Medical Cannabis Activism

Cannabis is Medicine Dr Boni Goldstein

Philippa became a member of the Green Party Drug Policy Working Group in September 2021 has met some fantastic Green party members who all work very hard and have helped her a great deal with her cannabis activism.

Philippa also started on the road to getting a legal cannabis prescription in April 2021 which is really helping with some of the symptoms of her many conditions. This led to her joining a few social media pages where she has met some fantastic people wanting to help with the activism. This resulted in her being able to host a virtual cannabis rally that took place in Parliament Square, London, Friday 14 January 2022 to coinside with the second reading of the Medical Cannabis (Access) Bill. This has now been delayed to Friday 25 February 2022 and we hope to to be in London for that event. Because this was a private members bill it was times out so will no longer be going through parliament. We require some more activism to get the service that we all deserve.

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Patients ask Drug Science, clinics and partners not to increase Cannabis medication costs. Petition

Cannex Article

Medical cannabis (Access) Bill Rally Friday 14 January 2022

The God Plant Trailer

The God Plant – This link takes you to an Amazon link where if you log into amazon you can watch this video for free with adverts on IMDB TV.

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