New Clinic Acceptance with a brand new prescription

Cannabis is Medicine Dr Boni Goldstein

Before i start this post i would like to disclose that this could be a post with (TMI) Too Much Information. I really wasn’t looking forward to posting about this part because it is a story of a sexual nature. But I still feel that this should be a warning that comes with this medication as it really shocked me when it happened (just the once Insert sad emoji here).

I was accepted at Integro Clinic Thursday 30 June 2022 after having an appointment on Monday 27 June 2022. They are linked to a company called Grow Pharma who are the company to find the people to grow the strains of cannabis and import that into the UK and a pharmacy called IPS Pharmacy who receive the products from Grow Pharma and dispense to the patients. Grow Pharma are the company behind the new Grow products and flower that has not been irradiated. Irradiation deminishes the products quality and can burn away the terpenes which are just as importaant as the cannabinoids.

I discovered late afternoon on Monday 4 July 2022 that I am being prescribed all THC products there is barely any CBD at all. But that is ok because I can get CBD products over the counter a little cheaper than on prescription.

I had a missed call from IPS Pharmacy on Tuesday 5 July 2022 when I had got home from shopping. This was for payment of the products. The oil was £80 for 30mls (much cheaper than the oils I have had before). The Flower comes in 10 gram pots at £65 per pot making it £6.50 per gram. So my bill was £340. That may seem quite a lot of money but you can’t get the oil on the black market at all and the flower is about £9 per gram without any choice really you get what your given and it certainly would be different strains for day and night time, so I couldn’t have got all of this medication any cheaper than this even when you factor in the cost of medical appointments. I also think the flower will last me a lot longer than a month. The reason i have been using slightly more flower recently is because I have not been on the right dose of oil.

As you can see by the photograph below the oil that I am being prescribed is 20mg of THC for every milliletre consumed but only 1mg of CBD (I am currently on an oil that gives me 10mg of THC and 15mg of CBD for every milliletre of oil). (There is very little information about the oil I have been prescribed currently, you have to realise that a lot of people running these websites like the cannabis pages have disabilities so have a lot of restrictions due to having limited spoons) Also the flower that I have been prescribed is much higher in THC content. My current daytime flower (Delahaze) is about 18% THC but the La Sage (the cannabis pages information on the new strain) which I will be switching to is approximately 22%. I already love that you can get the full terpene profile of these flowers, although, i did see somewhere on another website that there may also be Humulene in this flower. (But what do I know I don’t work in the laboratory testing these products i only get to test them out once they have been prescribed and shipped to me and Grow Pharma would have to have a COA Certificate of Analysis).

The current night time flower (Hindu Kush) is 18-22% and is being replaced by Strawberry Glue. I am also being provided with more flower by this clinic up until now i have only been prescribed 20 grams of flower per prescription this looks like i am being prescribed 40 grams of flower per prescription. But this should last me quite a long time due to using so many different temperatures and hopefully being on a more theraputic dose of oil.

So it looks like the prescription will give me the higher level of THC that I currently require and will hopefully curb the hot flushes. But this brings me to the TMI section of this post.

I may have mentioned before (in a diary post) that THC acts a little like testosterone and i did find an article that stated this but of course i can’t find it now. But I did attend this webinar with Integro clinics because I am unable to take HRT so wanted to know more. The person who was interviewed in this session was able to control most of her menopausal symptoms with CBD. But I require the THC part of the flower also.

Well nothing could prepare me for what would happen as I was waking up one January 2022 morning/afternnoon. I’m not sure I would’ve believed anyone telling me this either. Now the reason that i am a little apprehensive about telling you this is because i seem to be getting a lot of male attention at the moment not all of it is acceptable as far as i’m concerned but i’m starting to wonder if phytocannabinoids also have the ability for female pheromones to be produced in great quantities because i would like to be able to say that i have a Goldington possie gathering around me but unfortunately i can’t because dare i say it, it’s more like a Goldington harem at the moment. I seem to have men throwing themselves at me which is a little disconcerting especially with what i am about to tell you.

Back in January i hit my sweet spot dose of cannabis and it has been like chasing the dream ever since. Now lets start with some of the more common symptoms of menopause first. Hot flushes were at a minimum, as was vaginal dryness (in fact i seem to remember telling a special friend that it’s more like a waterfall at the moment sorry if that’s TMI) my moods at the start of 2021 were awful it just wasn’t me but they started to improve almost as soon as i started the cannabis prescription last July. But the most surprising thing of all to happen in January when I hit the one and only sweet spot dose was waking up to having a wet dream. Well first of all I was in complete shock I had no idea that, that could even happen, no idea that cannabis can help with labido and seems to be very little information about it. Then of course I started comparing myself to a Harry Enfield character, thought it might be Kevin but then i remembered the 2 older women with the tagline “Ooh Young Man” and went yep that’s the one. LOL

So while i was shocked at the time i of course will be looking forward to the next sweet spot dose of cannabis. Because it’s important to state that people with disabilities do want to have sexual contact, it’s human nature (unless it has been beaten out of you) but it also has to be consensual, adaptive, sensitive and fun. But now that I have no requirement for all the contraceptives that I am allergic to and my labido seems to be on it’s way back it looks like there will be avenues for me to persue in the future which i have currently had to classify.

Anyway just to finish off this post i will be receiving my prescription at some point on Wednesday 6 July 2022. The process from first enquiry to receiving my medication will be just over 2 weeks which is excellent. The process from receving the prescription to receiving the medication is 2 days. It took longer than a week at the last clinic. So at the moment i am very impressed with Integro clinics and IPS Pharmacy. I would just like to say thank you very much to all the staff that have made this switch over so completely seamless. Looking forward to trying my new meds and working with this clinic to find my sweet spot again.

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