Giving Everyone a Voice – Ed Talks About

I wanted to start a new series of posts from people that require help raising their voices about any subject. But since this website was built around cannabis activism i thought i should continue the theme and we should hear from other cannabis patients other than myself. If you would like to be featured in this series then please send me a message with what you would like to say and some photographs. Alternatively, you can send in your contributions and i will post them anonymously.

Today we have a contribution from Ed Talks About YouTube channel. This is a fairly new channel from my frien Ed. He talks about his medical cannabis prescription, the flaws in the system and has a review of the ever popular Strawberry Glue that everyone seems to be going crazy over at the moment. (I better get my next order in quick before it goes out of stock again). So thank you Ed for being brave enough to go on camera and talk about medical cannabis. You are awesome.

How to get medical in the uk #ukmedical
GELATO 🤭 Checking my first private prescription
Strawberry glue, uk medical prescription

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