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The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer
The Emperor Wears No Clothes By Jack Herer.

Jack Herer was a Hemp activist who spent many years researching the prohibition of this versatile plant which has been touted as being able to save the environment. You can find out more about Jack and read his book here.

The demonisation of Hemp started in the 1920’s because a man named William Randolf Hurst wanted to make money out of his timber farm, paper mill and newspaper companies. He teamed up with Harry J Anslinger in the 1930’s which was when the company dupont also joined in with the demonisation and plot to ban this plant and was painstakenly researched by Jack in the 1970’s and 80’s. Jack went to prison for his activism and wrote and published the first edition of the book in 1985 and there have been updates to it ever since. Sadly Jack passed away in 2010 but his son Dan Herer now carries the torch for hemp activism.

Philippa started reading this book just before the General election in 2019. (No it hasn’t taken her this long to read the book). When i finished reading the book i was in shock (literally) it reads very much like a conspiracy theory and almost every paragraph is a gobsmacking moment. So i emplore you all to read this book and then go and find more books or scientific papers to read.

Philippa became a member of the Green Party Drug Policy Working Group in September 2021 has met some fantastic Green party members who all work very hard and have helped her a great deal with her cannabis activism.

Philippa also started on the road to getting a legal cannabis prescription in April 2021 which is really helping with some of the symptoms of her many conditions. This led to her joining a few social media pages where she has met some fantastic people wanting to help with the activism. This resulted in her being able to host a virtual cannabis rally that took place in Parliament Square, London, Friday 14 January 2022 to coinside with the second reading of the Medical Cannabis (Access) Bill. This has now been delayed to Friday 25 February 2022 and we hope to to be in London for that event.

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