Noidecs T18 Flower (Delahaze) Review

Image of a 10 gram pot of Noidecs T18 Delahaze flower

Just opened the pack of Delahaze. OMG it smells delicious I think i want to eat this one. Really citrusy (love citrus). Well i think i’m going to be able to bring out the bells of st clements here lol. This may very well be my go to srain in future. Can’t wait to try it.

Image of the Noidecs T18 Delahaze Flower
Noidecs T18 (Delahaze Flower)

I have just ground a small amount of this flower. It feels very dry so i had some Boveda 2 way humidity control packs as there were none provided. Hopefully this won’t interfere with the quality because like i said it smells lovely.

Here is what Leafly has to say about Delahaze It only lists 3 terpenes for this strain and i have not been able to find anything else about the terpenes. The Hytiva website Doesn’t have any lab reports about this strain as yet. So i looked at the parent strains of Mango Haze and Lemon Skunk.

So because there is not much information on this strain currently i will work my way through all of the temperatures and attempt a sentence or two about the temperature. But apparenly the effects of this strain will creep up on me.

I will not be adding any CBD flower to the mix so that i can truly get to know this strain so i will be vaping a 0.1g capsule of Delahaze and will probably be putting a new bag onto the volcano valve also.

I have changed the bag on the volcano and have used a roasting bag. Which is some what smaller than a usual volcano bag. Although you can make the official volcano bags any size you want. Because the roasting bags come sealed at one end the size is limited. But it is easier to use these bags. I will probably have to get 2 bags out of each temperature.

I’m starting boiling point 52c for CBG I think the effects of this cannabinoid are very subtle and are for more long term effects and protection rather than instant gratification. I tasted very mild earthy flavours.

I next tried Humulene boiling point 107c. I can taste peaches with a mild citrus menthol flavour with some sweetness. I’m really liking these flavours so far. Of course if there is any humulene in this strain of cannabis it is not a major one so it will have very mild effects if any at all.

Carophelene boiling point of 130c. There is caryophelene in one of the parent strains so there must be a small amount in the child strain. The earthy flavours are coming through little bit more now. I wouldn’t say there was much of a peppery taste.

Pinene boiling point 155c. I have this terpene in the Khiron 20/1 (Hindu Kush). I don’t often vape at this temperature because it is so close to the temperature of delta 9 THC which is 157c so i probably get a little pinene when vaping THC. But for scientific purposes we will go with vaping at the temperature of pinene. A very mild barely noticable taste of pine.

Delta 9 THC boiling point 157c. Just tastes a little earthy again. If i am going to feel any effects of this componant then i won’t feel it until i have gone up to at least 176c for limonene. I can’t really taste anything except a mild earthy flavour.

Myrcene boiling point 167c. This terpene enhances THC and has been a major terpene in most of the flowers i have ever tried. This is also a componant in mangoes but is only in very small amounts. Given that one of the parents is mango haze i should be getting the mango flavours by now. But it is a mild creamy, sweetish, citrus flavour.

Limonene and Eucalyptol boiling point 176c. I doubt the is any Eucalyptol as there is none in either of the parents but there is probably a small amoiunt of limonene as there is limonene in the parent strain of lemon skunk. There is possibly a very mild sweet citrus flavour

CBD boiling point of 180c. I will be bypassing this temperature as there is probably not enough CBD to make a difference. But once i add some CBD flower into the mix i will vape at this temperature.

I will also skip the temperature of 185c for CBN as Terpinolene‘s boiling point is 186c. This is the major terpene in this strain of cannabis. There is a sweet, earthy, mango slightly citrus flavout at this temperature. I really quite like the flavour at this temperature. it is also quite smooth.

Linalool 198c. No idea if there is any of this terpene but we shall try it anyway. Let just hope i don’t fall asleep before i get to finish this capsule as this is a sedative terpene. It’s quite difficult to work out the flavour but it’s sweet, fruity, and mildly earthy.

THCV and CBC boiling point 220c. I haven’t been able to vape at this temperature for quite sometime. But this has been very smooth so far. It’s starting to taste a slightly burnt now. But it’s not completely disgusting. I just can’t put my finger on the flavour but it is a little creamy again now.

I think there is a little bit of euphoria starting now. I thought a headache might be starting but that seems to have gone now. I’m starting to feel a little more relaxed. Not sure i’m ready to go out raving though, this is suppose to be an energetic strain. I like the way i’m feeling at the moment it seems to be a little bit dreamy. But i am now getting some breakthrough pain in my legs and thoracic spine and shoulder blade area.

Noidecs T18 (Delahaze) 0.1g and Harlequin 0.1g capsule.

Starting temperature of 52c for CBG.

Then to 130c for caryophelene. Seems to have a pine/earth/mud flavour to it (although i’m not sure if i ever ate mud when i was a toddler & if i did i can’t really remember what it tasted like & no before you ask i have no intention of going into the garden & tasing some mud).

I took the temperature up to 157c for THC. Getting a bit creamy now. It tastes like mangoes when i have taken a drink of the grapefruit squash that i drink. But it is now giving me a slightly dry mouth. Guess my kidneys are going to be well hydrated with this strain.

Myrcene 167c. The flavours i’m getting are woody, fruity, sweet but i seem to also be getting a offal type taste occasionally it seems very strange.

Limonene 176c. I think at this point i’m passed caring what i can taste cause i’m now away with the fairies. There is a hint of citrus now but very mild. My pain level is quite low at this point but it possibly won’t last for long i’m also feeling quite relaxed at this point. And there it is. The i can’t be arsed gene. Where have you been? (Mrs weasly voice used) It has been so long since you have visited me. Thank you for putting in an appearance.

CBD 180c. it’s an earthy woody taste with maybe a little sweet fruity. My legs are feeling a little tingely at the moment But who cares no ones fucking listening anyway. so why am i bothering.

Terpineolene 186c in the hopes that the will still be some CBN in the mix. I can barely taste anything at this temperature. Maybe a little fruity and earthy. These flavours seem to come through better on the second bag.

THCV & CBC 220c. The creamyness is back a little bit with a woody note to it. It doesn’t seem too harsh at this temperature and i have missed being able to vape this high. I do feel like i am not getting the full effect of the flower if i don’t i also use much more flower if i am unable to vape this high. Now i could make some of my own oil out of the Already Vaped Flower but that is actually illegal to do so i wouldn’t be able to tell you if i decided to do that. That would be more stuff that i would have to classify and that would be just so unfair.

I now have none of this strain left as I have changed clinics and am on a new non irradiated flower which is working much better for me.

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