An attempt to understand my cannabis oil dosing

Althea Medical Cannabis oil CBD 10 percent THC 5 percent
Althea CBD10:THC5

This was the first oil that i was prescribed back in June 2021. I got to the maximum dose with this one quite quickly so for every milliletre of oil consumed i would have been taking 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC i was prescribed 0.5mls twice a day which would mean that i was getting 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC per day.

Noidecs T10 C15 bottle of cannabis oil
Noidecs T10:C15

This was the second oil that i was prescribed around August/September When i got my last bottle in January i was taking 0.5ml 3 times a day. So for every milliletre of oil taken i would have been taking 10mg of THC and 15mg of CBD. I was taking 1.5ml of this oil in a day so that works out to 15mg of THC & 22.5mg of CBD per day. This oil then went out oof stock, i was also at the maximum dose and getting breakthrough symptoms so should have been increasing my dose.

30 millilitres of Satoline THC 10mg/ml CBD 10mg/ml
Cellen Satoline THC 10:CBD 10

This was the third oil that i was prescribed which was when things started to take a turn for the worse because my dose had been lowered. I was taking 0.5ml 3 times a day which translates as 15mg of both THC and CBD per day. As you can see i took quite a considerable drop in doseage of this medication. At my request i had another appointment to discuss the prescription.

Image of Noidecs THC25 CBD25
Noidecs T25:C25

The forth oil i have tried i am already at the maximum doseage without seeing a doctor or nurse. This oil is 25mg of THC & 25mg of CBD per milliletre of oil. I am on 0.3ml three time a day which make my dose 0.9ml per day so i’m not quite taking the 25ml per day i estimate the dose i’m on is aprroximately 20mg of THC & CBD per day. So this make my doseage less that when i was on the Noidecs T10:C15. I mean i could be wrong here because i’m not a doctor or a pharmacist but there’s something wrong here if the medical staff can’t see what they are doing with everyones dosing.

I think i might just stay at this level of oil as it will start to get very expensive other wise and go with some CBD flower. I do wonder how many other people out of the over 2000 patients on Project Twenty 21 have had this experience. I mean if this was a scheme that was fully up and running with our own growing facilities and labs to make all the oils and process the flowers i would probably be completely pain free now. But instead we are poaching the products of other countries who are running out of stock because they are trying to provide for more than their own communities. We just don’t know when the UK will start growing our own medicines.

However, here is a video of the facility that is currently being set up in scotland. This video was first aired in May 2021 and states that they hope to start growing by the end of the year. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet otherwise we would start to be seeing their products on the shelves now or at least very soon as it takes on average 3-4 months to grow a plant and then about a month of curing the flower.

Inside Scotland’s Medical cannabis growing facility.

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