at about 5.15pm. Time for some more THC flower. It’s 6.20pm and i’m late with my dose of oil. I’m have quite a bad hot flush.

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  1. Naomi Robinson avatar
    Naomi Robinson

    Magic ratio and dose evolves as you do. At some points you need elevation of thc. At others cbd. You need a multi strain FECO with ratios that vary over the month. I’m in peri menopause. Thc is the cannabinoid that balances hormones. Hot flushes are a form of healing crisis. Like a pressure cooker. Like progesterone transdermal cream. I believe applying feco transdermal is a real breakthrough in alternative HRT. Preventative against osteoporosis.


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