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Hemp & Cannabis Activism

Please sign this petition to show the government that patients want to grow our own. Thanks.

Medical Cannabis

General Information

Drug Science

Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The NHS & Cannabis

The Cannabis Pages

MedBud Wiki

Medical Cannabis Forum UK

Clear Drug Policy Reform

Plea (Patient Led Engagement for Access)

Medical Cannabis UK – United Patients Alliance

Seed Our Future

Cannabis Health News

The Simpa Life

High Committee

Business Cann

Cannabis Clinics

Cannabis Access Clinic (Website)

Cannabis Clinic Cardiff


Chelsea Cannabis Clinic

Resilience Medicine Clinic

Integro Clinic (Website)

Integro Clinics YouTube

Leva Clinic

LVL Health

MediCann (Gurnsey & Jersey)

My Access Clinic (Website)

Medical Cannabis at Nottingham road

Private GP

Pura Health

Sapphire Clinic (Website)

Sapphire Clinic (YouTube)

Susida Medical

The Medical Cannabis Clinics now LYPHE (Website)

The Medical Cannabis Clinics (Youtube)

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (YouTube)


Cannabis Pharmacies


CBPM Access Online Pharmacy

Dispensary Green

IPS Pharma

Little Grove Pharmacy

LV Pharmacy

NuTree Pharmacy (closed until Aug 22)

Reids Pharmacy

Roseville Pharmacy

Specials Pharma

Stonelakes Pharmacy (facebook)

Target Pharmacy

Medical cannabis papers

Cannabis as a Covid-19 Treatment

University Oxford Paper Cannabis Covid-19 Study

PUBMED Cannabis & Covid Study

This paper suggests the opposite of the 2 papers above

Quite a technical paper Cannabis & Covid

Feasibility of Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Long COVID

Cannabis and COVID-19 patients: new insights from Israel

Opposite Effects of Δ-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol on Human Brain Function and Psychopathology

Hytiva (American based website for strain information plus more)

Cannabis/Hemp Shopping

Health Activism

General Health Activism

Hands Off Bedford Hospital


Dedicated to Change Project (Mental health Trauma care for people on low incomes)

Philippa’s Health Conditions

Other Health Conditions


Charity & Advocacy services

Disclaimer: I would like to make an apology to the disability community for not having the accessibility tools available or captions on my videos. These are very expensive tools to buy which i just don’t have the funding for and have no other access. Update 31/03/2022 I have just found a download for the wordpress accessibility tools unfortuneately i still can’t use them for this website as i have to upgrade to the pro subscription, here is the link WordPress accessibility tools. I have started to try to make some of the videos more accessible with subtitling but this current has to be done manually so the longer videos are taking more time to complete. I also am trying to do videos of someone reading out the posts to make them a little more accessible for those that can’t afford or have the skills to use accessible tools. By providing links to other sites, Philippa Fleming Activist does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.

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