Medication Update

Adven Flos EMT 2 cannabis flower
Adven Flos EMT2 strain details from Cannabis Pages.

I’m not keen on this flower. It’s ok but nothing special. At higher temps it is causing me to have a lot of excess mucus, & gives me a slight cough. It doesn’t taste great either. It doesn’t give me a headache like some strains (exodus cheese sorry exodus crew) so will be able to use at a pinch, but certainly not as my main strain. Considering the white widow part of this flower has the terpene pinene as part of it profile which is considered one of the terpenes for respiratory conditions it’s surprising that this has caused excess mucus for me. I hope my Noidecs T16 will be back in stock soon.

30 millilitres of Satoline THC 10mg/ml CBD 10mg/ml
Cellan-Satoline 10:10

I have been prescribed this oil because my regular oil is out of stock. I have taken a reduction in the CBD componant of this oil so my symptoms are creeping back. More pain especially around the shoulder blade area, sleeping has become more difficult i’m waking several times a night again, Hot flushes are getting worse & i often wake up during a hot flush & my joints have become very clicky again. I am also having great difficulty with continuing with my exercise program. I’m also not keen on the flavour with this one. I can taste Pine, Eucalyptus, Caryophelene (black pepper) not sure if i can also tatse a little bit of citrus Limonene. But since the profile is not available I have no idea what coponants or what strain was used to make up this oil.

Update 14 March 2022 – as i was taking my oil this morning i came across another familiar taste. That taste was very similar to garlic. Well at least the vampires will stay away. LOL.

Cellen Satolin THC 10 CBD 10
Cellan Satoline 10:10

I realise that while i was still on the black market you often had no idea what strain you were buying. However this is not the black market, this is suppose to be a legal prescription. You wouldn’t be able to get a prescription for anything else without listing the ingredients. So why are we paying top dollar for something that basically has a trial & error ethos about it. Which is likely to continue for the forseeable future and possibly into the next decade. I just can not believe that this country is ignoring 20 years of experience from other countries and it is going to take another 3 years with yet another trial that is going to be more expensive than Project Twenty 21 (P2021). Although, that will probably be the same price soon & has just been deemed as not a medical research trial.

I know this stuff works, 2200 Project 2021 patients know it works, as do many patients from some US states, Canada, Spain, Israel, Australia, Portugal, along with millions of people still using black market products.

Sunday 13 March 2022 Update – Some of the pain that feels like it runs through my vascular system is creeping back. Although i have not had this diagnosed i think i probably have mild tinnitus which went away completely when i was on the right dose of cannabis oil it is occasionally also creeping back. I have also had to stop with the lemon juice as it is causing me issues with stomach acid.

Friday 18 March 2022 update – I’m am feeling tearful and depressed today and i have lost my balance again i keep toppling over.

Staurday 19 March 2022 update – today’s new symptom to return is i no longer have much of an appetite i feel full very quickly.

Monday 21 March 2022 update – I am now back on naproxen twice a day my pain is much worse.

Thursday 24 March 2022 update – I have to report that i am producing more methane again. I will possibly have to start taking the imodium again soon if i don’t receive the new oil in the next couple of days.

Disclaimer:- just because i do not get on with these medications does not mean it is a bad medication. The strains that have been used just don’t suit me very well. This should not mean that you should not try this medication as everyone is different and different terpenes suit different people.

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