Philippa in her wheelchair in the back garden

Philippa grew up in Brightlingsea and Colchester in Essex and moved to Bedford at the age of 16 where she still resides now. It is a great town to live especially if you like live Music. We have several pubs & Esquires Live Music venue & are lucky enough to have 7 nights of live music a week with some absoluteley fantastic bands & musicians. I myself like to sing & hope to form a band once the pandemic has move to being endemic.

Philippa says: Bedford is a great place to live although she has no idea what the world of work is like these days as her disability prevents her from leaving the house for much of the time never mind trying to get to work. She has enjoyed learning the new digital tool (Action Network) that has been provided by the Green Party recently also learning how to use wordpress which has led me here. Philippa really does see the benefit of working from home with much being able to be completed through Zoom and other digital tools. This should be an empowering time for people with disabilities yet we are still struggling to make connections which is what we all need more than anything at this time of ableism.

Life for a disabled person whatever that disability might be is not an easy task. Even more so that we have had 12 years of austerity which is a right wing ploy to divert money to those who already have too much.

Those that care about a more caring society and want to see all toxic behaviours stamped out, need to start working together to make this world a better place and become more environmentally and socially conscientious.

Philippa says that she has quite a few health problems but she tries to live the best way possible with very little support because of austerity. I am an activist at heart & hope to join some protests this year virtually of course.

I am a Green Party member, have stood as a parliamentary & council candidate & have held various officer positions in my local party since October 2015.

February 2023 update – My current officer roles in the Green Party are:- Coordinator Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party, Co-Cordinator Food & Agriculture Policy Working Group, Comms Officer Drug Policy Working Group, Comms Officer Eastern Green Party (co-opted).

This brings me to my skills and hobby’s which i shall list below.

  • Website Building (fairly new skill).
  • Action Network Database Administrator (fairly new skill).
  • Speech Writing (as long as there is someone available to proof read).
  • Performance & presentation skills.
  • Good emailing and texting Communication skills.
  • Zoom Host.
  • Live Streaming and zoom recording (both facebook & Youtube
  • Can record (if no download facility) online radio/video shows and cut clips from those shows to upload to your own media platforms (click on the image below for an example).
  • Live Sound Engineer with a 400w PA, 200w & 800w bluetooth speakers with guitar and microphone inputs. (i do now require assistance to set up the full PA due to a physical disability).
  • Singer (with a grade 4 singing exam).
  • Event Organiser (having organised several fund raising events & live music events the most recent being for Luton & Bedfordshire Green Party).
  • Kind, Courteous and Caring
  • Cat Lover (but my friend’s dog Harvey is pretty awesome too).
  • I love dancing (although this has become very difficult with a physical disability)
  • Sci-Fi and Comedies are favourite film & TV Genre’s
  • I like most music, prefer live music & it’s my ambition to have a band/artist playing in my back garden every Saturday night (but i think i need to win the lottery for that to happen) (your all invited of course lol).

Adrian SpurrellTreasurer Luton & Bedfordshire Green Party, appeared on this show 18 August 2021. (Click on the image to listen to the audio)

Disclaimer: I would like to make an apology to the disability community for not having the accessibility tools available or captions on my videos. These are very expensive tools to buy which i just don’t have the funding for and have no other access. Update 31/03/2022 I have just found a download for the wordpress accessibility tools unfortuneately i still can’t use them for this website as i have to upgrade to the pro subscription, here is the link WordPress accessibility tools. I have started to try to make some of the videos more accessible with subtitling but this current has to be done manually so the longer videos are taking more time to complete. I also am trying to do videos of someone reading out the posts to make them a little more accessible for those that can’t afford or have the skills to use accessible tools. By providing links to other sites, Philippa Fleming Activist does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.