Vaping with Philippa – LA Sage

Image of a Storz and Bickel Volcano Digit vaping device with the bag placed on top

Join Philippa in a vaping session with Grow Pharma’s new range of non irradiated cannabis flower. This video is of her trying the LA Sage strain. Lets just say I love it. This is quite a long video so you may have to take it in parts or skip the video in places if required (there’s only so many times you can watch a bag being blown up).

I think i mentioned in the video that i would hold off anymore vaping until i had seen how long the effects last. I had a very mild hot flush at approximately 4.35pm.

I thought i would now add to this post as i now have a little more information on this strain. There seems to be a little more information about this strain thanks to Med Bud Wiki who now have the percentages of terpenes in the flowers. So i have posted about most of the cannabinoids that we have information for, although there is still an awful lot of research to be completed. I will post about the terpenes though as there may be a little more information since i last posted about those and there is at least one that was not a major terpene in my previous flowers.

These are the temperatures that i use for this flower.

Here is an article that is an overview of all terpenes in cannabis.

52c CBG – I don’t know if there is any Cannabigerol in this flower but i do have a CBD flower called V1 that does have some CBG. I don’t always vape at this temperature now as I have a CBD and CBG oil which I take 10mg twice a day and 5mg once a day so the CBG flower doesn’t come out very often now.

66c OcimeneAntibacterial – I haven’t had any bacterial infections for quite sometime, I do get a few skin rashes due to the MGUS but these can be mostly fungal infections , Antiviral – it is said that this terpene can inhibit both Sars Cov and the herpes simplex virus i get cold sores especially if i sun bathe and haven’t had covid at all and hope that i don’t get it, Antifungal and Antimicrobial – I guess it’s working as i haven’t had any fungal infections recently, Decongestant – I have a lot of allergies and due to the MGUS have a nose that runs a marathon everyday, thankfully it looks like this terpene is working as a decongestant, Cognitive – well the brain is still working just about and i even invented a new recipe recently so it must be working but this terpene is uplifting and energising, Antioxidant – apparently good for diabetes and high blood pressure, Natural Pesticide – this work as a pesticide and it must be working because i live in an area that used to be farmland in the 1950’s as this estate was built in the 1960’s. Uasually i get eaten alive by mosquitos unless i wear the mosquito watch i bought last year. I have been forgetting to wear that however when in the garden and i don’t seem to be getting bitten lately which is great. I’ll be sticking with this terpene, very useful.

107c Humuleneantibacterial, antiinflammatory, antitumor, anorectic (appetite supressant). I haven’t had a flower with high levels of this terpene before i don’t usually require appetite supressing terpenes my body already has difficulty with food and i have in the past had to force feed myself because i just don’t always feel like eating. However i have discovered that if i bypass this temperature i can eat almost non stop the whole day. Obviously with the MGUS which could cause tumours inside my bone marrow in the future i will be wanting to take this as often as possible.

120c/Raw THCA – I saw an image that said that THCA has a boiling point of 120c but the article that i have linked to is short and sweet and says that THCA is best derived from jucing the flower. So i might start consuming a 0.1gram capsule per day of raw cannabis because it looks like a useful componant. Cancer, Seizures (including epilepsy), Alzheimer’s disease, Cachexia. Here is what leafly have to say about THCA.

130c Caryophelene – I use this terpene quite a lot in fact it is very rare that i don’t use this temperature. The only time that i don’t use it is if i fancy getting a little high. This flower is made up of more than 30% of caryophelene so no wonder it doesn’t get me high. This is the componant that stops you from having a whitey or can stop one in it’s tracks if you consume black pepper. Also the acid tummy that i get has been much better controlled on this strain of flower.

157c THC – Well i think we all probably know what this one does now. yes i like it no i have never skipped this temperature. Not sure why. LOL.

167c Myrcene – well i can’t really say much more than the article i have linked to.

176c Limonene – well i probably don’t have to say much about this one i’ve been raving on about it for months. I think i can probably say it’s probably my favourite terpene but i could probably say that about all of them. Accept this one helps with the anxiety.

185c CBN – Just put this in to provide you with another article.

186c Terpinolene – It’s late and i should probably be getting some more meds down me at the moment so it’s a google search as the link for this one. I can’t remember what this terpene does but it must do something or i wouldn’t be using this temperature. I hate leaving jobs unfinished but i’m going to have to revisit this later. This article is from the cannigma a website that i subscribe to as it has a lot of very useful information. This is another terpene that looks essential to my treatment.

220c THCV and CBC – There probably isn’t a lot of these compounds in many of the flowers that i have tried but there would at least be trace amounts both very useful compounds but again requires more research.

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