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Support the NHS. Stop the privatisation and bring back into public ownership.

The NHS is our jewel in the crown of the UK. It has systematically been privatised more and more in the last 30 years or so. This in my opinion is tantamount to criminal behaviour. We are paying higher and higher taxes in this country for less and less bang for your buck. When you start getting your bill for health care will your tax bill become less? No of course not. This is a plan to direct money from those that have none to those who have more than enough to live on for 100’s of lifetimes. It is sickening that we have health professionals that are using food banks and are unable to heat their homes. It is time for everyone to get out on the streets to protest the privatisation of our beloved NHS before we are no longer allowed to protest.

NHS Day of Action MK People’s Assembly Saturday 26 February 2022

Song by Altern 8 – Come With Me (Isol 8 Remix) with NHS Images slideshow. Thanks go to Nikki and Mark Archer who has granted me permission to use this song for NHS activism.

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