Thyroid Gland and Cannabis

I think i have told you before that i have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). This i believe is another genetic condition i have. We are going to examine the effects of cannabis on the thyroid gland. This medical paper examines Clinical Investigation on the Impact of Cannabis Abuse on Thyroid Hormones and Associated Psychiatric Manifestations in the Male Population. It doesn’t really helps with my situation but it is interesting reading all the same.

First lets examine what the thyroid does. This is what the NHS has to say about an under active thyroid. underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).

The thyroid gland makes thyroid hormones which help to control energy levels and growth.

When you have an underactive thyroid you are prescribed Levothyroxine which i have been taking since i was diagnosed which was before going into menopause.

As you know i have been having hot flushes which until now were completely unexplainable even by medical staff. You also know that i have been consuming cannabis for about 20 years. But this was THC dominant cannabis. I didn’t start trying CBD products until I got a prescription and although i am no longer prescribed CBD products i do require CBD for my joint pain and instability.

I have discovered that CBD interacts with Levothyroxine and it is recommended that you don’t take these drugs together. I’m supposed to take Levothyroxine on an empty stomach 2 hours before any CBD.

For the last 4 days i have been taking my Levothyroxine at least 2 hours before my CBD medication which i have discovered is what is recommended. I am still getting hot flushes at the moment but i’m hoping they will eventually calm down. However, I have discovered that vaping flower at 220c keeps them at bay for the most part. Both THCV and CBC are the components that are released at 220c. It has been reported that THCV helps to treat diabetes and there is somewhat of a link between diabetes and thyroid function as they both contribute to energy and motabilism.

As i write this post i am studying as i go so before i start sharing more medical papers and articles about the thyroid and cannabis i have to study a little more about THCV and CBC as these are the components of the cannabis that seem to be cooling my body down more than any of the others (including THC vaped at 157c) to the point i have been shivering even with some heating on.

I should also point out that it is taking me a very long time to get through a volcano bag at 220c and i have to take very small sips of vapour. You are suppose to consume a bag within 10 minutes of filling the bag. But i have often gone to sleep leaving quite a lot still in the bag, woken up having a hot flush, vaped some more of the bag and the hot flush has stopped, quite suddenly sometimes. I haven’t yet tested how long it then takes to get another hot flush. I should probably do this as it would then give me some idea of how long i have to complete a task before i have to go and vape another bag. I am thankfully on the right dose of oil now so the flower works much better and the effects last slightly longer. Whereas before i had to continuously vape with no breaks to live with no hot flushes which was almost impossible.

Guide to Pharmachology A search on CBC. A search on THCV. CBC works with the CB2 receptors the same as CBD and THCV works on the CB1 receptors the same as THC. So is it CBC that is cooling my body down or THCV? So far the knowledge suggests that it is the CBC is possibly the componant that is helping with the hot flushes. This could be because it works with the CB2 reseptors but could also be because this is a more available cannabinoid than THCV.

Now lets examine what i have been able to find out about the Thyroid and Cannabis this link will take you to a google search and a list of both medical papers and news articles that talk about the effects of caannabis on the thyroid. It very much looks like CBD is interacting with the levothyroxine. I will be letting the medical staff know at my cannabis clinic and will be phoning my GP to ask what the results of my last thyroid test was because i really don’t want an over active thyroid which is possible especially if i have to increase my dose of CBD. I’m already on a very small dose of Levothyroxine 25 micrograms, i don’t know if there is a lower dose. But one thing is for sure there need to be more research. I have found this article that looks at going gluten free

Saturday 18 February 2023 – I forgot to tell you about one of the symptoms i’m having which is hair loss. I don’t know why i was so shy about telling you because it’s quite clear to see the bald patches. The last time i looked the menopause didn’t have hair loss as a symptom and this is significant hair loss. I had an appointment at Integro clinic with the nurse on Friday who is currently conferencing the doctors to come up with a plan for me. I have in the meantime stopped taking the levothyroxine. I was on the smallest dose available anyway. I am still however having hot flushes when i require a top up of THC. It is worse during the night and first thing in the morning and i am even having to set up a vape in the middle of a sleep cycle. However that being said now that i am on a higher dose of the oil the vaped flower is supporting me much better and i’m able to leave a small amount of time inbetween a new capsule. At the moment i am typically starting a capsule vaping at 157c for THC and managing to use 167c for myrcene and 176c for limonene before i either start a new capsule or will try a 220c temperature and take very very small sips as this temperature has better cooling abilities. However, that being said i have on occasion been cold enough to be shivering quite badly at times and that is with the heating on.

I have a follow up appointment this week to discuss the way forward. But for now i think my thyroid has become overactive. But i have no idea about this as the thyroid test i had done in july 2022 was lost and no one thought to even give me the results of the test i had done in January so that is now something i have to chase and probably with another month for an appointment to get the results of that test.

TMI – Too Much Information

Monday 20 February 2023 – I missed some more symptoms off the list i have had some very low moods recently with some anxiety. I have been waking up in a really bad mood, sometimes feeling suicidal and tearful but this then goes away after a vape. The hot flushes are also starting to ease off now. They are still happening but they are a lot less in duration, frequency and don’t seem to be as hot as they were. Even in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

I have also been strugging with my sleep as in not getting enough. I get up to use the bathroom several times a night sometimes and stuggle to get back to sleep. However, last night i got up to use the bathroom had a couple of hot flushes and really struggled to stay awake to fill up a volcano balloon to help with these symptoms. I did manage to fill up the balloon and had a few short breaths on it before falling back to sleep. But it was very dificult to stay awake for this very short time. I’m hoping that my sleep is going to get better again because i used to be able to sleep a lot.

I will post again after my medical appointment to let you know what the plan is. But at this point i will not be starting back on the Levothyroxine. I also actually do feel that i need to increase my dose of CBD oil as my joints are getting painful again and it is becoming very painful to walk.

I think i have also been having issues with dehydration because of the hot flushes so i have been very thirsty lately which also seems to be a little better today.

2 responses to “Thyroid Gland and Cannabis”

  1. Nicole Haydock avatar
    Nicole Haydock

    Hot flushes linked to the menopause is due to a drop in estrogen. Nothing to do with an under active thyroid. HRT is the most effective medicament to alleviate this condition.


    1. It’s funny that when i recently had a period off the cannabis medication that i got no hot flushes, so it can’t be the menopause causing my hot flushes. Besides i’m now 2 years post menopause. Here are the symptoms of an over active thyroid which with a levothyroxine prescription and also using CBD i was heading in this direction.

      Symptoms of an overactive thyroid

      An overactive thyroid can cause a wide range of symptoms, including:

      nervousness, anxiety and irritability
      mood swings
      difficulty sleeping
      persistent tiredness and weakness
      sensitivity to heat
      swelling in your neck from an enlarged thyroid gland (goitre)
      an irregular and/or unusually fast heart rate (palpitations)
      twitching or trembling
      weight loss


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