Proving Legality of Cannabis Possession

Image of cannabis prescription with sensitive information removed

It has been brought to my attention that there is still an issue over the legallity of cannabis and the use of the CanCard. But there are also legal patients that are bing arrested still and being asked to produce a CanCard. We don’t need a CanCard we have a prescription. Clearly there is a lot of education still required for the police and that of society.

CanCard is being touted as a legal route to possession of cannabis products sourced through the black market. CanCard does not help you in anyway if you have cannabis on your possession without a valid prescription (which looks like any other prescription other than being hand written see main picture at the top of the page).

I have been asked to post this letter from the Department of Health and Social Care and to link to a social media post. I am not going to post the CanCard information as i feel that this will just mislead you if you are seeking cannabis medication the legal way. But i can link to my links page where you will find the links to clinics, pharmacies, websites that can help you view the legal medications available, cannabis media outlets (i probably have a lot more to go and find and post as i’m hoping to eventually become the most comprehensive database for all things legal cannabis) and many more links beside and not just about cannabis.

Now on to the person that requested i put this information on my website. Mohammad Wasway is a fellow medical cannabis patient and activist helping to raise awareness that medical cannabis is legal and to help the industry to improve in many ways for all of us by using his own website the Sanskara Platform and his knowledge of the law to help fellow patients. Here is a quote from Mohammed: “I am honoured to be a face of The Sanskara Platform, and I will continue to use my platform to raise awareness and improve the lives of others”.

Thank you Mohammed for bringing this to my attention. I’m honoured that you requested me to share your knowledge.

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