Vaping/Bonging with Philippa

Image of the Airiser Air 2 Box

Here i show you how to use the Airiser Air 2 vaporiser with the bong attachment that i bought second hand from a fellow patient on the Medical Cannabis Forum UK facebook page. I started at the temperature of 220c (I shot straight for the moon of course). I wouldn’t know how many pulls i got perhaps if someone can be bothered you can count them but sorry i can’t be a**ed. Probably about 5 minutes after switching of the live video i started to get a little high or maybe drowsy rather than high. I had a bit of a strange mix for this test. A night time THC dominant flower Strawberry Glue and a daytime CBD dominant flower Harlequin. I feel lightly stoned/high and it’s a good feeling which is great as i’ve not had a great week. But that is a story for never a time.

Well i’m not sure i’ll be able to do this on camera as i might fall asleep live on air but i must try this with the Strawberry Glue, Cannatonic flower and the cookie crumble solid I have.

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